Can you choose? (Kaldoro and I)

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  1. Congratulations!
    You have been hired by Seo Bum Group's Hotels in L.A. We expect to see you Monday morning, 9:00 to assign your duties and show you around.
    Your uniform is in the package following this letter, please make sure to wear it!
    Monday our CEO will also be meeting all the new employees.

    Name: Andrew Seo
    Age: 25
    Occupation: Model
    Personality/Brief History:Andrew, being the youngest of his brothers, grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. The nicest of his brothers, Andrew is funny, sweet, and tries to always have a good attitude. He hates it when people are sad or depressed and will always joke or try to cheer you up. Andrew doesn't like to get in trouble or cross boundaries, but he does love adventure and experiencing new things. He tends to see the good in people, leading to sometimes hurtful situations.
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 154lbs
    Piercings/tattoos/etc: He has many ear piercings.
    Anything Else: nope

    Name: Kyle Seo
    Age: 27
    Occupation: CEO of Seo Bum Group.
    Personality/Brief History: On the other end of the spectrum, Kyle is the oldest of the boys. He is quiet, serious and thinks a lot. Kyle is brutally honest, has a dry sense of humor and is a workaholic. Though he is rich, Kyle has not done a whole lot of things, always keeping to his work and doing his best to further the business. But like any person, he does have a nice side and surprisingly, he does have friends. Kyle has a mysterious air about him, rarely talking about himself personally. He is also extremely OCD.
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 134lbs
    Piercings/tattoos/etc: Nope
    Anything Else: nope​
  2. Name: Suzy Jelnum
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Student (Seo Bum Group's Hotels in L.A. is her part time job for now)
    Personality: Suzy is a cheerful and honest person. She enjoys many things and she has a really weird taste with most things, she never liked one thing the most, but rather like many different things, which is also why her most hated questions is her favorite genres in basically anything. She loves to do many things and has no favorite most of the times. She is usually rather reserved, but can be really outgoing. Suzy tends to do her best at work and school, but she is now forced to have a job which will make hard to focus properly on both, though she will give it her best.
    Height: 5' 5''
    Weight: 105 lbs
    Tattoos: She has a horse on her lower legs inside.
    Anything else: She is easily discouraged and influenced by those who she starts to trust.​
  3. Kyle walked into the kitchen, dressed for work, and poured him some coffee. It was strangely quite that morning, as opposed to Andrew bustling about the house, hardly getting out the door on time for his work. "He must've gotten fired again last night." Kyle wondered, walking over and leaning against Andrews bedroom door to listen for sounds of life. Kyle chuckled, hearing a grumble and rustling covers. Definitely fired. Kyle thought, returning to the kitchen and looking out the window at the view of a park. It was nice to see trees and green grass, in Korea you saw nothing but concrete and building

    However, Andrew was awake. He laid in bed staring at the ceiling in silence, trying to convince himself to get up and get dressed. Kyle had guessed right, Andrew had been fired from another job because of to many complaints about 'leading girls on'. Hearing dishes and water running in the kitchen, Andrew decided to get up, hoping Kyle had made breakfast. Pulling himself up and to his feet, Andrew slipped on his slippers and lazily ventured into the other part of the house to find his brother.
  4. Suzy woke up with a loud yawn. Today would be her first day, she wasn't used to getting up this early on a Saturday, but there wasn't much she could do about it, she needed the money. Once she got herself to get up from the bed, she hit the clock roughly to make it stop. Walking into the bathroom in a somewhat lazy manner before finally turning on her shower. The water was a shock, but it helped her waiting up easily. "Phew.." Suzy sighed and finally put the water temperature up. Once done with the shower she grabbed her uniform, it was a perfect fit and it was somewhat cute even! She would at least not feel bad wearing it.

    The young woman made her way to the door after grabbing breakfast and her keys. Getting outside she hurried to the station and got into the first train arriving to make her way to the place. About half an hour later she had finally arrived and opened her jacket to see if the uniform was alright, then she stepped in and walked towards who seemed to be the manager. "H-hello..." She blushed for a moment before getting her courage back. "I'm Suzy Jelnum. I was told to come here today for my first day of work. I am a little early, but I wanted to ensure we could solve any issues that might still stop me from starting right away."
  5. Kyle looked up to see his less-than-happy brother enter. "Good morning. There are boiled eggs in the fridge, and I have to leave." He said briefly, stepping into the entryway of their apartment. "I expect to see you this morning at 9:00 with all the others." He added, checking his appearance in the mirror by the door. With that, Kyle walked outside, down the stairs, and in his black Cadillac heading to work. He wanted to be early this morning to make sure everything was going well before the new employees came.

