Can you accept this mission?

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  1. I am and will be the operator of this team. This team known as Project Genisis. Comprised of professional killers, hackers, bombers, martial artists, cat burglars.

    I will not actually participate other than to give the missions and if i need to give a twist. All you would know my character as is The Chief.

    CS is simple.
    Skill Set:
    Weapons Used:

    Also know that you are able to accept solo missions. Also know if i dont like your CS then i can and willask you to correct it or tell you you are unneeded since i want to see how cool this can be.
  2. Name: Sara

    Age: 23

    Skill set: Cat burglar

    title: Whisper

    weapons used: knives (She prefers the silent approach)

    Picture: [​IMG]
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  3. Title just means like a codename, or what the government has nicknamed them.
  4. Oh, alright! I have changed that then.
  5. Name: Haruka


    Skill set: hacker and infiltration specialist

    Title: deceit

    Weapons used: knives but carries a gun for back up

    Picture: image.jpg
  6. Both accepted
  7. Thank you~
  8. Still accepting?
  9. Yea
  10. Name:
    Drake Carver
    Skill Set:
    Killing, Explosives
    Weapons Used:
    Heavy Weaponry
    (LMG, Shotguns, Launchers, ETC)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Ok so far im loving you guys charactersi just want two more people.
  12. I hope you get them soon~ I really like this~
  13. Should we make an actual thread for this?
  14. Ill make one when we have our last member.
  15. Oshitoshit wrong one LOL.
  16. Still accepting?
  17. Name: William Bolt
    Age: 37
    Skill Set: The soldier
    Title: Cobra
    Weapons Used: Scar H w/ Grenade launcher , ACOG and silencer attachments.
    Picture: Gear on and his face
    Information- Retired Force Recon AND Navy Seal, Bolt is a gun for hire. He specializes with all weapons, is decent at tactical decisions and is decently stealthy. While he excels at gunfights, he is most used to secure assets or protect other, valuable team members.


    All gear is in ATACS FG.
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