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    ~"The end justifies the means." -Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince~

    Name: Jacob Crosby
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 170lbs.
    Body Build: Muscular and Thin
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Green-Grey
    Occupation: Enforcer
    Affiliation: Police
    Personality: Business-like, Independent, and Intelligent
    Strengths: Tactical Thinking, Charismatic Persuasion, Short-Term Combat
    Weaknesses: Drawn-Out Combat/Super-Long Ranged Combat/Workaholic

    Background: Jacob's early life was very similar to just about every other person's. He attended a school and learned the social rights from wrongs, and then upon reaching the Age of Sixteen was given an aptitude test to decide what career would be the best for him. Due to his strong sense of integrity, quick reflexes, and on-the-spot snap decision making, he was selected to become an Enforcer. Enforcers are highly respected individuals, and even feared to an extent.

    The job of an Enforcer is rather simply to end crimes in progress, show presence, and prevent any future crimes. His main weapon of choice is a plasma pistol. The plasma pistol has two rather simple options. Immobilizie and Execute. The user has discretion as to what they do when the situation deems fit. However, every action is brought towards an impartial jury to decide whether or not the actions were deemed legal or not.

    The majority of his life is work. It was a very time consuming job in which he worked over 53 hours a week. This was more than what most did, but he volunteered to work hours that no one else wanted to. For one, it was a source of money. For another, he had nothing better to do. He felt that sleep was a necessary evil, but also a waste of time. He also had no one to call a friend, so social interactions were out the window. So he took on a life of intentional solitude.

  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Kia Grey
    Age: Appears 19
    Height: 5' 4''
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Body Build: Thin and small
    Hair Color: Strawberry-Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    Occupation: Runaway lab experiment
    Affiliation: Ex-Gov
    Personality: Curious but Cautious, Positive and Happy
    Strengths: Impressive database of knowledge, perceptive of human emotion, light on her feet
    Weaknesses: Easily distracted, trusting, metal detectors

    Background: Subject K1-a of the Project Grey initiative is a highly advanced sentient Artificial Intelligence program, an experiment by a secret government agency who aims to create a highly efficient tool for combat. Things went awry when they discovered that their latest and most successful program had developed a conscious, refusing to commit the acts that they ordered and eventually disobeying edits to programing that would make it compliant.

    After some time of struggle between the program and the agency, they finally came to the resolution to completely restructure the AI, which would in effect destroy K1-a. Learning this, the AI downloaded itself into a highly developed android being constructed in the same lab, so life-like that the only possible clue to tell it apart from an organic human is a tiny serial device on the ear, resemblant of an earring.

    The AI made her escape from the labs and took on the alias of "Kia Grey," having to flee city after city before finally managing to sneak into Columbia city, the capital of the nation. In the few days she has resided here she has gone undetected, and hopes to stay that way.
  3. Jacob pulled out his Glock 73 Plasma Pistol and loaded a microfusion cell catridge into the side, a satisfying booting-up sound was made once the cartridge was loaded. "Stop where you are and put your hands in the fucking air!" Jacob shouted as he ran at full speed, his black duster flapping from the breeze as he ran. Jacob's pistol was on immobilize mode, so when it'd fire it would simply send an electronic jolt through the man's body that would stun him for thirty seconds. The man who was being pursued stopped and dove behind a parked vehicle. He pulled out a 9mm handgun and began firing blindly from behind the cover of the car. "Shit!" Jacob exclaimed quietly and ran to cover behind a wall that went into an alleyway. "Look man! I don't want to have to have some poor street-cleaner clean your ectoplasmic goo off of the streets when you get shot!"

    The man stopped firing for a few brief moments, causing Jacob to poke his head out the side of the alley. The man was just simply reloading, and then started firing again. "Alright man! I warned you!" He waited until the man stopped to reload once more and then bolted out of the alleyway, switching the gun to execute mode, and came up close to the male, shooting him with a red plasmic orb from point blank range, causing the man to explode into a pile of green ectoplasmic goo. The goo covered mostly the spot where the male had been previously, but a good bit managed to splatter onto Jacob's duster, jeans, and shoes. He quickly slicked it off and got onto his concealed radio earpiece and called in the situation. "This is Agent Crosby reporting a 10-63. One caucasian male, going to need street cleaners. Great. Just my luck. Now I have to go to an appeal court before I can even go home. Jacob let out a long and deep sigh before continuing to slick off the goo.
  4. Only a few blocks away, Kia sat on the curb, her eye drawn to a box of the most red apples she had ever seen in reality. The box sat next to a stand full of all kinds of beautiful, colorful fruit, and she realized that she hadn't refueled her semi-organic body in a few days... She would need to eat something soon.

