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    This is why i stopped watching Toonami, Adult Swim and Fox morning cartoons. They always canceled the shows aimed to an older audience. Even if they have a high viewership. :(
  2. One thing I noticed about DC is that their animated shows (that aren't that abortion known as Teen Titans Go) are almost always really high quality, and even stuff geared towards a younger audience deals with a lot of mature and heavy themes in a really impressive way that makes it appealing for everyone. Hell, I'm 27 and I'm not ashamed to admit I loved Young Justice.

    It makes it even more baffling that the DC live action stuff feels more like a cartoon than the animated stuff.
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  3. DC's live-action stuff can die.
  4. I feel the same way. Season 2 with Wally made me cry. We need to be heard!
  5. DC's live action stuff isn't all bad. CW's Flash is afucking blast. So is Legends of Tommorow. Arrow had two great seasons, one weak and the newest so far is mediocre.
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  6. This has my spirits up soooo fuckin high. I really want to see Darksied wreck shit and be his egotistical self D: .

    Hopefully, Teen Titans will follow suit with a Season ABOUT THAT TERRA LOOK ALIKE AND THAT WEIRD MONSTER THING >_<.
  7. Sean Bean didn't die in Troy.

  8. yet.
  9. That movie is ancient man. Only way his character dies now is if every copy of the movie suddenly burst into flames from existence.
  10. well what do you know? THEY HAVE!

    The Sean Bean curse strikes again!
  11. Greg Weisman shows never go past 2 seasons.

    Genndy Tartakovsky shows never reach their conclusions.
  12. He also didn't die in The Martian.
  13. Still gotta see that one!
  14. those weren't Sean Bean

    they were his brother, Bean Sean
  15. Go see it.

    Shawn Bean.
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  16. His evil twin brother, who is always born somewhere in every movie he's in.
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