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  1. He collected them. Feathered creatures of every age, color, gender.... all of these things. It made his collection more diverse. Some of his birds were rowdier, others were silent. Some of the others.... the prettier ones.... he would occasionally take to his bedroom. Although he rarely took the same bird twice in a week. His name was Edgar Von Struss, he had blonde hair cut in the latest fashion and always wore suit pants and a button up shirt. He was quiet unless angered, kind unless crossed but his birds... they were not people to him. He cared only for their bird halves, shining in their guilded cages but there was one he was fond of.... in a weird way. He beat her and used her and put her on display in the back where only he could see her. His tropical bird. But as any good collector did he loved to show off his gaggle. So he would hold dinners. It was at these dinners they would be complicated and if enough money was offered he would occasionally rent one or two to a good friend.

    Russ was the son of a lycan lord in the outer territories... he was forced to go with him to this posh dinner and he felt uncomfortable in his clothing. He hardly wore a shirt at home and being in this suit made his skin itch. He walked around the room looking uninterested at all the birds, he found his chair, his name written on a card and his lip curled back in a snarl, assigned seating. And so he sat, his chair directly facing the bird spoken of above.
  2. Her Dress:

    She didn’t want to do this again…not another show, not another game to play; another trade to play with his favorite toy… Sheona had no care for anything her master did, whether it was business or other; and she didn’t care for how he treated her, especially when no one else was around. But, she had to admit, it was nice to leave the cage for once…

    Only in her wildest dreams, if she was capable of dreaming anything at all, could she enjoy moments like this…to dress in something other than rags, clean and void of cuts and bruises, with her vibrant red locks scented with hibiscus and twisted in ringlets above her ears. To sit among other people, real people, and smell real food - without being told to not touch or to not look up; this was a privilege not to take lightly. Master Edgar wanted to make a good impression before his guess, after all. So, she still had to keep her place. She was not a guest – only a wallflower… a door prize for those he wishes to gain their favor.

    It wasn’t freedom, but it was the closest thing she will ever come to it.

    Sheona was seated at the table, dressed in another exotic frock Master Edgar purchased for her to wear – always dressing her in the finest money can buy – to hide the marks he’s left behind. At least, the two weeks of healing allowed for the strapped gown to reveal her beautifully untarnished shoulders and arms; but her legs… there’s a reason he choose a gown with no slit this time…

    With hands folded upon her lap, Sheona only lifted her attention and a hand for any gentleman who stepped to her side, introducing themselves as they assessed her with their eyes, only kissing her hand to sample the flavor of her skin and the smoothness there of. That’s all; there was no need to treat a bird, dressed like a lady of respect, like the goddess she truly is - especially when she’s just a toy…favored, but still…

    If only she had her way… If only she had her freedom...

    They all will pay…

    With eyes still lowered, Sheona noticed everything around her; she’d noticed a – somewhat – familiar face. She didn’t know his name, but recalling seeing him from time to time in the mist of Master Edgar’s home, or doing something for the man when he was in a good mood. The guy sat before her across the table, and all she could do from staring was to dig her fingers into the palm of her hand. New faces were a delight to her… a delight that can get her in trouble…
  3. His father cam an dsat by him, gruff man with broad shoulders and an air of importance. Lucien was not a man to be tussled with and his son for the most part was obedient. " Pretty little bird isn't she? Good enough to eat" he grins all his pointed teeth showing and to this remark Russ shrugged. A bird was something to look at he supposed. He wasn't much in to extravagance. He didn't particularly care for birds either and he certianly did not care for Edgar. He thought he was a vile slimey man that smelled of sex and blood. He was sure the pretty little bird his father spoke of was not what she appeared. He leans forward and smiles at her, " hello song bird, what is your name? I am Russ... Russel Talamond" he smiles not getting from the table but he does dip his head slightly. He was well mannered, be her a toy or not.

    His father merely chuckled at this show, " my on always congenial. Little bastard" he laughs and goes over to her smelling her hair, to this action Russ rolled his eyes, his father grins darkly, maybe he would rent the pretty little thing out for his son and himself this night. She is after all, just an object at their disposal. And Edgar owed them, he owed them a lot.
  4. “Pretty little bird, isn’t she? Good enough to eat.”

    Sheona shivered under her gown, lowering her eyes in order to not gain any more attention from this man; trying her best to hide her fears. It was no telling what kind of guest her master invited for this night’s occasion. It would be – unfavorable – if she ended up in the hands of someone who actually favored eating her kind. This man, one she’s only seen from a distance (but could catch his foul stench from miles around), she was not in any rush to - get to know… All she could do was pray that there was still a little luck left in her feathers granted just for her…

    "Hello song bird, what is your name?”

