Can you Survive?

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Should this be created as a group rp as well?

  1. totally!!

  2. never, what were you thinking?

  3. maybe...-shrug- dunno

  4. I'd be up for it

  5. hmm...nope

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  1. So, as I'm sure you've kinda guessed from the title, this is a thread about survival. Right now I"m in the mood to do an rp about survival.

    First of all, A few things about myself and what I expect from my rp partner:
    - respond at least once or twice a week
    - good grammar and spelling
    - write from at least 1 good paragraph to several
    - let each other know if we loose interest in the rp and want to drop it.

    Now then, onto the good stuff.

    So I don't really have specific plot in mind really, it's more of an idea. Basically, there's some kind of accident which could be a plane crash or boat sinking or something and a few survivors wash up on an island. I'd like it if both I and my partner could play two or more characters each to allow more diverse interactions and not set up a specific pair to fall in love. However, I am also willing to do just one character each as well if you'd prefer that.

    Also, for any romance, I prefer to play the female role with mxf pairing. I can play male characters but more as side characters than my main ones.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.