Cancer Research UK

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  1. Good evening everyone,

    I am sorry to bring a dark cloud upon the prosperous lands of Iwaku but we all know about cancer and the danger and it's ubiquity. Here in UK, there are several charities that are supporting Cancer Research UK. Charlie, a six years old girl I look after, and I have decided to join one of these charities marches. It is called Race for Life and we will be doing it this Sunday. It will be 5k long and we are allowed to walk, jog, run, crawl or whatever we want. Charlie has already done one march in March (the month) and she completely fell for it so when she found out that I was eager to do Race for Life, she was insisting on joining me which I welcomed. This little girl has already lost her mother and grandfather to cancer and I might possibly be diagnosed with cancer later in my life due to its history in my own family. It is not set in stone but if it would happen I want to know that there was something done to make it easier for me and other sufferers.

    The reason why I am sharing this with you is not to ask you for money or anything (even though every donation is very welcomed and we both will be grateful for it), just have a look at our website and spread the word please. All we are trying to do is help those people who are suffering due to cancer.

    Thank you.