    Cautiously, she lifted her eyes, stunned by the sound of the familiar guy’s voice. She’s heard him before, of course, but never has she heard him speak to her with such – kindness…? She wasn’t sure if that was the name for it. In her life, kindness had various mask, and once removed they all revealed something not so pleasant in the end. Sheona lifted her chin. Her lips attempted to move, ghosting the syllables of her name rather than truly speaking them; she was too scared to try.

    “I am Russ... Russel Talamond."

    Again, the idea to speak when spoken to was on the tip of her tongue, but with that burly man sitting beside him, eyeing her like the piece of steak that once sat on his plate, she couldn’t force the words out.

    A rolling chuckle broke her attempt. "My, one always congenial, Little bastard."

    She dropped her eyes again, this time, mainly to hide her fears once more. The beastly man stood up from his chair, walked around the table, like he was stalking her, and stood behind her to gather her silky red hair in his hands to sniff. She sat ridged, closing her eyes and taking shallow breaths to avoid screaming.

    She didn’t want to do this again…not another show, not another game to play…
  5. He chuckles watching her stiffen and act like the piece of meat she was. " Mmm you are a pretty little thing, what do you think Russ. Should we take this one to our rooms? I could have her first. You don't mind left overs? You are more of a cuddler anyway. You don't really need her at 100%?" He licks her throat and his teeth graze her shallow neck, "where's your owner little bird? You'll be in my bed tonight"

    Russel said nothing, eyes on the silent and clearly horrified bird.
  6. Sheona cringed and bit her lip when she felt the man's tongue taste her neckline; feeling the sharpness of his teeth. In some way she was numb to it all, but still - the humiliation stings just as bad. God, she couldn't tell if she was nauseous from the man's discussion between him and the guy, Russ, about them sharing her, or from his rancid breath.

    All in all, she darted her sights on Russ; sharp almond eyes of the Ciboney seem to jump into his deep rustic ones, trying to read from him his true self - hoping she could find some compassion within this one... at least, this one. If there was a chance, maybe she can talk him out of this... But, who was she kidding. Men were men, no matter how much compassion they have inside. And the men Master Edgar invited on these rare occasions were none the exception.

    "Where's your owner little bird? You'll be in my bed tonight."

    She found her voice this time, for it would cost her more if she didn't. "Master...Edgar is my owner..."

    Her green gems left Russ and pointed towards the open patio where several other men sat around the open summer's night air, chatting about business of war before dinner was served. Master Edgar stood there, dressed sharply in his natural black, with a rocca root pipe between his devious grin.
  7. He nods and runs a hand over her as he walks away and goes to talk to the man. Edgar sees him and grins, they embrace leaving Russ alone with her. Russ knows she will be theirs this night. He looks her over and gets up tipping her face up, " little bird you never answered my question?" His voice is soft and he is gentle with her not wishing to frighten her more. She was in for a rough night, he would be surprised if she could walk in the morning, his father took without consideration. He broke most wolves, he didn't know how well this little songbird could take it
  8. She allowed the guy to lift her chin, finding his touch to be less unpleasant that the larger man before. Again, she wanted to plea for her safety, for her salvation…but all she did was given him her eyes, and an answer.

    “It’s Sheona… just Sheona…”

    Even though her muse was weakened, her voice still whistled like the wind through a weeping willow. There was still a little magic left in her tone, but not enough to save her… She could only hope.
  9. He nods, " very pretty... it matches your face. You are gonna have a hard time with my father but if you survive him.... I am not a cruel man. He gets you first so if you can last just a few hours-" he sees his father and steps back, " get up bird you are coming with us" she would be thrown in the back like a bag and driven with them to a hotel and she is grabbed by her arms and thrown her into the lords room, " strip and put yourself on the bed appeasingly, I will be back in twenty minutes. You better be ready bird"

    Russ was quiet, " I get her when you are done, remember that" and he goes into his room
  10. When Russ complemented her, Sheona was taken back. Again, she didn’t feel the tug of a lie upon his words, buttering her up with false pretenses. No, there was something else with this man… Then, he began to warn her about his father…

    That man’s his father?

    It was a difficult truth to believe, but she knew Russ did not lie. She showed no sign of her thoughts, but listened closely still as he insured her that he was not a rough man…

    But, a man you are still,
    her thoughts continued to cur.

