Can things ever be the same again?

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Anya sighed to herself, her parents, Marie and Nicholas were in the house unpacking their belongings, she had wanted to get out of the house, wanted to explore, so here she was,
her bag across her shoulder, her writing book in her hand as she walked through the island, trying to take her mind off everything, this felt so wrong, everyone else was at fear of dying of a plaque, or being injuried in an earthquake, while they were here, acting like nothing was happening else where, they were given a chance to live, while other humans were simply...left for death. Her mother had told her not to think about, and just be thankful that her father had managed to get them all places on the island, Marie had told her daughter that no one mattered anymore.

She walked down the street, the goverments had offered large luxury apartment to the people who managed to buy their way onto the island, knowing that their money would come in handy when they finally manage to get everything under control, while people who had won their place, were given small homes, she sighed as she looked around, she watched a few of the children playing on a near by green, they had been the lucky ones. She had been in Paris when the city had been hit by an earthquake, she and her mother had quickly helped with the rescue effort, helping emergancy workers get children out of a local school, less than half had managed to escape, she still got nightmares from that day, from all the horror, watching people's lives fall apart in a matter of seconds. Her mother had to drag her away from the scene.

She pushed her hair out of her face as she walked a little futher, she had be a good half mile away from her new home, she looked down at her watch and decided it would be best to head home now, if she could remember the route, but thankfully, she had walked in a straight line, just to make sure she would be able to find her way home. She opened her book and took a pen from her bag and started to write down her surroundings, perhaps they would come in useful for whenever she started to write her book, 'If ever' she thought to herself, she shut the book after a while, deciding to look around and take everything in.

Her family had been the only ones in their neighbour hood to manage to get a place on the island, so she knew no one, other than her parents of course, she sighed to herself, she would do some mixing later on, after she finished unpacking her things, she knew she would have to start making the place feel like home, but it just felt wrong to her, to be safe while millions, billions of other people were fearing for their life, it just wasn't right.

[I hope this is an okay length for everyone, I didn't want to write too much, or too little, so I thought this was the perfect amount]
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Robin walked in to her new house, it was so luxurious. Even if the house they had lived in on the countryside where big it wasn't anything like this, and she didn't like it. Neither Robin or her mother had ever liked the citys, thats why they moved out to the countryside when Robin was a child. Robin put her luggage down on the floor and looked around, it would become really lonely in that big house all by herself.
"Well I should start unpack my stuff" She said to herself and started to unpack. After she had unpacked half of the first bag she stopped, she held a picture of her deceased parents. She stroke with her hand over the picture and sighted, then she put the picture in her pocket and took her laptop and went out to look around on the island. She hoped to get a bit of inspiration to her new book while going around there.

Robin had decided to forgett everything about her old life and everyone that had died, or else she wouldn't be able to go on in life. But she couldn't help but think back on her old home and her family, or the other people in the world that right now were dying while she and everyone on the island were perfectly safe. She couldn't help to wonder why she didn't die, was it her fault that her family died but not her? Why was she the only one who survived? Everyone got sick except her, while they died one after one she could just stand there and look, even if she was the only one who dared to touch her sick mother she was the only one who wasn't affected by the sickness.

Robin suddenly woke up from her thoughts when some kids ran past her. She looked after the kids that disappeard around the corner, she kept looking after them untill theirs laughter were to far away to be heard. She started to walk again untill she came to a park, she sat down under a tree and started her laptop. She looked around and watched the kids and parents laughing. "Lucky bastards" she said and looked down on her laptop again and started to write.

Should he celebrate or stand silently for one minute? Should he stay in the house, relaxing or look around? Actually, he wasn't sure so he just stood in the hall of his new house and looked around. His small luggage was by his left side. It all looked so fancy, nothing new for him though, but still pretty strange. He had a big apartment back in London, yet this was even bigger and looked very well equipped. Was it too big for him? Nah. Once he would settle in it would be ok. He left his baggage behind and went through the house. It had everything - kitchen, dining room, living room, study room, bedroom and all sort of other rooms. They really didn't forget about anything to put in the house. Gabriel laughed. It was laughter of mixed feelings, a bit of releive, happiness but sadness as well. He still wondered why he couldn't find his sister. Did she die with the rest of the world? Was she dying? No matter how hard he tried back there, she just disappeared from the face of the earth. But once he was here he had to let it go. He had to get over it otherwise he would go insane.

