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    Personification is the act of applying human characteristics to non-human entities. This is a cool strategy to use when designing characters, as it allows you to have a base to work with without stifling your creativity.

    Using this method, create a character based off of your favorite candy. Bonus points if both their appearance and personality relate to your candy. Double Bonus if you create two or more characters and write a scene with them.

    Triple bonus points if you buy me candy.

    Possible C.A.S.

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  2. Name:
    Twix Twins!
    (one on the left is Caramel and the one on the right is Chocolate)
    Appearance:[​IMG] I couldn't find anything better,sorry!
    Age:Both 13,born 5 minutes apart (chocolate the older one)
    Caramel is an outgoing girl and often gets herself into trouble.
    Chocolate mostly follows caramel and assists her and also gets into trouble but the relationship between the two is very strong.
    Their parents died from a virus. No other family member wanted to get them,so they're orphans. Caramel being the more adventurous one,she sets out and goes on her own little adventures. Sometimes chocolate will come along. Fans also like to debate between which side is better, Right side (Chocolate) or Left side (Caramel)

    Whenever i analyze things it helps sprout new charries. And this just helped me make new ones! So i'll give you a thanks!
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  3. Name: Cotton Candy
    Age: 16
    Personality: Sweet, Kind, Caring, Friendly, very curious
    Bio: Cotton Candy's parents gave her away when she was very young. She grew up as an Orphan for the most part until a man came and got her. To her she knows him as father. Because of her curiosity her Father is constantly getting her out of trouble and sticky situations.
    Hobbies: Listing to Music, Dancing, Drawing, and playing the drums.
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  4. Name: Snicker Bar
    (Thought we were supposed to draw a character, just when I wanted to post I read wrong X3 My own dear snicker bar ^^)
    Age: 25

    Personality: She is the loveliest and sweetest thing walking around, but when she doesn't get her daily deal of sugars, she will turn into an outright diva. Especially if she's hungry.
    Bio: Snicker is married to Mars Bar and they have three children together. The twins, known as Twix and her youngest, Milky Way. The small family had become famous all over the world thanks to Mars candy business, but everybody loves Snicker. She does commercial and she pops up in almost every movie, though because of security/safelt reasons they can't always use her real name.
    Hobbies: Taking care of the kids, being famous, going to the spa and hanging out in mens locker rooms.
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    Name: Ringo Sour
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15

    Appearance: Bright green hair, shaved on one side, the rest long and to her waist. Her hair is coarse, thick, and straight, the bangs falling into her bright green eyes. Normally, she keeps her hair twisted into small braids with clear beads adorning them. She's tall and skinny, standing at about 5'8". Her skin is pale, and her face always conveys a sassy expression, almond eyes narrowed and lips pursed. Her sense of fashion is loud and alternative, featuring a lot of distressed and destroyed clothes, as well as bright and colorful accessories. Her makeup is dramatic, with dark eyeliner and false lashes decorated with rhinestones. The pink lip gloss she uses gives her lips an almost sugared texture.

    Personality: She's loud, sarcastic, and a little malicious. She thinks she has a very good sense of humour, though it's a little off-beat. She doesn't take shit from anyone and if you mention one thing about Ringo being a boy's name, best pray for your soul. She's a bit of a control-freak, and hates not getting her way. She holds grudges forever, but is kind of a chaotic neutral girl. She can be bought off, especially with her favourite food: key lime pie.

    Bio: She has four sisters: Ichigo Sour, Cherry Sour, Blue Razz Sour, and Suika Sour. Ichigo is a sweet but playful girl. Cherry keeps to herself. Suika is the most subdued, but Blue Razz is constantly teasing Ringo, creating a heated rivalry between them. Blue Razz is always getting boyfriends and mingling with other kids at school, and though she won't admit it, this makes Ringo EXTREMELY jealous. Where are there parents? SHHHH.

    Hobbies: Drinking soda, eating key lime pie, swinging on swing sets, pulling pranks, sewing.
  6. Cotton Candy flavored Bubble Gum & Nerds

    Name: Bee-Gee

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Bee-Gee stretches 6 feet 2 inches in height and has a thin, yet slightly muscular body type. His lips are plump and are always a light shade of red while his skin is a soft shade of blue. His light blue hair is a mess of curls that fall into his piercing, deep-red colored eyes whenever he laughs. He typically wears a simple white shirt underneath a large, baby blue hoodie that has an intricate design of red bubbles and swirls on the front. His jeans never fit the way he would like them to, so he wears dark red boots to cover the skin that he jeans can't seem to cover.

