Can You See Me?

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  1. Snow has a special ability, she can see ghosts. And recently her powers have gotten stronger. She is what they call a Seer. Now she doesnt only see ghosts, but she can also see demonds, angles and much more. Things get bad whe a demond pushes her friend down the stairs nearly killing her. The demonds have something awful planned... Snow has no choice but to fight!
    ~Character Info~
    Name: Snow Night
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'6''
    Weight: 114 pounds
    Looks: Long purple hair (natural), beautiful deep purple eyes, high cheek-bones and full lips.
    Occupation: College Student.
    Snow looked at the man behind her professor, of nobody saw him but her, it has always been that way. The man looked like he was in his 30s, brown eyes and very stern features. He also wera a navy blue buisness suit. The man was staring straight at Snow however she ignored it. Snow was a beautiful yound woman with her deep purple eyes that brighten when the sun hits them, her high cheek-bones, full lips, and long purple hair that was all natural and fair skin. Once class was over she got up, grabbed her stuff and walked out the door, without making eye contact with the ghost. Once she was out in the hall she waited in the usual spot for her friend. She was wearing a pale purple midriff shirt, navy blue shorts, and purple converses.

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  2. Not a ghost, surely. I would call him more like a daemon, not demon, daemon. Appearing at the right moments he has to appear.
    Merkul wasn't an ordinary thing, and so would this girl know his existence when he arrives. Out of nowhere, the time freezes, nothing or no one could move.
    Merkul appears like a slime from the floor, with the looks of a person, with short grey hair and no eyes, just two holes, covered by his bangs. His hair was full of things stuck to it: necklaces, earrings, rings, all sorts of accessories made in silver. His clothing are some black shorts with aluminium around it, him wearing black over knee socks and poppy black shoes, without a shirt, only a big fat black tie. He has a very serious look, "What do you need?". It's the first he visits this newbie girl.
  3. Snow saw the daemon, at first she thought it was a ghost but then she got this uneasy feeling. Yeah sure she has faced against bad ghosts before but this one felt truly even... it made her skin crawl. Shaking the thought out of her head she walked past the daemon looking for her friend.
  4. When Snow attempts to trespass him, she collapses over Markul's body, "You surely love me. Bu-but, why?"
    He looked around, "Time has stopped, you must have something to ask me."
  5. Snow immediatly got up and stepped away from the body, "Leav me alone..." she whispers then she hears a familiar cheerful voice.
    -Quick Character info-
    Name: Chance
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'2''
    Info: Snow's best friend
    Chance grinned and waved, "Snow hey!" she ran up to her.

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  6. "Tsk", echoing his voice through the corridor, disappearing into the void.
  7. Ignoring the daemon she smiled at her friend, "Hello Chance."
    "Hey Snow!" the began walking together. The stopped at the top of the stairs then Chance stopped to look at her, "Hey are you ok?"
    Snow forced a smile, "Yeah I am fine."