    His words were cut in half by the hard steps returning to her side. "Get up bird. You are coming with us."

    And that was it; she was marketed off for another hard night. As Sheona was being dragged away without a fight left in her, she turned to find Master Edgar’s eyes upon her descent. There was no concern – only a cold, malicious smirk. She didn’t know what would be worse –a night with this guy and his mountainous father, or staying home…in her cage…

    Her dress was already ruined by the time the wagon ended its run. Her new charge for the night cared not for the glamour adorning her now. All he wanted was what’s inside of it.

    "Strip and put yourself on the bed appealingly. I will be back in twenty minutes. You better be ready bird."

    She hated how he called her bird – like it was a curse, a sin. She was proud of her wings and feathers, and if she had her strength, she would have proved to him what a curse was and what was not. Still, regardless of her feelings against his words and how he threw her around, Sheona did what she was told. Left in the room, she carefully removed her gown, trying her best to ignore her tears.

    Bare, shaking from the sudden chill she felt against her skin, even with the warmth of the fire keeping the room comfortable, Sheona took a moment to cover herself with a spell. It was weak, but effective enough to keep most pains and bruising at a minimal. An old peacock from Umbreton taught it to her and several other girls locked up in Master Edgar’s estate. Her survival was due to that woman’s generosity, and her death gave her saintly rights in the little secret sisterhood among them.

    Whispering as she crossed the room, Sheona slipped under the covers, hiding her slightly tinted legs – from healing bruises, and draped the sheet over her hips; leaving the rest of her exposed to the elements. Forgetting what she was there for, she decided – for once – to indulge herself in the best life had for her. The satin sheets were so cool and the bed felt like it was full of goose feathers. Appalled, she still liked the feeling. It was like being in her mother’s nest again.

    She closed her eyes as she stretched and arched her back over the sheets and pillows, feeling how the fabric tickled her skin. And like a little child, she giggled lightly – it was the only little joy she could get out of this night. If she thought she could get away with it, Sheona would probably jump up and down in the bed and spread her swollen wings just to feel the wind push against them. No, that was going too far with a new keeper. This was safer…
  11. He finished what he needed to do and then he came in. She seemed comfortable in his bed, certain parts of her body were laid out and enticed him. He chuckles and looks at her, very pretty little bird, " glad you are comfortable little bird" he takes his shirt off and gets in the bed, his weight distributed around her and he ran a hand down her, " mmm smooth" he removes her blankets so she is entirely at his mercy, his hands are warm and she grins undoing his pants. " Now.... bird. You are gonna suck me til I am hard, then I am gonna have fun with you then you will be transported to my sons room"

    He gestured waiting, when she would do as she is told he will grip her hair and jab his considerable length in and out of her mouth so she is deep throating. She was a tool after all, and when she finishes he will pull her up by her hair and pin her entering her with no warning, he would tear her and dig his nails into her tan skin, going as far as to bite her. He was feral, aggressive and rough. She would be barely conscious when he finished inside of her and she would be chucked from his bed and dragged into Russ' room.

    Russ was half asleep when the battered bird was thrown in, he had a bath prepared, she would be covered in blood and cum. His father was predicatable
  12. ((Okay... so, he's already done with her and she's in Russ's room? If you don't mind, for later on, if it's not a problem for you, I would like to write out my scenes. If you're not into writing out sex scenes, that's fine. Just, let me know and I'll condense. No biggy.))

    It was as if the spells had no stand against the brutality of this man. Sheona was capable of many things, forced to learn to adapt and molded to yield for any girth. But, this was a painful challenge - one she would never want to bear again. The mountain was vicious and grossly large - far too large for any human, and more so for an Ciboney; but she did what she was told.

    Gagging as he thrust his huge cock down her throat, clotting her windpipe with flesh and cum, tears were rolling down her eyes. And after he forced her to down his juices, he consumed more of her, tearing her delicate folds with his overwhelming force and bearing down on her enough to suppress the air out of her lungs.

    She didn't know how long it took for him to finally reach his climax, but when she felt her head slam against the wood floor, that's when she woke up. Splinters nesting in her numb legs as she was dragged by her arm, Sheona was tossed somewhere dark. She didn't know where she was at first, and tried her best to assess herself, bending what little light she could muster between her fingertips to see the damage.

    Her head hurt, and her chest and ribs were in pain. Her legs and her maidenhood were dead to the world, and blood was everywhere. She felt like she would pass out again just from the sight of herself.