Gabriel went to the garden. It was large and exotic and he loved it. He could imagine what he would put in there if he could, probably a huge swimming pool would be his best bet. He walked to the further end of his garden thinking of what was he going to do. Leaving England meant for him to leave his job. So what was he going to do now? How did you get food in here? Would he have to hunt? In fact, he wouldn't mind. At least it would be some adventure for him. Gabriel returned back to the house and went all the way to the hall. The door was open as he left it. Are there any burglars? he thought suddenly and had to laugh again. Nonsense! No burglar was that rich or lucky to get here. At least some good news on top of the bad ones.

He walked out into the fresh air once more. It was a nice day, sunny day. Gabriel closed his eyes and let the sun caress his face.
Alyssa: stepped around her mother carrying a plate of dishes into the kitchen, while onya plays on the front steps with her barbie dolls. she stacks the plates in the cupboard. "mom! i'm going out."

her mother looks up. "alright just don't go to far."

Alyssa: runs out of the house and into the street as a car honks at her, she reaches the other side then runs down the street, feeling the aspalt on her bare feet, she keeps running further and further until she reaches her house, it was a large expensive house she won. she lets herself in running up the stairs and into the bedroom throwing herself onto the large bed. she sighs, she falls asleep dreaming about her dad the pilot, who died because he had caught the deathly plague in her home town in the state of massachusetts. she looks up grabbing a towel and running down stairs, and a pair of sunglasses she runs into the park barefoot, as she passes robin. she runs to a bench and lays the towel down lying down on it and putting her sunglasses on.
Robin looked up just to see a barefoot girl running by, she had a towel with her and laid it on a bench. She then laid down on the bench herself and put her sunglasses on. 'weird girl' Robin thought 'well it must be some of those too I guess.' She looked down on her computor again and kept writing. Her story had gone from a nice family story and in to a sad drama where everyone died, she hadn't noticed it before but she were writing about herself. She wondered if the story would be able to get a good ending, but the answer were probably no.

Robin noticed that tears had started falling down her cheek, she fast stroke away the tears and tried to calm down, she just hoped no one had seen that she started to cry in public. 'So embarrassing' she thought and tried to go back to her writing again.

Anya looked at her watch as she walked past the back, she decided she could spare a few minutes, so decided to go and take a look at the place, she walked through the gates and spotted a bench near the lake and walked past a number of small familes on her way to the bench, placing her book and bag down on the right side before sitting down next to her bag, crossing h
er legs and looking out in the lake, lost in her own thoughts, she leaned back before picking up her book and her pen, quickly sketching the lake and a family near by it.

She didn't spend too much time on it, instead writing down a few small notes at the side about it before looking up once more, she kept the book opened in her lap as she watched the others, looking around, the sun hit her hair, making it look lighter than normal, she sighed to herself softly, she looked at her watch, she still had ten more minutes to kill before she had to go anywhere.
Alyssa: sighs staring up at the sky. then standing again grabbing her towel and passing robin, blood dripping from the bottom of her foot leaving a trail, but alyssa ignores it. she keeps walking the glass imbedding itself into her flesh. she keeps walking running across the street, and she sits down then looks down at her foot picking the glass out sighing. she thinks already got to get a bandage, clumsy me. she stands walking into her house and finding her first aid kit putting a bandage on the bottom of her foot staunching the blood flow. she scours around the house trying to find a pair of shoes being unsuccesful. she walks to her room opening her wallet to find 10 dollars inside, she walks outside still barefoot walking into the nearest store looking at the various selection of shoes all not within her budget. she looks around the store until she spots a pair of boots, within her budget. she buys the shoes then slips them on her feet, she walks outside and around town marvelling at its beauty. smiling seeing the tall buildings that tower way above her head she keeps walking til she hits a botanical garden. benidng down and smelling the fresh flowers. she lies down closing her eyes before she drifts off.

alyssa wakes up 6 hours later the sky pitch black only the stars gleaming in the sky. she sits up rubbing her head seeing her new boots, she surveys the area sitting under a large old oak tree. she smiles relaxing into the tree. wishing that her father were with her but knowing that wouldn't be true anymore.