Canada dun' 'gon 'makin' me proud n' shit.

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  1. [​IMG]

    A cabinet of people who actually know what the hell they're doing and 50% of them are women. Neat. No, seriously, neat. We're not shitty again, woo! :ferret:
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  2. I was actually just thinking about this earlier this week.

    Canada's political wilderness right now is looking... Pretty rad.

    *starts putting together immigration papers*
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  3. Assuming he still cared about their skill sets (judging by their descriptions, he did) and not solely for their sex this is something I'm very glad to hear.

  4. This is also pretty phenomenal
  5. I know the Defense minister is a 25 year veteran of the Canadian Forces with 4 combat tours under his belt.
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  6. This reminds me of the fact that New Zealand's defense minister is a former woodwork teacher.

    Oh, to be more like Canada, at least in that respect.
  7. Yay progress and all that.

    But I did cringe when he responded to; "Why'd you do it?" With "BECAUSE ITS TWENTY-FIFTEEN."

  8. I liked the response. He was basically saying it was a no brainer to have fucking women, who make up half the population, be equally represented in his cabinet. It should NOT be news anymore, because it's 2015, but sadly it is.
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  9. Yeah, I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that, "I AM FORCED TO WOMEN!" but just like... They're the best for the job. That, and it's kind of insulting for the continued string of questions and logic of, "BUT WHY WOMEN?" It's like, "Why you gotta ask that, bruh? Srsly?"
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  10. Now if only the US could get its head out of its ass and follow the example. Sadly, judging by the morons running for President we're going to be fucked come 2016....
  11. I don't think Trump's going to actually run.

    At least, I don't think he will.

    At least, I hope he won't.




    @Minibit, I think I may need a host sponsor spouse to get into Canadia!
  12. Seven years later I'm still amazed we have a (half) black president to be honest. I'm glad but still amazed since a vocal minority makes me feel like the US is full of nothing but racist Christian elitist (no offense to practicing christians, but you know the minority that gives a bad name). Maybe by osmosis our neighbors to the north might influence us positively. In the mean time, way to go Canada for getting your government's head out of the sand!
  13. Sorry I'm already promised to @Jorick because of a game of Fuck Marry Kill.
  14. Trump is bad. Carson is worse. I swear every time I read something about him I want to punch a puppy. First his opinion of rape and incest not being a valid reason for a woman to have an abortion. Then his comment about the theory of evolution being encouraged by Satan. I swear I want to slam my head through a wall to knock myself unconscious whenever I hear that man's name.

    Since the requirement for running for president is that you must be a complete total assclown, I saw we nominate PeeWee Herman.
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  15. See, I'd agree, if any of the women had those positions solely because of their vagina, and not because of their competence. However, all of them are reasonably suited for the positions which they have obtained. Ergo, meritocracy remains preserved: They got their positions by competence first, gender second. All Trudaeu did was--from his list of candidates--consciously choose to pick a cabinet with the widest range of representation of the various genders and races that coexist peacefully within Canada. Which, while such quotas may not be appropriate in the free market (for many complicated reasons of individual value), in government? It makes sense. Government is elected by the people to represent the people, so if 50% of the people are women, why not make 50% of the cabinet women if there are a sufficient number of specialists who possess a vagina who are capable of performing the job?

    Also, he consciously chose to do it by his own volition. He hasn't mandated a law that says "50% of the cabinet must be women even if you have to staff it with incompetent gender studies majors", there's no law in place that can prevent the next government from choosing not to make 50% of the cabinet women. It was his own choice based on who he felt could best represent the country.

    And you know what we got?

    A scientifically, financially, and medically trained cabinet representative of the population, who hold educational and experience backgrounds which qualify them for their jobs.

    I'll take it. It's rare to see meritocracy and diversity coexist so peacefully, so let's take this for the victory it is for everyone involved. :ferret:
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  16. Oh. I wasn't aware those were binding.

    I'll make my way up to Canada so we can seal the deal at some point. I am a dick, but I am not cruel enough to make you move from the land of moose, maple syrup, and reasonable health care down to a place that's seriously considering electing as president some dinguses with no real political knowledge.
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  17. Still prefer Stephen Harper.
  18. [​IMG]
    He does seem pretty serious this time.
    Granted, still plenty of time to back out...
    But he's thrown so much in at this point.
    And gotten a terrifying amount of support.
  19. Could you explain why? I'm genuinely curious why someone younger than 50 would prefer Stephen Harper. D:
  20. I'm a fiscal conservative, and I despise the Liberal Party's emphasis on employment equity.
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