Can Iwaku win my love?

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  1. Hello Iwaku members. I've decided to give your little community a chance. Like many others of late, I'm a transfer from RPNation. As some of you may have heard, they went through some fairly drastic updates. Because of that, I'm testing the waters along with my old RP group.

    Here's a little about me:
    •I've been roleplaying for about 8 years
    World of Darkness was my introduction to tabletop RPs
    •I'm studying to be a concept artist
    •Cooking and hiking are just a couple of my passions

    Anyway, I'm glad to be here. If you have any questions, or just want to chat-- feel free to say hello.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku,

    I would like to say welcome to Iwaku. I am glad to see you joined we have everything from chat roleplay to thread and pm roleplay what ever you prefer. I am a member. Make sure to read the rules, if you haven't already, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you are new to role playing in general, welcome we have many helpful tips, and discussions. We also have many Helpful staff and memebers.

    I am Dark Disney, I have been on here a year now. Please feel free to pm me at any time, I do have a husband and Job that I work full time hours as a swim instructor, I may not answer right away. I do have a blog that will tell you what is going on in my life feel free to look at it and see where I am.

    I do love this site. Their is something for everyone, here on this website is literally a place to call home away from home. Need an outlet we have Blogs and a counseling section. If it is a major problem with a member inform the staff immediately or Administrator if it is a problem with staff member. If it is a problem with the site their is a bug report in help desk. Normally happens with updates.

    The people you will meet on here are just as nice and I am proud to say some are good friends, and some are like family and I really do love all them. Now I have put some helpful links in here for you. Now go and explore our wonderful home and welcome to the family.

    An important rule, respect the staff and here it is the most important rule Have fun.

    Your friendly Neighborhood,
    Dark Disney
  3. Welcome to the site, Infect! Glad to see a tabletop enthusiast and long-time roleplayer join our awesome forum! I'd love to see some of your concept art some time, but for now, I'd like to welcome you to Iwaku, and if you have any questions, be sure to ask!
  4. Hello, @SlowInfect and welcome to the site ^.^ You may not know it yet but you just enlisted in the bunny army >:{D

    As a roleplayer, new or otherwise, you're always looking for ways to improve your craft and one of Iwaku's many goals is to help you with this :D Thus the Content page! Here you'll find forums dedicated to Roleplay Guides and places for users to commission and display their own works (something you'd be interested in?) ^.^ But if you're more worried about actually roleplaying or need a place to start, we have the Roleplay Search page :) This is where you'll find Interest Checking and Creation where Game Masters posts interests check for their future roleplays and plot future roleplays. Roleplay Advertisement is where Game Masters advertise their running group, dice, or jump-in roleplays. But if you're a Game Master looking for players, there's always the Seeking Group Invites forum. This will allow you to browse users looking for group roleplays to join and snag them up for yourself! Last but not least is the Seeking One x One partners. If group roleplays are too main stream for you, set up shop here and look for someone of similar interests ^.^

    It's also worthy to note we allow for dice roleplays too if you're still into that sort of thing and may even have a a couple of GMs running them :3 To find them, go into Group RP Plot Info and Signups and search "dice". You can also run one yourself of course ;)

    If you're wondering who I am, I am but only one of Iwaku's many staff members :D As the banner says, I'm part of the Community Maintenance branch and my job is to make sure all roleplays have their correct tags and prefixes, archive dead threads, and fix whatever you brake :3 Other branches of Staff include the Security team, the users who make sure you aren't up to anything questionable, and the Content team, the users who make sure you're never bored!

    I hope to see you around the forums and may the muse be with you =^.^=

  5. Welcome Transfer! I'm happy those people who don't like RPN now join here! After all, RPN makes big unexpected changes. I hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions to ask feel free to ask anyone as most are willing to help.
  6. I don't know if we can win your love, but we can give you cookies? O_____O Welcome!
  7. Hello and welcome, fellow transplant! (:
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  8. Ah, man, do you want cheesy one-liners and stuff? Because I can do cheesy one-liners, bby.
    Ahem, more seriously: hi there, I'm Kitti. Welcome to Iwaku, however tentatively it may be for you (I understand changing sites can be a big thing and it's hard to do).
    If you want to take a peek at some of the nifty Content things going on (I held keep the Content team up and running here, as you can tell by my shiny red name and Content banner), we do workshops, exercises, and fun things like that here in addition to roleplays. Here, Creating Worlds & Settings, is one of those sections if you want to take a look around!
  9. Last time I was offered a cookie I was smacked with the truth of reality
  10. Heya SlowInfect and welcome to Iwaku :3

    I love cooking too! I'm always curious what other people cook haha

    I hope you find old RPN friends on here, and make some new friends as well! We have a Showcasing section where you can display your art, if you feel comfortable doing that.

