Can someone tell what these things are? please?

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  1. Okay i feel kind of dumb but what is Anthro and what are Dice Roleplays? i honestly have no idea and it's bugging me. Somebody please explain?
  2. An Anthro is an animal with human characteristics. If you Google it, you can check some images out. And a Dice Roleplay is similar to a board game in that it uses dice to roll for successful actions and such.
  3. Hi @Ace23!

    Anthro is shorthand for anthropomorphic, which is generally synonymous with furries (though it is technically different). So any roleplay where the characters are humanoid animals, humanoid plants, or humanoid machines are technically anthro RPs.

    Dice roleplays are any games that revolve around rolling dice to determine outcomes. This includes systems like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and others.

    For example, everyone has the ability to roll dice in their post. Like so:

    You'll see at the bottom of my post, I have a dice roll. You can do this by clicking "More Options" at the bottom of your post but ONLY AFTER you've posted it. Your dice rolls are unmodifiable to prevent players from deleting and rerolling to try to get better outcomes.
    fatalrendezvous threw 20-faced die for: Saving Throw Total: 1 $dice
  4. Oooh okay, i see. Thank you both!
  5. Yah, what fatal said is pretty much on point. Dice roleplays are pretty much just rps that use a dice system for doing certain things.
    Crab Claws threw 20-faced die for: Showing how to really roll Total: 8 $dice
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