Candy Bullets

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  1. “Sorry”

    The words came from a pair of chapped lips, though the words had no genuine apology to them, rather, it was humor. Her name was of little use to anyone, so she rarely gave it out- mostly she was just given nicknames, usually ones that went along with her odd eccentricities and behaviors- but on paper, her name was simply "Cyanide Cinder." Obviously not the name she was born with but it was the name that was taken down every time she ended up in jail... or prison... or in a holding cell... or arrested at all....

    The woman who had spoken sat in a small cell, shackled at the wrists with a pair of rigid handcuffs, though it didn’t impede her from sliding a piece of gum into her mouth chewing on it. There was silence for a few moments before she pulled a face as if the taste had soured, then withdrew the chewed piece of candy and pressed it against the shackles, pressing it into the crevices of the retraining device before twisting and pulling at one bit, making it look a bit like a candle wick while looking though the bars, grinning up at a man.

    “I’m fine, I just was hungry and you were busy doing your thing and I’m broke, I figured a little food couldn’t get me into too much trouble- you don’t have to be here.” She added reaching into another pocket, the action seeming more normal than it should, for a person in this particular set of cuffs- taking out a box of matches, she stuck the match on the wall she rested on, then touched the new flame to the wick formed of what had appeared to be gum- it seemed to spark and combust on a small level, separating the cuffs into two pieces, still locked onto her wrists, but it didn't seem to bother her. She merely shook her hands, frowning at some scorched parts of her wrists and hands.

    “Sorry, I didn't intend to get arrested yet- I wanted to wait until we were in this bumfuck town a bit longer. Seems I just can’t… not get arrested.” She offered another small smile.

    “They have my bag of plushies in an evidence room probably… I COULD use your help getting those- PLUS they probably got the food I stole in there too.” She murmured, scratching at her head sheepishly. “It was just a couple boxes of donuts, I don’t understand why everyone’s so mad- donuts are fucking easy to make, I mean, hell, remember, I made some like… a few months ago or something- remember… I think that’s when you and I first were kinda getting to know each other? I mean, yes, I got the whole kitchen completely burned up, but they tasted good, you have to admit that. Right, friend?” She spoke with a small grin as she moved to her feet, taking out another piece of the gum, repeating the actions as she had done with the cuffs, pressing it into the keyhole and creating a wick before lighting it with a match.

    The explosion proved to not be enough and she repeated steps yet again, and this time, she got out and smiled.

    “Oh. They also have my other pieces of weaponized candy- I was only lucky enough to grab and hide my explosive gum in my panties- lucky they didn’t try to do any real searches.” She laughed before skipping ahead, her boots clicking on the floor as she looked back at the man. “Soooooo, how long did it take you to find out I got arrested again? Did you have to kill any of the cops?” She asked, leading the way to where her things were- Familiar with this place, or maybe a place like it. “They got my makeup, and my toys- you know, the ones I had to pay a lot for- like the super, super, SUPER bouncy balls? Or the small little ink pen with that store of accelerant in it that when you press that one button, it shoots out that pretty blue flame, and my do-it-yourself Tattoo Kit, and my favorite teddy bear with the switchblade sewn into it.” She counted off the items on her fingers as they passed by the customs area- where a guard should have been and into the room where her things were. She plucked her backpack and purse from around the room, checking them before looking around. She pulled a face, looking back at the man.

    “Where are the fucking donuts?! Did they eat them?.... Dammit, I’m still hungry… I only got to eat three of them before these fuckers caught me…“ She muttered, sighing.
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    The man, simply knows as "Preacher" sat at the jailors' desk with his worn leather boots on the wooden surface. "My congregation say to it our way is clear." he said in his usual crisp tone as he pushed up the brim of his hat with the barrel of one half of his congregation, a pearl-handles silver revolver with "Forgiveness" etched into the barrel, the handle shaped perfectly for his left hand, on the other, resting in it's holster "Retribution" was etched in the same way.

    But before he spoke another word he listed a bag and tossed it at the child. "Not all of it, but a little perseverance will bring rewards." The bag rattled with the sound of her belongings as he landed in her arms and he slid his feet off the desk to stand and snide Forgiveness into her home. Other than his guns his only weapon was faith, which manifested in several very physical ways. An angel wrapping it's wings around you, or spreading them out, it's body made of transparent gold light would act as a shield, or if Preacher's calm demeanor gave way to righteous fury the very flames of heaven themselves could rain down on the unworthy. He did not however like t overuse these gifts.

    Calmly he loved across the filthy floor to creak open the door and glance both ways before closing it again. "I think we're directly above where they're keeping the rest of your belongings, make a hole."
  3. "Well, fuck." She muttered, sighing before digging through the bag he had tossed to her, then took out a small bag of what looked to be marshmallows stuck on arrows, and what looked to be a sliver-plated gauntlet. She pulled on the gauntlet and pressed one of the panels and two small pieces popped up, as well as a compartment filled with a length of string- she tied each end of the string to the two pieces, making what looked to be a small, very small crossbow settled onto the gauntlet.

    With that done, she took the arrow and marshmallow and settled it into the taut string and got it set into a groove that held it in place. With her other hand, she withdrew the box of matches and gum again and chewed a piece again for a small moment before sticking it to the tip of the arrow, working at it to make it smooth and not affect the trajectory of the weapon. She then took the match and lit it, bringing the flame to the gum and as soon as it caught fire, she moved quickly- moving her arm down to aim at the floor below, and pressed a small panel with one of her fingers- and the arrow shot off, sinking into the floor, but, the flame was still going, and then a small explosion, followed by a bigger one occurred. As the smoke cleared, there appeared to be a small hole in the floor now- opened into the ceiling of the floor below it, It looked to be that her friend was right, that her belongings were in that room.

    "Alright- so, I guess there's no saving the donuts, I don't see any of them down there.... Drat... and I guess since I've been making a lot of noise, the coppers should be around soon to try and see what the hell we're up to..." She spoke before climbing down and dropping from the edge of the hole and into the room of confiscated items, finding her other pack quickly. "Ok, I got it, let's get the fuck out of here before someone starts shooting at us." She murmured, running out of the room and straight into the cop who had probably been guarding the room she had been in.

    And he was eating donuts.

    "Those are my raspberry-filled donut holes! You fuckers ARE eating them! You bastards!" She cried out dramatically, snatching the bag from him only to find two left. Her stomach gurgled with hunger that extended far beyond what those two little puffs of stuffed pastry could provide. She was a little angry. Just a little...

    Just enough to want to try and fight a little to avenge the food she had fought so hard to come into possession of, just enough to cause a scene.

    "We just came into the town, and I tried to get a job and shape up to get some cash, but I'm broke... I only stole to feed myself, dammit! And you... you just arrest me- I hadn't even damaged the property, I hadn't threatened anyone! I hadn't harmed one hair on anyone's head, and you arrested me, for trying to feed myself! I get it, I'm not supposed to, I get that. But... What else could I do?" She muttered angrily, poking the cop in the chest repeatedly.

    "Preacher! I wanna go, this town sucks... I promise I'll be good in the next one, I'll shape up, better, I swear." She muttered sorrowfully as she stared at the bag, filled mostly with air- where when she had gotten it, it had been filled to the brim with the little pastries. "Hungry." She muttered at length.