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  1. Okay, so I would like to roleplay with someone who can post a descent paragraph or two! I can't stand one liners or, an essay or like a whole book, because I get overwhelmed. Anyways, I can't play male, and I need someone who doesn't mind being male.

    For my interests... well.... I like evil roleplays, and I like to be the one being led. I have some plots.. and I have some pairings I will let you know of. bold is what I like to be....

    Student x Teacher
    Human x Wizard
    Human x Witch
    Human x Vampire *
    Human x Dark angel
    Human x Angel *
    Vampire x Vampire *
    Vampire x Hunter
    Royal x Servant *
    Royal x Royal *
    Student x Student *
    Famous x Famous
    Mafia Boss x Assassin *
    Fan x Famous
    Boss x Client *
    Mermaid x Pirate
    Princess x Pirate
    Rock-star x Model
    Rock-star x Fan
    Nurse x Doctor
    Demon x Human *
    Master x Slave*
    Hotel maid x Customer
  2. Oooooh! Ooooooooh! Me! Mememememmememememme! -Waves arms in the air wildly-

    I'm a girl, and I'm seemingly better at playing a male. o-o' If this is still open, I'm intrested.
  3. It's still open. Lol
    Okay so what pairings are your favorite.
  4. I'd like to do the Human x Vampire one, if that's okay.

    Oh, and, this is a stupid question, but do you need someone who's on atleast everyday? Because on the weekdays, my time is cut short on this site, because of school and my orchestra performances/ rehearsals.
  5. i like the hotel maidxcustomer, oh and the mafia bossxassassin If you would like to rp with me again lol :P
  6. bad apple:
    Well um, I am on 4 times a week, soo... I would just like whenever you can post. :)


    I haven't tried those, and I think we should!! Haha maybe we can do both. I was thinking that the customer will rent the same room to get her, and whatnot and they would do stuff and stay there... and her boss would know but not do anything about it, so she would spend time with him, since she works there and it is her job to do what the customers want?

    And for the other one.. the mafia boss can train and new assassin.. like the whole kidnapping, appearing in one of the rooms, and she is going to get trained by the mafia boss, and he helps her and soon they find love? XD But that can be for a long time.
  7. sounds awesome
  8. which one XD
  9. both lol
  10. Lol can you make one thread then and when I get home ill make the other?
  11. uhm....sure i'll try lol
  12. Lol, okay ^_^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.