    Personality: His eyes often contradict his uncontrollably bubble personality, much to his annoyance, as many people tend to stay away from him at first because of it. However, once they got to know Bee-Gee, they couldn't stay from him. His bubbly personality is complemented by his kind spirit and drive to help others. In addition, Bee-Gee tries to be be positive in every situation as he figures that there needs to be at least a little positivity in every negative thing.

    Biography: Bee-Gee wasn't always the person he is today but worked hard to change who he was into something better. When he was little, his mother died in a car accident, crushing his father's soul. Not knowing how to deal with the emotional pain and loneliness, his fatner turned to drugs and, while he never harmed little Bee-Gee on purpose, his addictive habits almost killed the child after he ingested some one day when he was about seven years old. The chemical ended up reducing the pigments in his eyes and skin until they turned the color they were now. Of course, the father lost custody of Bee-Gee and he was sent to a foster home where he was ridiculed constantly by the other children about his eyes and skin, causing him to become violent towards them on more than one occasion. It got so bad to the point where he was almost kicked out of the foster home...that is, until he met Nerdina, the girl who helped him accepted him for who he was for what he was.

    Hobbies: Bee-Gee enjoys getting his hair dyed whenever the brown begans to show at the roots and drawing.

    (Nerdina's CS coming soon)
  7. Name: Reese Goodbar (Reeses Pieces)
    Show Spoiler

    Age: 17
    Personality: Reese is a tsundere character, with a harder and less interesting exterior that gives way to a sweeter inner personality when cracked open. He wears many facades, from fiery to anti-social and even aggressive, but he's without fail a sweet treat underneath that cold coating. All it takes is a few well planned actions to get him melting in your hand...
    Bio: Reese is adoptively fathered by Cocoa and Hershey Goodbar, and has younger twins Kit and Kat a few years behind him. He originally was born from another woman who'd been impregnated by Mr. Goodbar, but eventually it was settled that he was to live with his father and the man's wife. Things surprisingly went smoothly in transitioning the then-young boy into his new family away from his siblings, but he's been happily living under his parents ever since.

  8. Name:
    Razzle Mint



    Razzle stands short (5' 1") with a boyish build, along with very pale skin. She has long bleach blonde and pastel purple hair. She has a nose ring, and soft eyes.

    Like the candy that she is based off of (Raspberry and Ice Mints) she has two sides to her personality. Her one side is a sweet, kind, colorful side (Raspberry). When she feels like this she is easy to approach and very kind. She is a bit softer, and nicer, and she stays more of a rule follower, but shy. The other side is a rough, rebellious, annoyed easily side (Raspberry) which is when she gets annoyed really easily, is a rebel, and doesn't like to talk to people at all.

    Razzle was born into a household, that got rid of her at a young age. She was then adopted by two people who took care of her. Not very interesting.

  9. S K I T T L E S

    "Feel the rainbow. Taste the rainbow."

    "My name's Raini!"
    Raini Skittles


    "I'm fifteen years old, almost sixteen years old!"
    15 years old


    "It's complicated."
    Raini is unpredictable. Just like Skittles, she has many 'flavors' to her. For the most part, she's very optimistic, energetic, and friendly. She loves adventure and being with her friends. Sometimes she might act like she's too cool for certain things, but it's just a front. Once you break the ice, she'll enjoy whatever it is that she's doing.


    "It's not that important."
    Raini never met her true parents. She was told that she was given up at birth, founded on her adoptive parents doorstep. Her adoptive parents are Mr. and Mrs. Haribo. She has lived with them for fifteen years. That was until she discovered her half-sister, who got to live with her biological parents. Her half-sister is Bethany Smarties-Skittles. Knowing she had one somewhat related sister, she decided to live with her since she was 20 years old. Five years old than her. She's been living with her since then.


    "I got a lot of hobbies."
    -Cloud watching
    -Hanging out with friends
    -Listening to music
    -Talking about things she's passionate about
    -Surfing the Web
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  10. Kit & Kat

    Kit & Kat Barr

    Kit; 16
    Kat; 18

    Kit; She is the talkative sister of the Kit and Kat sisters. Kit is the one who likes to be around a group and likes to meet new people. Kit is a tomboy but likes to - at times - wear girly things like high heels, skirts, and dresses. She likes to drag her older sister around to do things around their new hometown.

    Kat; She is the quiet sister of the duo. She doesn't really like to speak to many people at once and is usually seen by herself, doing her own thing. Kat is a girly girl and is really shy and is secretive when she does stuff.

    The sisters had a peaceful life, though they had lost their parents when they got into a car accident and passed on. They moved to an apartment and left their home just as Kat had turned 18-years-old. Kat claimed guardianship over her baby sister. They live a happy life in their new home.

