Can They Call It Love?

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  1. Katelyn Anderson was never the most outgoing girl. Well, that's what you would think if you weren't friends with her. In public when by herself, she was very quiet and reserved. She was especially polite to people and loved to make people smile, but she was fairly shy. That is, until you get her around her friends. Then she's a whole new kind of crazy. But, when you have crazy friends, you get crazy too right? She was very intelligent, but she was always at the back of the room, never wanted to be noticed. Some would say she has anxiety and social issues, and they would be right. She also tended to be overparanoid. That's why when she saw her gas light come on at 11pm when driving home from her shift at the library, she didn't want to stop to get gas. However, she also didn't want to run out, so she decided to stop. The gas station was eerie to say the least. The lights above the fuel pump were flickering and when she glanced inside it seemed like there was no one in the store, not even employees. She parked her car and turned it off, stepping out of the vehicle. She locked it and then stepped inside, looking for an employee. When she saw none she walked back outside, the wind blowing around her red hair. She went around to the back and looked around, shivering at the cold. It was too dark in the back for her liking. She was having issues seeing and as she tried to leave she tripped, falling onto the cold pavement.
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  2. Griffin Green was an odd man. He didn't know himself some days he was messed up. He knew that. But he didn't know what to do about it. He trusted no one so he couldn't get help. He didn't have much education so he supported himself by working on sculptures or motorcycles. He made enough to support himself. He had a small cottage on the edge of town. He like it there. It was close enough to get something if he needed to but not so close that he had people around him. He couldn't stand having people around him. He didn't sleep well. He never had. So he often wondered through town looking for something. He didn't know what he was looking for. But he knew he would know it when he saw it. He was walking when he saw a woman getting gas. Something about her drew him. When she fell he went to her. Without a word he picked her up.
  3. She looked up, unable to see much with how dark it was. She tried to focus in on his face but was having issues. "Um, thank you... Sorry, I'm a klutz...." She pushed some dust off her clothes and glanced around then back into his eyes. "Do you work here? I went inside to prepay and there was no one there... I thought maybe whoever is on shift is on their brake back here or something...." She bit her lip as the wind continued to blow, making her shiver slightly. The short sleeved v-neck shirt she was wearing wasn't quite warm enough for late night weather.
  4. "No. I don't work here." Griffin studied her. She was beautiful. Not just pretty. Beautiful. "I will help you." he declared it. He carried her over to the car. She was fragile. He would have to be careful. He didn't want to hurt her. He knew what it was like to be hurt he didnt want that for her. He opened the back door and gently set her inside the car. "I will not hurt you." he assured her. He flipped the child proof locks before closing the door. That she keep her safe. Now what. Gas yes. She would need gas. He could do that. He went around the car and started to fill the car. He frowned when the gas didn't come out. He chuckled when he realized he forgot to pay. He took out his wallet and swiped on of his
  5. Katelyn gasped softly as he picked her up, clinging to him, afraid to be dropped. She was confused with what he was doing and was becoming very anxious as he carried her to her car. She tried to open the door of the car and when she couldn't, she began to panic. Confusion and fear mixed within her as she pulled more on the door, but it wasn't doing anything. Since you had to open the door to undo the child safety lock, she was trapped. She tried to take deep breaths as she glanced around her car, trying to reason what was happening.
  6. Griffin hummed as he filled the car. He had the girl now. He would help her. He knew who she was. He had to had to keep her safe. He was looking for. And he was dangerous. Once the car was full he used the keys to unlock the door. He climbed into the driver's seat. "I will keep you safe." he saw her fear and didnt like it. He didnt want her to be afraid. He assured her. He wanted her to know he was trying to help. He would take her home he decided as he started the car. It would be easier to protect her there. He headed for his house. No one would find her there. He couldnt ind her there.
  7. Katelyn could hardly breathe as he began driving the car in the opposite direction of her home. "W-where are you taking me...?" She asked, biting her lip nervously. She couldn't wrap her head around all of this. Perhaps when she had stopped she had fallen asleep? She couldn't understand. She fiddled with her hair, something she did when she was very nervous. As they got further and further away from the gas station she felt lightheaded, her face getting paler.
  8. "I am taking you home. I will protect you and keep you safe. You don't have to be afraid. I will not hurt you." he said again. He coukd feel her fear. He didn't like it. The sooner they were home the sooner he could protect her. He had to protect her. She was special. She was small and fragile. When the arrived at the house he turned off the car and climbed out. He opened the backdoor and offered her a reassuring smile. "It will be ok." he took her arm and pulled her out. He meant to be gentle. He really did but he pulled her harder then he meant to.
  9. Katelyn continued to fiddle nervously with her hair the rest of the way to wherever they were going, her chest feeling as if an elephant was sitting on it as the car came to a stop. She took a deep breath as he exited the door and opened hers. As he yanked her out of the car her body began trembling. Her voice was soft when she answered, "I-I'll listen, I promise....." She stared at the ground, not wanting to make eye contact.
  10. "Lets get inside. You will be safe here." Griffin told the woman. He tugged her towards the door. He wanted to get her to get her out of sight. He didn't let go of her as he unlocked the door. He didn't want her to run because she was scared and excused. He lead her into the house. Inside was a large living room. It contained a black leather couch, an old wooden rocking chair, and a large TV. One wall had a large fireplace. Another was covered from floor to ceiling with bookshelves. There was two doors in the room. One lead to the kitchen. The other lead to the bathroom. He pulled her toward the kitchen.
