Can your average member post a....

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  1. I've noticed how Iwaku sometimes has these little "Mini-Masqs " that pop up now and then. My question is this: Can regular members post such things? Not like a full-blown masquerade or anything, but more like a smaller chat roleplay that anyone can join. I'm not sure, because it didn't say anything about it in the rules, but what if members could sometimes post a Mini-Masq that could be joined by anybody who is interested? I didn't know if we could or not, or if that would interfere with the real Masquerade.
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  2. Ah. I believe I have my answer. While regular members can't announce official masquerades, they can do mini-masqs. After all, that's what a chat roleplay is for, right?
  3. Anyone can run a chat roleplay! :D You can schedule the date, time, claim one of the roleplay rooms and everything!

    A masquerade chat roleplay is where player's don't tell each other who they are playing, so I wouldn't recommend regular members do that, if ONLY because if there's trouble you may not know who to report. Staffies have special controls that can tell them who plays who. You can if you want to, but you may wanna be aware of which staffies are online in case you need one!
  4. Got it. I look forward to inviting some of my friends to the museum showcase taking place in the roleplay city. We are opening a new ancient Greece exhibit. :donut: (noms on doughnut)