    Kit; Listening to Music, Being with her sister, Writing.

    Kat; Playing her violin, Blogging, Singing.
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  11. [BCOLOR=#ffffff][​IMG][/BCOLOR]
    Name: David Hostess
    Appearance: David, as a humanoid Twinkie, has skin made out of soft, sweet bread-like substances. His blood itself is not blood at all, but whipped cream. His hair is that of a dirty blonde colour, and he is heavy, but not overweight, almost "plump with filling", one could say.
    Personality: Cheery, exuberant and always happy to have fun wherever he may be. He's sweet, but can be overwhelming unless in small does.
    Biography: David grew up with loving parents, his father and mother both working as hosts and hostesses in the aeroplane industry, shipping paying travellers back and forth between countries. He was teased for his plump figure, but became a fan favourite because of his exuberance and sweetness.​
  12. Salty licorice

    Name: Sally Tyrice
    Age: 17

    Appearance: Slim with smooth, glossy skin. Long, black hair and dark eyes.

    Personality: In a way she's 'salty', her sensuous and neutralizing demeanor appealing to adults more than children. Her maturity and lack of sugar-coating makes her an acquired taste that you either learn to like or learn to hate. At heart she's a softie who can be caring, but first you got to get past her stand-offish demeanor.

    Hobbies: Reading, jigzaw puzzles and watching stormy skies. Can also be found doing the occasional run in the park.
  13. Yellow.(Song).full.427273.jpg

    Name: Lilly "Lemon" Drop
    Appearance: Lemon is a short girl, about 5'4" in height without her boots on. She is pale skinned and has black hair that falls just past her shoulders, which she usually keeps up in a ponytail. She possesses light brown eyes with long lashes. She is almost always wearing a color combo of yellow, white, and occasionally black accents.
    Age: 15
    Personality: Lemon was given her nickname not only for her yellow attire, but because in an instant, she can go from sweet and lighthearted to sour and rude, especially when she's proven wrong or feels she is not being given proper respect.
    Bio: Growing up as an only child, Lemon had her fair share of spoiling. She was raised by her aristocratic family, consisting of her mother, father, and three grandparents (one of her grandmothers passed away). Although she was raised to be a proper young lady, she rejected this upbringing, favoring instead a spontaneous and crazy life over the drab one she would have lived otherwise.
    Hobbies: Shopping, dancing, singing (albeit badly)
  14. Name: Vanielle Mochi
    Appearance: she has pale white hair that is speckled with pink marks, she is sort of slim but has a chunky appearance when looked at her from a strange angle, pink dress with white shoes
    Age: 17
    Personality: bubbly, expressive in most actions, subtle
    Bio: none
    Hobbies: music, writing.
  15. [​IMG]
    Name: Jeni Gala
    Age: 21
    About me: Jeni is a shy slender girl who is the personification of a chocolate Apple. Jeni's skin is soft, delicate and easy to bite into. Though one might this eating her well kill her she can heal herself and make the bitten off part grow back. The only this is she can't eat herself. Juni is normally quite and stagnant, but when someone mentions something she like for example apple cultivating, farming, gardening, she can be extremely talkative on the subject. Normally her hair is a light brown, so she dyes it often a light red. Jeni has a bad habit of blushing a lot to girls and boys alike. She considers herself bisexual and has a girl freind named Mia Fuji who is the personification of a Fuji Apple.
    Hobbies: Apple Farming and Gardening.

    Name: Mia Fuji
    Age: 19
    About Me: Mia Fuji's heart lies in Jeni's hands. She has a love for her that no one can match. She is kind and caring, as well as vary acceptable and tolerant. Mia is the personification of a caramel apple. Her skin is also vary soft and easy to bite. Though inside is vary sticky. Mia also has the same ability as Fuji. Mia and Fuji like to sometimes eat each other by biting each others necks. Though Mia is not with out flaws she is vary absent minded and becomes unaware of how hyper she can become.
    Hobbies: Hair Styling (for Jeni) and candy.

    "Come on Mia," Jeni muttered holding her hand as they walked down the halls of the market, “I don’t like being looked at let’s go…” Juni did now that Mia liked candy, but she didn’t expect Mia to drag her out to the market and make her pick a candy to buy for her.
    “It will be fine,” Mia answered smiling while walking faster than Jeni, “Come on we still got to pick something for you,” They closed in on the second candy stand. The first one they went to Mia got something, a bag of rainbow hard candies.
    “Ok,” she said softly with a slight blush on her face, “This is the last one though…” She smiled as the cashier man welcomed them to his shop.[BCOLOR=transparent].[/BCOLOR]