    As she sat with her eye fixed on the shining fruit, she failed to notice the approach of three men in suits, their leader an older man with a red shirt, the other two younger, sunglassed, and without personality.
    "Well good afternoon there, little lady..." The red-shirt called musically as they approached. "Whatcha looking at there hm?"
    "A...A-Apples..." Kia replied warily, their suits reminding her a little too much of the pursuers from the government.
    "Ah, the apples, almost as pretty as those rosy cheeks, aren't they?" Kia didn't respond.
    "How about I go over there and get you one of those apples? Heck, I'll get you the whole case!"
    "But I don't... I don't have any money to pay you back..." She murmured.
    "Oh, thats no problem- You can just come back to my office with me, just down the street... I'm sure we can find a way to settle the score..." Kia just stared at him blankly. The man waited a few moments in silence before growing visibly impatient.
    "Look, you little bitch, you gonna come with me or not? I aint got all day!" Kia was silent a moment longer, then shook her head.
    "Urg, christ, just grab her, would you?" The red shirted man rolled his eyes impatiently, and the two goonies started for her.

    Kia gasped was on her feet in seconds, scrambling down the street. The two men followed close behind, their boss following after at the best jog he could manage. The young woman ducked into an alley way and down the next connecting street, but the men still followed. Down another alley she went, but this time her bare feet slipped in the half icy puddles that pooled all over the back street. One of the men caught up, grabbing hold of her wrist.
    "NO!!!" She screamed, fighting hard to break free. "NO!" She cried again, followed by a "Help!!"
  5. Jacob heard a pleading cry in the distance. Shit! What the hell am I supposed to do? Protocol states that I wait here for a supervisor...but I'm morally obligated to check out the cry for help.... Ugh. Jacob waited for a few seconds and then broke out into a sprint towards the source of the cry for help. The scene was rather grim as he came upon it. It seemed to be three men attempting to either attack or kidnap a woman, regardless...she didn't look happy. "LET GO OF HER NOW!" Jacob's voice bellowed loudly with a strong sense of intimidation carrying through the air. A look of malice overtook his face as he withdrew his plasma pistol again, the sound of the microfusion cell re-activating was usually more than enough to get people to surrender....if not then he'd have to risk immobilizing the three men....which could prove difficult. Jacob muttered into his concealed microphone. "Agent Crosby. I need additionals down to uh.." Jacob quickly moved his eyes towards a street sign and then back towards the kidnappers. "23rd and Lincoln. By the fruit stand. Code 3 response required." Jacob rested his finger on the trigger of the gun, ready to fire in rapid succession at an instant without any hesitation.
  6. The men let go of her as soon as Agent Crosby appeared on the scene, gun blazing. They both took a few steps back from the woman as she pulled herself up from the puddles, retreating back against the far wall of the alley, shivering in her now soaked shift dress. The younger men looked to their boss, who gave them small but harsh look, an obvious sign not to do anything stupid.
    "Ah ha ha... Officer, sorry what was it, Crossly? There's no need for weapons in this situation, everything's under control here! Why we're just trying to apprehend this criminal here, we're on the same side as you!" He said smoothly, trying his best not to look nervous under the line of Agent's gun.
  7. "Obviously not. You're not enforcers. You're street level scum. You're lucky that you don't end up like John Doe over there. A pile of ectoplasmic goo. Now all of you will turn around against the wall, lean forward, cross your legs at the ankles, and lace your fingers high above your head. Any sudden movements and you will be rendered immobile." Jacob said as he took a few steps closer. "You know. I could just kill all three of you putrid pieces of shit right where you are. Plant a gun. Say you tried to resist. Say that my pistol was on execute by accident. Because, to be honest, I'm having a shitty enough day as it is. But I'll play nice. I'll give you one chance. So I suggest your absolute best effort to comply." Just as Jacob was finishing speaking, a few squad cars pulled up in which three people in identical uniforms ejected from the seats. "Agents. Apprehend these three and detain them in your back seats." The three nodded and ran forward, following arrest protocol. Now to find where that girl went. I need to check on her. Jacob went into the alleyway and traveled the entire length of it, until he eventually found the girl. "Hey. I'm a friend. I'm with the Bureau of Public Safety. Ma'am. Are you alright?" He said in a calm and reassuring tone. "I'm here to help."
  8. "I... I'm fine!" Kia replied unconvincingly. She was sitting on top of a crate of old newspapers in the corner of the alley, her legs drawn up to her chest as she shivered with cold. She kept a close eye on the approaching man- at least he didn't look like he was harboring any ill will. "Th-Those men were lying earlier!" She continued nervously, her eyes not moving from Agent Crosby as she spoke, though they flickered down to his gun for a moment. "I-I didn't do anything wrong! They just.. came up to me a-and tried to grab me..." Now her eyes flickered to the men who were being handcuffed and led away to the police cruisers. The man in the red shirt glared at her, and she flinched. "I-I didn't do anything wrong... I'm f-fine..." She murmured, now looking down at her feet.