    Andrew sighed, his breakfast hopes dashed. Boiled eggs everyday gets rather old. He thought as he peeled them. Taking a bit out of one Andrew looked up to check on the time, calculating that he had half an hour before he was supposed to be there. The next fifteen minutes seemed like a flash, Andrew taking a shower, getting dressed, hair dried and styled, then out the door and down four flights of stairs. Waiting at the bus stop, Andrew checked his watch to see how he was doing on time. ten minutes to get to work? Challenge accepted!

    The lady at the desk looked up at Suzy with a inviting smile. "Welcome." She returned, then checked her dainty gold watch. "Yes you are, " She lightly laughed. "But that is fine, and there shouldn't be any issues. We've carefully calculated all our employees before hiring them." She reassured proudly.
  6. "I-I see." She replied before looking around and walking to the side to let any other customers get to the desk. "Should I wait somewhere specifically? I wouldn't want to stand in the way." She asked in the most friendly way she could. It would certainly be a challenge for the young woman to work here, they seemed to have rather high expectations.
  7. The lady looked around and slowly pointed to a lounge area. "You could sit over there I guess." She said slowly. Redirecting her attention to another person she began to talk to them.

    Kyle had just parked in his reserved spot and entered the building, focusing on the front desk while reciting things in his head so not to forget them. "Excuse me." He said briefly to Suzy, reaching around her to use the pen and paper on the desk.
  8. "Alright, thank you." She said and went out of the way before suddenly hearing a voice. "Oh, uh sorry!" She let out and allowed him to get to the pen and paper. Moving to her seat as she didn't recognize him. She sat down and waited for whatever was going to come for her. She didn't really set any expectations, but she was now thinking just how this would play out.
  9. Kyle wrote what he need quickly then slid it across the desk for the desk lady to read. Looking down at his watch he watched as the time slowly turned from 9:57-9:58. By now people had started pouring in, obviously new employees, and looking for where to ask what to do.

    Andrew came in with a few other people, looking for his brother. He waved happily when he caught sight of the stiff figure by the desk. Happily striding over to the couches he sat down right beside Suzy. "Are you a new recruit?" He asked, Suzy catching his eye first.
  10. "I guess so. Though I feel like recruit sounds like this is gonna be war." She replied with a smile and looked him over for a moment. "What about you? Are you working her for a while already?" She didn't know him, in fact she only sent her applications here and then was told to show up, she knew no one here.

    The young woman shifted in her seat a little and stayed a little stiff. She didn't want to seem too relaxed, but not too stiff either. She started looking around to find someone to probably go to. She hated waiting and it seemed much better to just get to work.
  11. "War? No this isn't that bad." Andrew said smiling. "Yes. I've worked here for years, though not as a staff member." He explained, then pointed to a poster on a far wall of him basically endorsing the Hotel. "I model for them."
  12. "Oh...that's probably why you seemed like I know you.." She smiled at him, "I guess you are right, not like war, but it seems a bit weird for me. I never worked much before, I'm somewhat surprised I was even accepted here. I am a bit excited and scared to be honest."
  13. Andrew laughed lightly. "Ah you'll fit in with the rest just perfectly. No one's excited to work!" He said. Just as Andrew finished up his sentence the lady at the desk began calling all the new employee to line up. 15 younger woman and men hurried into an awkward line, many standing a good distance from each other. "I guess that's your que. I'll see you later, okay? And let me know if you ever need anything!" Andrew said as he got to his feet and straightened out his jeans. He reached his hand down to help her off the couch.
  14. "Er.. sure!" He seemed nice enough. She hurried into position, not standing as far away from the others, was that a problem? Was she required to keep more distance? She didn't know, but she didn't want to change position either, it would probably make her look really dumb. She looked forward and waited for something to happen, she didn't mind staying in line, of course, but it bothered her to wait for something she didn't know about yet. She looked to her sides and saw the group she was with, it seemed really like everyone was much more tense than she was.