Canadian Federal Election 2015

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  1. Canada is going through a Federal Election right now! We vote on October 19th!

    I'm getting excited because it's looking like the conservatives are behind in the polls, and I'm not a fan of Harper's regime government.

    What are your thoughts on the election?

    Specifically: What are your feelings on

    The Conservative platform
    The Liberal platform
    The NDP platform
    The Green party's platform
    The issues of the campaign such as the Niquab, Income splitting, reinstating door-to-door mail delivery, abolishing the First Past the Post system, and the attack ads that have been so rampant
  2. My big concern, as I mentioned to you before, was Bill C-51 being a constitution breaking act that has been decried near universally by human rights organizations. I don't like how Harper's been very secretive about everything, he passes things as fast as possible without allowing for much in the way of deliberation or testimony by experts, and our reputation on the world stage has suffered greatly. Canada, in short, has changed for the worse, and under Harper we're currently the only G7 nation in a recession right after weathering the worst economic crisis since the great depression, and hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost and not regained since the Conservatives took power. This is also omitting things like him promising he would never appoint any senators, and he's personally appointed over 50, two of which are wrapped up in huge scandals.

    To be clear, I voted for him the last two elections because he seemed like the best choice for Canada at the time, and when the Conservatives were a minority government, I absolutely stand by that. However, the past four years and unchecked power has made him do some really awful shit I can't stand behind, including fear tactics, Islamophobia, not addressing the disappearances and murders of hundreds of native women, and an abysmal environmental record.

    I don't really like Trudeau because he seems like he's scheming and still representative of Liberal corruption from before they were ousted by Conservatives, but my biggest issue with them is that they don't want to abolish Bill C-51. I believe he said he would expand CSIS' surveillance authority towards Canadian citizens, and I am not okay with that.

    Overall, Mulcair is the only candiate, apart from Elizabeth May, who wants to abolish this spying on Canadians crap and fear based rhetoric. I never voted NDP before federally, but there's a first time for everything.

    I like Elizabeth May and think she's arguably the most honest and well intentioned candiate of them all. I hope she does well.

    Basically, I see myself as politically moderate and don't subscribe to any one party's platforms or rhetoric. I mainly vote for who I believe would be the best overall candidate. I will be happy with literally any other outcome than Conservatives. Dude's starting to remind me of fucking Putin.
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  3. Probably going to vote NDP. Because fuck the Senate. Getting rid of that unelectable corruption-generator would be great. The only thing that would be better would be phasing in STV instead of FPTP, but the odds of that happening aren't great.

    I would like to vote Green. I really would, but, voting Green, in Alberta? Ha, yeah, no, not gonna lie, I would be better off burning my vote and scattering the ashes to the four corners as a sacrifice to the Sun Gods for favour to the Green Party.
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  4. Do they say "sorry" all the time during the debates?
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  5. They actually get pretty nasty at times.
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  6. As former Canadian Steven Crowder would say...

    There is no such thing as Conservative in Canada. Its mostly just left, and super hard left.

    If you were to compare your "conservative" political ideas against American ones, you would see a giant difference.
  7. Honestly I haven't even seen much about the candidates this time (other than Trudeau apparently has nice hair),

    Though from what I could see the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP have all resorted to smeer tactics.
    That shit makes me instantly lose my support for the party regardless of what they say, because it proves they can't stand on their own arguments and have to resort to bullying tactics.

    That honestly just leaves me with the Green Party.
    But as Brovo aptly put it, votes there are pretty much wasted.

    Edit: John Oliver has something to say too.

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  8. Well, good to see Oliver's in no danger. :P

    *Looks at Comments*
    Wow, people there are either clueless or just harsh. :/
  9. For both foreigners and Canadians, you can view the election play out live here. Keep in mind that votes are counted from the east coast to the west coast, because Canada exists in six different time zones. Traditionally, the east coast has always voted Liberal, Québec has always voted for its own party, central has been a mix of various parties, the prairies usually go Conservative, and BC usually goes NDP or Liberal. Last election, Québec went NDP, changing the political map.

    The two key areas to look at will likely be Québec (to see if the NDP can hold on) and Alberta (since Alberta's provincial election suddenly went from 40-ish years of Conservatives to an NDP majority from out of nowhere).

    Will the left vote be split between NDP and Liberal again and let the Cons surf to a 40% majority victory again? Maybe. Will the NDP manage to pull off the "orange crush" and take enough steam out of the Cons in the West to take over? Maybe. Will the Liberals somehow pull out an unexpected turnaround with Justin Trudaeu as their leader? Probably not maybe.

    Go Green Party Go!
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  10. If I'm seeing it right, Liberal has all the seats so far. :/
  11. Again, it counts from east coast to west coast, and these are preliminary. Meaning the votes are still being counted. East Coast is a traditional Liberal stronghold. Give it a couple hours and things will start to look a lot more interesting.
  12. Probably.

    I personally voted NDP.
    But Liberal's are still better than Harper.
  13. [​IMG]


    Valuable lesson: Don't pretend you know the motivations of millions of people. Otherwise you'll make political jokes and be wrong on every account. :ferret:
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  14. And NDP barely get's any votes again.
    Looks like we're back to normal.
  15. Justin Trudeau is now the prime minister of Canada, with a majority.

    The Conservatives have fallen. Stephen Harper is gone. Hoorah! Hoorah!
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  16. May his nice hair guide us.
  17. Uhm... @Brovo Curious, why's Green Party has barely any voters?
  18. Can somebody explain to me what exactly a conservative in Canada is? Because I really don't understand...

    And no, I am not being a smart ass or anything. I really REALLY don't know.
  19. Essentially they're the Right Winged Party of Canada.
    In other words the Republicans of Canada, but far more moderate.

    They were also Canada's Federal Government for the past 10 years.
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