  11. Katelyn's face was pale as she entered the house, letting him pull her into the house and through it. She took short glances around but had trouble processing anything. She focused on making sure she was breathing as he took her into the kitchen, wondering what exactly he was planning to do to her.
  12. Griffin barely stopped in the kitchen. In the large modern room were two doors. One lead out back and one to the basement. He took her to the door leading down to the basement. He had set up a guest suit down here when he first moved in. The bed room was simple and modern. There was a platform queen size bed with pink silk sheets and a think rose colored comforter. The walls were a light purple color. While the carpet was a soft blue. He had picked the softest prettiest colors he could find. The carpet was the thickest he could find. He only but the best in her for her. There was a large dresser and a TV on the wall. "Your room."
  13. As the strange man led her down to the bedroom, a million different horrific scenarios of what kind of room he would put her in ran through her head. Anywhere from a full put dungeon to an empty cold basement flooded her imagination, but the room he presented to her as hers? Nowhere close to what she imagined. Katelyn looked around stunned for a moment before finally making contact with the man holding her hostage. She bit her lip as she stares intensely into his eyes, trying to figure out what was going through his head. Was he wanting to hurt her? Was all this for show? Or was he as nice as this all led on to be? She had so many questions, but the only thing that could escape her lips was, "Who are you?"
  14. Griffin smiled. The woman seemed stunned. He wasn't surprised. He had spared no expense for her. Her comfort was important. She was the only thing that mattered to him. "My name is Griffin. Don't be afraid little one. I will not hurt you. I set this up. To keep you safe. He will not find you here. I have been very careful. You will be safe here I promise. The bathroom is through there." he pointed to a door on the far side of the room. "If you need anything you simply have to ask." he gently caressed her cheek. He hoped she would come to trust him. She didn't know him but he knew her. She was his world. And he would protect her.
  15. Katelyn bit her lip as she thought, her feelings and thoughts conflicting. So much was going on within her that she couldn't even sort out what she was feeling. A whole new feeling shocked her as he caresses her cheek, her eyes growing wide as she blushed slightly. Her thoughts were jumbled but she still managed to say, "I.... I'm Katelyn." She looked up at him, still afraid but it wasn't the only thing that shimmered in her blue eyes as she stared at him.
  16. "Katelyn." Griffin repeated the name softly. It was almost as beautiful as she was. "I will be upstairs if you need anything. There is a button on the wall." he pointed to the small red button. "press it if you need anything." he gently caresses her cheek again before turning and heading upstairs. At the top of the stairs he opened and then closed the door. Once the door was closed he locked the door. He wasn't going to take any chances with her running. She was scared but he would show her that he was trying to protect her. She woud be grateful to him once she understood. He was tired. He turned on the monitor he had installed so he would know if she needed him.
  17. Katelyn was still in shock as he left her, watching him go up the stairs and close the door. Her hand touched where his lingering fingers had been, taking a moment. What just happened.....? She thought as she took another moment to observe the room, her hand moving from her face to lightly skin the top of the comforter on the bed. "Well.... It's better than a dungeon or an empty basement..... And I'm not tied up or anything....." She glanced back at the door and snuck up the stairs, listening against it to see if Griffin was there: she didn't hear him so she tried to open the door. Realizing it was locked she sighed, knowing it was too good to be true. She slinked back down the stairs and sat on the bed with a sigh. She put her head in her hands, feeling the familiar heat of tears as they streamed down her face? Why? Why me, why am I here? Will I ever be set free will I be here forever? Her silent tears turned into heart-wrenching sobs as she pulled her knees up to her chest.
  18. Griffin went up to his room. He stripped and climbed into his shower. His eyes avoided anything that might reflect his appearance. He hated the way he looked. He took a hot shower. Once he had washed and dried he laid himself on the floor of his room and closed his eyes. He tossed and turned all night. When the sun rise he woke and went downstairs. He made her breakfast. Two eggs, toast, and orange juice. Then he carefully carried the meal down to her. "I brought you breakfast Kateyln."
  19. Katelyn had fallen asleep at the edge of the bed fully clothed. She had dried tears on her face, a trail of mascara from her eyes to her cheeks. When she heard Griffin talking to her she slowly awoke, sitting up on the bed and stretching. She blinked a few times as her eyes adjusted to the light and she once gain realized where she was. She stared down at her hands and shrugged, murmuring, "I'm not really hungry....." Her stomach felt twisted and tight, the last thing on her mind at the moment was food.
  20. "You need to eat little one. I know your confused and scared but your safe here. I promise. Things will make sense in time." griffin promised her. "You have mascara all over your face." he said gently. He walked to the bathroom. He took a washcloth out of the linen clothes. He turned on the water and let it run. He tested it every once and awhile. Once he was satified with the temperature he got the cloth wet. Then he returned to her. He gentle cupped her chin as he washed the tear streaks from her face. "There. All better. Try to eat alittle. I don't want you to get sick. I will be in my workroom all day but I will have a monitor with me so if you need anything just press the button alright?"
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