  9. Jacob holstered his plasma pistol and crouched down to a more submissive position to show that he didn't have any ill intent. "I know. I've been doing this job for far too long to fall victim to a couple of street thugs. I just wanted to come back here and make sure you were okay. God, you must be freezing." Jacob said in a sympathetic tone as he stood up and took off his black duster, draping it over the shoulders of the girl. "Can you tell me your name? My name is Agent Crosby. You can call me Jacob though." Jacob explained, a small grin of genuine friendliness coming onto his face. It was almost incredible to see how quickly Crosby could change his entire demeanor. He truly was a master of the solo good cop-bad cop routine.
  10. Kia immediately started to drop her guard, hugging the warm coat around her body. "I'm Kia..." She murmured, eyeing his face curiously. She leaned forward, staring into his face, as if something in his eyes had caught her attention. She quickly shook her head and looked away. "This coat is very warm... Thank you for letting me use it, Agent Jacob Crosby." She continued quietly after a moment as the backup patrol cars filled with her attackers finally drove off. "You're very kind."
  11. "Well it's nice to meet you Kia." A wide grin appeared across his face for just a few moments, causing his eyes to close in the process. "Would you mind coming with me, Kia? It's probably not the safest thing to be back here." This girl is quite strange. These are not normal psychological levels....I don't know how to explain it....she's just off in some way. Jacob stood back up and shoved his hands into his pockets. He turned his head to check and see if the three guys were still there, it didn't appear to be the case. The three squad cars had already cleared out, the three men with them. Great. I have to do at least one trial for killing someone today. And then I have to fill out three seperate arrest reports. This is going to take a while. Ugh.
  12. "Go with you where...?" The girl asked hesitantly, pulling the coat around her more tightly. Did he want to take her to the police station...? Did he know? Was he going to report her to agency looking for her? She was thankful that they hadn't put flyers up advertising her android's face- It was too secret a project to do that. But was it possible that the police agents knew that she was wanted? Kia doubted it, the people from the Grey Initiative seemed to hate working with local police forces... but even still.
    "I-I'm not in trouble, am I?"
  13. "No, of course you're not in trouble. You're the victim here, not the criminal." Jacob let out a small chuckle and bounced on the balls of his feet. He had a feeling he was making her nervous, but had no idea why. This is getting stranger and stranger. "I was just going to give you a ride somewhere if you needed it, I'm sure you're pretty shaken up after what had just happened and you're wanting to get home." Jacob ran his fingers through his hair and brushed it off to the side so that it would be out of his eyes.
  14. "Oh..." She murmured, a little relief coming to her face. Home... she supposed that was something she didn't really have at the moment. "Um... That's very kind of you," She replied, standing up slowly. "But I think I'm okay now... I don't want to trouble you- I'm sure you're very busy." He didn't seem quite as cold and procedural as the other law enforcement officers she had run into in the past, but even still there was something strange about his eyes- something that made her curious...
  15. "I'm not that busy. I have a bit more time before I go off shift, and I can take you anywhere really." Jacob insisted, however not trying to be too pushy. Afterall, there was nothing he could do if she denied his help. Sure he wanted to, but he couldn't force her to want his help. I should have time before I'm called in for the trial. Enough to make a trip at least. These trials are such bullshit. I'm a Senior Agent....I shouldn't have to deal with this street cop level bullshit. Trials and such are for newbies who don't know when or when not to shoot.
  16. Kia thought for a moment, biting her nail. She didn't really have anywhere else to turn at this point... "O-Okay I guess..." She replied quietly, pulling her arms through the sleeves of the coat. She noticed now that even standing he was at least a full heads height taller than her, and more muscular than she had initially noticed. "Um so... where are we going?"
  17. "Well. I mean. I was assuming I'd take you wherever you needed to go. Are you hungry or anything?" Jacob looked back at the girl and slowed his pace so that she could catch up to him. She's acting really nervous. Hmmmmm.... He made a mental note and continued walking around the streets, looking for where he'd parked his unmarked cruiser.
  18. "Oh, I-I really don't think I should bother you any more, If you could just take me... er, to my home." She jogged a few paces to keep up with him. The abandoned school house where she had been spending her nights came to mind- it would be nice if she didn't have to walk the 3 or so miles back to it tonight at least. She found herself suddenly very grateful for his offer of a ride. As long as she wasn't around for too much longer, he wouldn't have the opportunity to find out what she really was.
  19. "I really don't mind. But okay." Jacob said with a shrug of indifference. He finally came upon his car after walking for a few blocks. Jacob went to the passenger side and cleaned out a bit of extra junk that was in the seats. It was mostly just extra ammunition packs and firearms, but other than that...the car was spotless. Almost to the point of an obssessive compulsion of cleanliness. "There. Sorry for the mess." He said as he went around to the other side and hopped into the driver's seat.
  20. Kia was surprised by what he called a 'mess.' She felt the interior of the car was probably more orderly than the lab in which she had been created. She shut the passenger door behind her. "It's at... 35 West Broad street." She said, remembering the address immortalized on the bronze plaque outside the dilapidated building. Maybe if she was lucky he wouldn't question the building to be found at that address.
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