Can someone draw a book?

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Good day ladies and gentlemen. Let's get straight to my request.

My main character usually carries a book with him where he writes in everything. A kind of database for middle age times if you would like to call it like that. I am used to describe it, but now I kinda want to give it a visual appearance as well. This is where you come in.

Now you probably are asking why I just don't take a book image from the internet. There are a lot to chose form after all. That's because most of them look either too special with their decorations, or too plain. But I did take a look around and found this design.
I like this 3 covers thing and would love it if someone could re-draw it, but in a more simple style. Again. This looks way too fancy for the character.

Now for how I would like to make it look. I would like to use brown leather for the cover. Maybe a single blue jewel on the back, and some light scratches here and there to make it look like it is used often. A simple black belt to keep it closed.
If you want to draw it with its pages shown, said pages can be blank. I would like to draw something in them myself.

Now... I am not sure if I can reward you properly. Kinda hoping you are taking this as a challenge for yourself, but let me know if you want something in return. Maybe we can work something out.

Request was taken care of. Feel free to delete this thread.
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