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  1. Updated her gender and such.

    Krysta Savorn
    Sexual Orientation


    Pros (5 good traits)
    Nature Oriented
    Strong Willed
    Overly Loving

    Cons (5 negative traits)
    Speaks Freely​

    Holds Grudges

    Serious Cons:
    Rage Of The Bear Spirit (Berserker)​

    My eyes are very unqiue. (open)

    Powers & Abilities / Skills
    Demi Norse God
    Daughter of Tyr​

    Capable of feats that surpass normal humans Krysta has never experienced sickness. Her body is toned but she is far stronger than what she appears to be.​

    Abandonment, Being Forgotten, Going berserk, Being found out


    Criminal Name is Steak-ems
    Orphan-Up For Adoption
    Lives in a Foster home- Tends to run away alot.
    Much of Krysta's history is lost even to the teen herself. The first thing she could remember was waking up at an orphanage at the age of ten. Not knowing anything the nuns had thought she was deaf dumb and stupid. Often treating her with contempt and punishing the girl for not responding she soon found her way out of the orphanage after being adopted by a family at the age of 12. The two years of hell had been emblazoned in her head and it is something she has never forgotten. At this point extremely timid the girl had began to adjust to normal life. By the age of 14 her family had moved into Mecca City. The suburbs and a rich family had proved a lot but, not everything stays fun forever.

    Tragedy struck the family with the sudden loss of her Father. Unable to support themselves the family soon fell from their high spot and crashed hard. Losing nearly everything her mother disappeared and left Krysta to fend for himself. Extremely tough for a time it wasn’t until she discovered the more shady side of things and took up Moonshining in the woods. Making the trek back and forth she began to make money selling to those who wanted it in the city. With local quality, well anyone would buy it.

    By the age he was 17 she had stayed in school and nearly no one knew of the situation involving her being orphaned.... again. Well, some of her friends knew but they were all tight lipped. Having far more money than she knew what to do with due to not having to pay basicly any overhead or rent she set herself up in an apartment and paid the next year in advance using cleaned money she got through a friend.

    Now setup she focused entirely on school, which she didn’t really struggle with to begin with. With things running themselves she found herself able to sit back and relax. Taking a liking in soccer she let the moonshining side of herself go but with the more people she became friends with at school she knew it wouldn't be long until someone found out she didn't really have a home.​
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