    Rolling up in a ball, Sheona stiffened her cries, trying her best to stay alert, even when the cloud of unconsciousness threatened to cover her again. She knew someone else was in the room, and if the father kept his word to his son, that person would be Russ. Still, not quite knowing his intentions, she felt that this was a time to stay silent and unseen. She tried to conceal herself in shadow...but was far too week to do so.
  13. (( I can rewrite it if you want, I don't mind it to a point but my descriptions get fuzzy when I do so, my writing goes subpar)

    He went over to her and frowns seeing her state, she was shivering and messy and he tips her face up " Ah he did not bite you too much. Well... that is something" he lifts her up and sets her in the water, " now little songbird you can't pass out now darling, not til I make sure you are alright" he washes her softly, being extra careful where she was hurt he plays in her hair and sighs. He was nothing like his father, not at all in the least.

    She was so fragile and shivering... not the woman his father should have taken to bed. He runs his hands over her legs and it is clear he is attracted to her but it also clear that he deeply regrets her treatment. " Do you want clothing to wear songbird?"
  14. ((Oh no, you don’t have to rewrite anything. We’re just getting to know each other’s styles. ^^ Details are my specialty, but I’m good at keeping things low key as well. No biggy.))

    It was Russ… Sheona cringed as he lifted her chin again, but calmed when he spoke. That touch of sincerity was there… something she hardly sees in men these days. Russ then lifted her from the floor, scaring her even more.

    Was he going to have his way with me now? I'm damaged, broken and of no use to anyone... A monster...they all are...

    But then, she finds herself in a warm tub... Sheona gasped as he sat her down carefully, more from the sting between her legs than from the bewildered situation she was in. She would dare not complain, but... she wasn't use to this concern or care from a man. Could he be...

    "Now, little songbird, you can't pass out now darling, not till I make sure you are alright."

    Warm, but shaking from fear and pain, Sheona didn't move an inch as Russ cleaned her. He didn't rush in his work, actually taking his time to clean her up and showing a genuine concern for her well-being. She didn't know if he only did so to have a fresh palette for his make-believe, or -

    "Do you want clothing to wear songbird?"

    "Please...don't call me that...," her voice was still at a whisper, cracking from the torture. She shot him a scared look. Did she speak out of line again? Dropping her head in regret, Sheona sighed and nodded her head, "Yes Sir, clothes would be nice..."
  15. (( oh okay))

    He strokes her cheek softly and then arches a brow when she asks him not to call her that... he was being affectionate..... he was trying to be soft. " Okay. I won't. Have you been fed" he moves her hair and begins washing that as well before wrapping it in a towel, " stay here I am going to see what I have... you might just have my shirt... I just... I don't keep lady friends or clothing so..." he goes and digs in his closet with a sigh and comes back with a large white shirt lifting her from the tub, " sorry... it is the best I have" he gets a towel and looks at her, she was tore all to hell and sighs...

    He felt responsible for this and he ran his hand through his hair and he isn't wearing a shirt which isn't uncommon for him.... his chest was littered with scars, he was a fighter after all
  16. "Okay, I won't. Have you been fed?"

    Shocked that he actually agreed to do something she asked, Sheona shook her head. "Food's a fantasy..." Closing her eyes as Russ washed her hair she sighed, "'re a fantasy..."

    She'd forgotten about watching her tongue, but just the delicate way he washed her hair seem to throw her into a cosmic spin between reality and an amazing dream. There was no way this was really happening to her, that Russ was real and was truly caring for her in this manner. She was still balled up in the corner on the floor, naked and bleeding, passed out like the slut Master Edgar made her into. This was all a dream...

    "Sorry... it is the best I have."

    Sheona woke up from her daze as he pulled her from the bath. Struggling to use her useless legs, she wobbled the best she could in her stance, but ended up falling against Russ as he helped her into the shirt. Giving him a double take, she noticed he was without a shirt...

    Did he just give me the shirt off his back?

    Fighting more now to maintain her consciousness, Sheona tried to read his heart, find truth - is he the one she can trust? Is he the one who can break my cage?

  17. He arches a brow, him a fantasy? He chuckles, " well you are gonna get some dinner. Maybe some fruit...." he seems lost in thought until she starts to fall and he quickly steps in to catch her and help her into his shirt. It was soft, one of the best ones he owned.... not even ripped or stained. " Yes Sheona it is my shirt. You look lovely in it. Stop trying to walk, you can't." He scoops her up and puts her in the bed propping the pillows up and putting her in the blankets, " I will be right back with that fruit.

