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Almyria - a land of war and strife. Earth - a land of slightly less war and slightly less strife. Humans - a species unique to Earth which are pretty much useless in every way when compared with the fantastical Almyrian races. What, then does Earth and Humans have to do with Almyria? Well, it all started a long time ago... but that's a boring story so let's skip to the relevant bit.

After various catastrophic events, the five kingdoms of Almyria find themselves without leaders, and filled with chaos that the temporary governments cant hold in check. Fortunately, the land isn't completely abandoned. There is still a sole deity who watches over it. This deity used up the last of its power to summon 5 beings into Almyria - humans from the far advanced Earth - who would be appointed the leaders of the 5 nations, and who were tasked with bringing those nations back to glory. These humans were chosen completely randomly, and may vary as much as the grandmaster of an ancient monastery to the daughter of a camp florist. One thing they had in common though, is that none of these humans had combat training of any kind - they were simply regular people.

Now what's this though? The deity also installed a strange door in the palace of each nation that only that nation's appointed human can physically step through. On the other side of this door is the "Game Room". This is a place where the nation leaders congregate and plan their next moves. This room is called the Game Room for a reason - in the center, there is a ridiculously detailed 3-dimensional map of the world, that even changes magically to reflect things that happen in the world.

Almyria is a magical place filled with magical things, but unfortunately, the majority of these magical things are located at the bottom of magical dungeons that no one person alone could clear. Whats more, no more than 5 people from any nation may enter a dungeon at the same time, making raiding them alone impossible. In other words, if you want access to powerful magic and progressive technology, you're going to need to call a temporary truce with your rivals. Your literal god-given objective? Restore the nations to their former glory, then secure your dominance!

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