Can we discuss His Royal Freshness for a sec?

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  1. Can we just take a minute to appreciate this show? It's the kind of golden 90's brilliance that just wouldn't work if it was set in 2014. Will Smith's self-referential humour only gets better with time when you know how he maintained his success after the show. Even when the jokes are predictable, the characters pull them off with such charm and ease that I can't help but laugh anyway. It handles tough themes like racism, class differences, gun control, and parental abandonment well, and captures struggles that haunt teens and kids in any age. I luffle it <3

    What about you guys?
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  2. Love this. So much
    So I shall post these

  3. Absolute amazing acting in this scene.

    Any man that can empathize with this scene, just a little bit...

    ... them feels.

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  4. Good times were had, watching that show. Has to be one of my favorites of all time.
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  5. If you didn't sing the opening to this song you were chastised for it lol. It holds a very special place in my heart and was a huge part of my youngest years.

    The show even got super serious with Carlton's problems, and any time apache starts to play I do that dance without fail!

    Sugar hill gang was also a great product of the 80s up through the 90s.
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  6. I miss those days! Honestly, I loved Fresh Prince. I accidentally hit my mom in the face trying to do the Carlton.
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  7. Oh, gods, Seiji, I'mma cry now.

    Yes. One of my favorite actors, because of this show.
  8. That show~! It one of the MANY reasons I'm glad to be a 90's baby! It was real at times, it was humorous, deep and sometimes I did look at my self after one of those deep episodes. It was GOOD television xD

    And now I take the moment to pull up the awesomeness of POGO and the Fresh feels :D
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