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So here's my rant, given it's very own thread due to the magnitude it has on my life.

Okay: So last night, my fiance comes into my workplace (I work at a convenience store!), and buys a soda. She's looking very depressed and won't say two words to me. I'm kinda like... OK, now what the fuck? So I ask her what is wrong before she leaves, and if I did something wrong again - won't go into detail about that - and all she says is 'I'll talk to you about it when you get home.

I get home, oh, at about 11:30, the house is considerably more clean, my mom is sitting on the couch, not saying a word. Meanwhile, Felicity (my fiance) is giving Avalon, our two and a half month old daughter a bath. I ask her what was wrong when she came in to Loaf N Jug (the place I work). She gets rather eerily quiet, then proceeds to tell me that our nine year old was pulled out of class by social services.


Anyways, the CPS (Child Protective Services) agent comes by today, takes a look at our house, looks at Felicity and I and says "Is there any reason someone would call in on you guys when everything she said was obviously a lie?"

Felicity replies "We recently had a bout with my sister in law - his sister."

CPS agent then says: "Well, I can't Officially tell you who called in..."

Case fucking closed you stupid bitch. Thank God you are out of mine and my childrens lives for good. If you ever call my house or harrass me at work or anything, I'm going to the very judge that barred you from her courtroom and getting a restraining order on your ass.
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