Canalhas das Favelas; A Picaresque RP

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  1. Canalhas das Favelas

    Urbanization and manumission has been difficult for 1920s Cordavo (an ambiguously Latin American country). Slums called favelas surround the outskirts of the urban environment; homes for those who can’t afford urban housing. The three most influential forces are Corruption, Crime, and Christ, and it’s hard to find one force divorced of the others. Getting by without succumbing to one is even harder.

    The life of the rogue, the scoundrel, the bastard, and the picaroon; it has an allure, and you’re not immune to it. Some want to set it right, speak of great change, but survival against the odds is more important to you. Let the revolutionaries have theirs, you’ll have yours, whether or not it was the country’s, cartel’s, or church’s first. You’re a thief, not a fighter, you sneak in, take, and leave. Maybe you sneak in, and take a life, but that is usually when you’re on a payroll.

    Yet, when you involve yourself in Cordavo as O Canalha, it’s harder still to really not get involved in something much more.

    If you don’t die first.

    Hey so a character sheet. Don’t fill it in yet. It’s more here so I don’t lose track of it.

    CS (open)
    [b]Name:[/b] (Your name.)
    [b]Age:[/b] (Your age.)
    [b]Sex:[/b] (Your physical sex)
    [b]Appearance:[/b] (Your appearance. Picture, text, some combination, whatever.)
    [b]Biography:[/b] (A bit on your life, job, y'know. Also, don’t feel like you have to kill everyone in your backstory or make your life super shitty, gosh.)


    [b]Signature:[/b] (Put your username here to acknowledge that your character will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. If they piss off a group, the group will try to come after them. If they do something dangerous and get injured, they may die. Placing your name here means you preemptively agree that I, the GM, have final say on if your character dies or something. Don't worry, I don't intend on killing your characters or anything. I’d rather they succeed! But... I mean if it happens, it happens. )

    The following are lists of Traits that are presently available at start. You get 5 traits, but only one of them can be a Special Trait.

    • These traits cover activities that are usually done before a job, representing work you put into the job before it begins.
      • Disguise: You’re able to create disguises that hide your identity but do little else.
      • Forgeries: You’re able to create simple forged documents that will pass cursory inspections.
      • Investigate: Bonuses to noticing details during stakeouts and when looking at maps.
      • Realization: Sometimes upon gathering enough information you will make a ‘logical leap’, revealing more information about the job.
      • Streetwise: Bonuses to noticing possible escape routes from the job before the job.
    • These traits cover activities that are usually done while undetected and on a job, representing the primary work of the job itself and infiltration.
      • Acrobatic: Bonuses to agility and manoeuverability.
      • Cover Up: Bonuses to removing evidence that you were there.
      • Legerdemain: Bonuses to lockpicking and pickpocketing.
      • Sneaky: Bonuses to being sneaky, of all things.
      • Take-down: Bonuses to knocking out unaware targets discretely.
    • These traits cover activities that are usually done when your cover is blown, or blows your cover, representing riskier parts of the job and exfiltration.
      • Athletic: Bonuses to sprinting, both duration and speed.
      • Brawler: Bonuses to exchanging blows in a melee.
      • Escapist: Bonuses to disengaging from a fight before it’s finished.
      • Risk Life: Bonuses to surviving a scene and moving around cover when bullets start flying.
      • Saboteur: Bonuses to sabotaging things unnoticed.
    • These traits cover activities that can be done before, during, or after the job, representing special material or social investment in the job.
      • Companion: You have a canine, equine, or raptor companion; trained and loyal to you.
      • Hideout: You have a safe place to go to and wait for the heat to die in either the countryside, the favelas, or in the city.
      • Medic: You have access to medical supplies, and training to use them to help someone beyond ‘first aid’.
      • Networks: There is a chance that unnamed NPCs may be revealed to be a character that your character knows; they will often but not always be friendly.
      • Wheels: You have a car, motorcycle, or truck; bonuses to driving vehicles of a similar type.

    So that’s about it. The RP is set in an ambiguously Latin America country in the 1920s (more or less) which is currently incredibly unstable and corrupt. Artistic liberties taken, of course. You are playing a member of a gang of thieves. The RP will follow an episodic format, focused around doing ‘jobs’ for yourself or for others, and the downtime between.

    While an action RP, surely, it is not a fighting RP. Guns are a thing, but none of you are starting with one, and when the guns come out it’s a sign that you need to leave. Doesn’t even have to be a lucky shot to fuck you up bad. Expect maimings if you’re hit, if not death.

    Oh right, that’s a thing, death. That’s a risk for the ‘jobs’. Also prison, or other wonderfully awful things. There’s a reason most traits are about either not being noticed or getting away from those who do notice you.

    That said, melee combat will also be a thing. It’s a lot safer than guns, but it will still be rather visceral, brutish, and fast. Most fights will last maybe a couple rounds at most, maybe less if people have weapons such as knives, metal bars, chairs, bottles, whatever. When the fight is not between players who can agree on the outcome of the battle, the outcome will be determined by me based on your skill and the stakes. Then you will have two options, either I write the outcome in a post, or I give you an outline of the outcome and let you write it. Either or.
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