Canada Proposes Transgender Inclusion Law

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  1. So this happened.

    So for any of you Americans debating moving up to Canada, we're about to get another reason for you to do so. :P
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  2. Aside from the possibility of Trump becoming president? I'm actually fairly safe where I am. My state is one of the very few states that has signed anti-discrimination laws rather than the opposite. But it is cool to hear that there is a country out there that's taking some initiative to do the exact opposite of what many of the states in the U.S is doing. Eventually all of the states in the country will catch up to the twenty first century.....doubtful, but maybe.
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  3. Dat shade tho.
  4. What I want to know is why this suddenly became a big deal, when transgendered people were already using the bathroom of their choice.

    This all seems very suspicious to me.
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  5. Something something.. Heirarchy of Oppression..?

    I dunno. Didn't have to deal with any of it until recently.

    Now girls in the school I work at are complaining because boys come in and pee on the seat.

    Equality: Everyone's toilet has pee on it.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Because all it takes is one hateful person to ignite a fire that consumes nations in debate over the rights and personhood of human beings.
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  7. Well, hopefully we can trust Canada's people not to throw a fit over transgendered bathrooms in Targets(if they have Targets up there. I'm an ignorant yank unsure of what stores our Northern brother has ;-;)
  8. Transgender treatment rights have a lot of personal stake for me, and I try really hard to stay out of politics or controversial topics, but this is all cropping up at an extremely suspicious time.
    Watching Hillary's Voting Fraud not even making front page behind this issue is a bit too convenient for her sake.
  9. We had Target briefly before they lost a billion dollars and closed.

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  10. Care to share what you mean? Because all I see is a bill popping up at a rather predictable time.
  11. Good. Hopefully the nincompoops that pass for lawmakers here in the US follow the lead of our northern neighbors instead of trying to stretch existing laws out of shape to fit the new situation. They need to get Civil Rights Act 2: Electric Boogaloo passed with "gender identity" listed as an outlawed basis of discrimination so we can get past the nonsense of fighting over the legal term "sex" every time something like this comes up. -_-
    Progressive advocates felt like they'd basically won the gay rights issue when the Supreme Court ruled that not allowing gay marriage went against the Constitution. The existing LGBT+ movements looked around for the next big issue to tackle and, oh, look at that, fourth letter in the base acronym stands for transgender. Bingo, new group to fight for selected. It also helped a lot that Caitlyn Jenner popped up recently and thrust transgender issues into the mainstream spotlight in a big way.
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  12. It's great this is passing into law. People shouldn't have to face discrimination because of a few bigots and civil rights should always be paramount. Transgendered people are a part of society and are here to stay, along with other members of the LGBT community. The sooner we can normalize LGBT so it becomes a non-issue that people feel like they have to fight for rights and diversity, and people just start looking at one another as friggin' human beings, the better we'll all be.

    The problem with now is the internet's a double-edged sword, on one hand it brings awareness to things and a place for people to have a voice, but it also gives a platform for bigots and other assholes to launch tirades that would have otherwise gone unnoticed that ends up making national headlines, like that mother of 12 who went into a Target to start screaming about their transgendered bathroom policies being sinful for whatever. It also is a breeding ground for hate and intolerance because people stick to groups that give them confirmation bias, and that goes with both the bigots and the SJW lynch mobs that go after anyone who dares disagree with their rather black and white view of the world.

    Basically, things like this are fantastic while the Internet hate mob is making things worse for everybody. People shouldn't feel like they're under siege for what stick figure door they decide to enter.
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  13. Good job, Canada. Now I feel slightly bad about how we destroyed you at ice hockey yesterday.

    I'm sick and tired of the bathroom moronity so this is a very welcome change. Some of my faith in humanity has been restored. Denmark is also doing something right.
  14. More awareness of transgender people means more bigots will feel the need to "defend" their way of life from those awful awful people who want to let crossdressers use any bathroom they want and destroy the American family!! >:C

    Look at this!! Look at the millennials throwing gender norms away like an old toothbrush!! Look at all these brainwashed folk calling Bruce Jenner a woman!! Are they crazy?? No, it's the PC police trying to censor anyone who dares to speak the truth these days!!


    And now they're saying that bathroom signs don't even mean anything anymore?? That we're doing to let any man into a women's bathroom just because he says he's a woman?? Are we going to let creepy, disturbed rapists and molesters into the same places that women pee just because of their deranged ways?? No. Society may be already falling apart, but we can still hold onto what few bits of decency we have left. We have to do something!! D:<

    ((I'm being incredibly sarcastic, in case it wasn't obvious.))
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  15. There's a Target in our local mall. That being said, it came in right at the time said mall was starting it's "Renovation for the rich" crap (which failed miserably), and was also responsible for a number of the 'lesser' stores being kicked out in fear of competition.

    In other words, yes they're around. But they're a Cancer.
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  16. I hate to be one of those people, but it seems that a lot of the conspiracy nutjobs might actually be on the mark about the timing of things. There's always some new outbreak, or some outrageous law to pop up in the headlines when people should be focusing on other things. With it being an election year, and the horrible odds of us ending up with a psycho or an Umpa Lumpa for president, the transgender bathroom issue is taking more and more of the medias time and attention. I hate to say that they want voters to be uninformed when they go to the ballot, but yeah...

    Or there's a much larger conspiracy going on. Who knows? We won't really know until the elections over and whoever wins is pointing out what we were blinded to, if there is something else going on.

    Honestly, I just think that the entire country is disintegrating back to the early twentieth century, when hate was commonly accepted and discrimination was just something people shrugged about but generally accepted, until they didn't.
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  17. The world is complicated and busy place. Humanity isn't really that much of a "One Issue at a time" sort of people, too many differing interests, allegiances, life styles etc.

    I'll admit that Media likely loves to focus on one to the exclusion of others, and it's likely Hillary is taking advantage of the timing for her own benefit (even if it's tactically stupid, for another thread) but I highly doubt they're the one's to blame for this popping up now either. They just saw a chance and jumped on it.
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  18. And really, this transgender event popping up alongside elections is coincidence. Issues with transgenders have been building up over the years, they're just coming to a head now, because now, it can be used as an election issue. If they're loud enough about it now, candidates may be forced to state support or lack of support for the issue, which tells them who to vote for.

    Less conspiracy, more common sense that the LGBT community has been doing for years. Many years.
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  19. Oh c'mon. It's the opposite.

    No matter how shitty a president, there'll be no regressing or disintegrating. A slump or two? Sure; shit happens. But ya'll wind up this election like it's the fucking apocalypse. Freedom will survive...

    screech (or whatever sound eagles make)
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  20. It's a really appropriate sound for America right now.
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