    He goes out to the kitchen and grabs the bowl of fruit and some bread from the counter, he stared at the butter debating it but ultimately decided against it, he comes back with the food and looks at her, " I uh.... I just didn't know what you like.... I mean.... I eat meat.... so fruits..." he stammers not sure how to really talk to girls, he never really does.
  18. When Russ left the room, Sheona looked around the place with her head nestled deep in the pillows surrounding her. Then, she scanned over herself, clean and scared. She couldn't believe how well he was treating her, and still was unsure what to expect that night. But, again she would not complain.

    This was the best treatment she's had in...forever. Honestly, she couldn't recall a time when she was treated like a free bird... just like she couldn't recall her own surname. A lot of the life she had before was beat out of her, so she would not have anything to live for.

    And still, she didn't have anything in her past to rekindle a flame for life. What she did have was one wish...the only wish she had that kept her breathing - to see Master Edgar hang...

    Drowsy, she'd passed out - the first rest she's had in ages, only to wake up to the sound of a door opening. She'd jumped, but soon winced at the pain shooting up her back and legs from her actions. She bit her tongue hard to hold back a scream. She wasn't for sure if Russ would be upset if she was too loud. Quietly, she watched him enter with a bowl of fruit and bread. Suddenly, forgetting the pain, forgetting the noise she was making, Sheona's eyes widened and breathing hard, tears whelped in her eyes.

    "I uh.... I just didn't know what you like.... I mean.... I eat meat.... so fruits..."

    "It's food... you're feeding me?" She was so hungry, and dying to take her fill of everything. But, again she was deathly afraid, not for sure if she should eat what he offers her, knowing she would probably be punished by Master Edgar if he'd learn of it. Or, avoid it all together, which would probably upset Russ...

    "I - I can eat fruits...and vegetables, nuts and berries... and fish..." Her tongue seem to loosen up at the thought of receiving food, regardless of the consequences. "But...Master Edgar would it if...," Quickly, she covered her mouth. She should never speak badly about her only causes her trouble. She looked down, trying to just keep her mouth shut.
  19. He looks at her excitement at the food and he sits on the bed setting the food by her, " I don't care what that pompous ass wants. You need to eat, especially after what you just went through. Eat." He plays with her hair softly and tugs her curls and kisses her nose, " I am not going to have sex with you. You will have to share the bed with me... I only have one. Eat your meal. He will not find out from anyone that you ate." He pads her leg softly and leans back on his side of the bed, " um theres a brush for your hair int he drawer right next to the bed, you are welcome to it" he looks to his ceiling... connecting the dots into pictures. He did this countless nights. He was here for this bird.... as he was for all the women his dad tossed aside.

    He himself never partook, he had trouble communicating and ... it was just difficult for him and he felt guilty. They were always so battered and hurt...
  20. After he acknowledge his plans for her that night, guaranteeing his intent, Sheona felt better about everything. Without another word, she tore into the basket of goodness, feasting on the juicy mangos, ripe pears and bright oranges. The strawberries were divine and the bread was warm as fluffy. Before she'd realized it, most of the fruit was gone and half the loaf of bread. Although she was starving, she'd eaten her meal with care, trying her best not to eat too fast knowing it would make her sick in the end.

    Catching herself, she'd realized she was watching Russ as he fell into deep thought while staring at the ceiling. It's never occurred to her to look upon a man in a different light. Every one she's ever known was always evil to her, drenched in dark authority and sinister intentions. There was nothing alluring or interesting to her about them. But, her deep green eyes linger over Russ, seeing him differently...mainly because he treated her differently. She didn't see darkness within him, nor a need to be domineering or hostile. He was a calm man, harsh and weathered like most and holding onto his own demons, but calm - at least, with her he was; and that made him...interesting...

    "Um, there's a brush for your hair in the drawer right next to the bed. You are welcome to it."

    Sheona wiped the back of her hand across her moist lips and looked over to the little table beside her. She carefully leaned over, placing the bowl on the top before opening the drawer to find the brush he'd spoke of. It was a small brush with a wooden handle. She's never really seen how to use one before. She knows what it's used for, but never understood the mechanics - if you can believe that. The other bird sisters at the house always took care of those things for her, because she was always too weak to do so herself.

    "I'm not to use this," she confessed. "I've never brushed hair before." The brush laid in the palm of her hand as she stared at it, like it was a priceless trinket.