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  1. Knock, knock! It's me, Squigly, with some Canon/Canon pairs I'd like to do! These can be mature, but you'd have to be over 18 in that case. I don't expect replies every day,I know you're gonna be busy sometimes. Just post when you can, and I'll post when I can because I get busy myself.

    Below I'll list some pairings from various fandoms I'd like to do. Any character in
    purple I'd prefer playing. If there are no purple characters, then I can play either. The plots DO NOT have to include the pairings I listed, but they can!


    • Nidai/Almost Anyone
    • Kirigiri/Ibuki
    • Ibuki/Twogami
    • Gundam/Souda
    • Sonia/Owari
    • Sonia/Celes
    • Leon/Mukuro
    • Naegi/Celes
    • Sakura/Asahina
    • Yamada/Naegi
    • Hanamura/Koizumi
    • Koizumi/Hinata
    MASTERMIND (An SDR2 RP, will contain spoilers to the entire franchise, any pairing at all, with some exceptions as I do have some NoTPs): Finally, after gdtting through trials and murders and the deaths of classmates, the remaining students are now ready to get out of the Jabberwock Islands. They wish each other the best, saying they'll never forget each other, and push their buttons-only for everything to suddenly go dark. When the lights return, only YC is left standing, everyone else transformed into a human pincushion, spikes impaling their bodies. Laughter comes from behind YC,and they turn to find MC standing behind them. But wait... weren't they supposed to be dead? And why are they dressed in red and black? MC congratulates YC for making it to the end, and for being one of the only two left alive. MC explains then that they faked their death, and were still living, as they had orchestrated this whole Island of Mutual Killings. Why? Well,MC tells YC that everyone here were the surviving members of SHSL Despair, and were part of the cause of the Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Incident of Mankind. The Future Foundation tried to help these children by giving them a fresh start, but MC smuggled an AI into the simulation to keep the despair going. In the end, everyone was to die and have Junko Enoshima's personality downloaded into their brain, but MC decided to keepYC alive. Why? MC had fallen for YC. Throughout the entire simulation, YC refused to give up hope, their hope stronger than anyone else's...which is why MC wants to offer YC a choice. Allow the AI to infect their classmates, or restart the game and play again. YC chooses the latter, and now has to play the Mutual Killings over. Will they give in to MC and Despair, or try to find an ally to help them get out? (Mastermind AU, it can end in either MC/YC or YC/other!MC, who would be the ally YC chooses. I'm comfortable playing any character who isn't Saionji or Komaeda.)


    • Vaike/Lon'qu
    • Gregor/Cordelia
    • Henry/Olivia
    • F!Robin/Tharja
    • F!Robin/Basilio
    • Nowi/Ricken
    • Nah/Morgan
    • Donnel/Lissa
    • Sumia/Cordelia
    • Chrom/Gaius
    • Gaius/Maribelle
    • Libra/Tharja
    • Noire/Yarne
    • Lucina/Any second generation kid except Morgan or Nah
    • Olivia/Anyone but Vaike (unless we don't use their supports in the RP canon dear lord those were painful)
    • Valerie/Morty (I am DESPERATE for this ship)
    • Shelley/Courtney
    • Olympia/Wulfric
    • Nyx (the punk guy who joins the Looker Agency)/Serena
    • Shauna/Tierno
    • Roark/Aaron
    • Barry/Lucas
    • Silver/Gold
    • Beowulf/Cerebella
    • NON ROMANTIC Big Band/Peacock (I really wanna do something where he's her father figure)
    • Ms Fortune/Minette
    • Little Mac or Lucina/Almost Anyone
    A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES!: The votes are in, and the players have decided that their choice for the newest character is...huh?! A?!?! There was a reason that A wasn't chosen to be in Smash in the first place (depending on who we decide A will be), but now there's no choice. A is allowed in, and the Smash Mansion is immediately turned upside down. (Can involve romance, but it's not a requirement. Mostly I want this one to be pure comedy as a horrible horrible character is now here)

    MORE THAN A WORLD APART: MC and YC have a lot of things that make them the perfect rivals. For one thing, they both cone from different games. They also butt heads on multiple issues, and both are extremely competitive inside and outside the battlefield. How these two couldever be friends is anyone's guess. And they're right-these two aren't friends: they're lovers... (any pairing that doesn't involve kids like Pit orNess or so on is okay).


    • Edgeworth/Gumshoe
    • Rhoda Teneiro/Will Powers
    • Phoenix/Maya
    • Ema/Klavier
    • Klavier/Apollo
    • Wocky/Vera
    • Blackquill/Athena
    I'll edit this later, but please PM me if you want to do one of these! I prefer PM RPs, but I can do threads too. Thank you!! ^^

    EDIT: I've added some plots as well!
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  2. Added a few things!!
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