    Make sure to also take a look in the General Chat section to discuss hobbies and current events (movies, TV series, video games, etc) and connect with some people you might never have met otherwise :D I'd also like to invite you to join the Discord server for Iwaku - it's a fun place to chat and/or voice chat with other members, at any time of the day :)

    Staff members have a red name and banner, and intern staff members (like me!) have an icy-mint-blue name and banner. Don't hesitate to contact any of us if you have questions or concerns!

    Welcome to your new roleplaying home and have fun!
  11. I heard World of Darkness.
  12. @~Dark Disney~ and @Noctis the Devious
    I always appreciate the quick links. It'll make things much easier until I'm familiar with the site structure. Thank you.

    I'd love to show off my work sometime. If there is a forum for created content, I'm sure I'll be posting there in no time. However, if you're immediately curious about my work, my profile picture was drawn by me.

    @Anime is Life
    While I'm sure they're in the process of fixing many of the issues, reopening the site so soon was a bad executive decision. As a creature of habit, if I'm going to switch sites, it convenient now that everything has changed. I'm sure I'll very much enjoy my time. The community already seems more attentive.

    That is indeed tempting. Sweets are close enough to love anyway. I expect a fresh batch in my mailbox by the weekend!

    Hello to you as well. Did you use the same profile picture on RPN? I swear I've seen you in the forums.

    Oh! You bet I love cheesy one-liners. I'll be swept off my feet in no time with those methods. The link is much appreciated and I'll take a look shortly.

    Well, I'm very fond of cooking different ethnic cuisines. This ranges from Thai, Ethiopian, Ukrainian, Japanese, and countless others. I cook to impress, so it's usually a group event when I'm in the kitchen. What are your favorite things to cook?

    Thank you for letting me know about the showcasing section. I'm sure I'll get my use out of it

    I'll assume that means you're a fan. Werewolf the Apocalypse was my first true campaign, but Vampires the Masquerade has been a favorite for years now. Which supplements are you most fond of?
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  13. DUDE :o That's wicked!
  14. @SlowInfect

    Your avatar is your work? Shit dude, that's nice stuff.

    I am definitely a WoD fan! I've played just about everything, old and new. I think my favorites are probably Geist: The Sin-Eaters, Changeling: The Lost, and Vampire: The Masquerade (screw nWoD Vampire, really, though WtF is > oWoD Werewolf).

    (Also, I like to cook too. ^5)
  15. I did! ^__^ my username there was Mordecai.
  16. Welcome to Iwaku. Trying out new forums is always a sketchy and tentative business, no way of knowing what the community and staff is really like until you try it out for a while, but Iwaku is pretty great. I moved here a couple years back after a similar fiasco on my old forum, and I liked the place so much that I didn't even look at others. Hell, I'm in so deep that I joined the staff and basically do free work to help keep the place running smoothly, on top of donating monthly, and I'm usually a pretty lazy and frugal person.

    Okay, sales pitch over, good luck and have fun. :P
  17. Nice!

    I love traditional food -- I'm from Quebec (Canada) and we have so many traditional recipes :D a lot of mix between French cuisine, British nonsense, and Irish potatoes and beer. Though I think my favourite thing to make is soup and vegetable creams and such! :D I tend to cook stuff on the whim though, and only occasionally follow recipes haha
  18. @Noctis the Devious
    Thank you! I'm rather fond of both digital and traditional mediums. I'll be sure to link my art thread whenever I get it up.

    That's much appreciated.

    Some of the oWoD needed some serious system fixes. Luckily the anniversary editions did some much needed repairs. Honestly, I haven't tried the nWoD, but looking back on Werewolf-- I can't say it was my favorite, simply because of pack focus. Vampires was more entertaining for me since everyone is constantly scheming against each other. There has been talk of some friends starting Wraith: The Oblivion, but there's no set time yet.

    Admittedly, I'm definitely leery. However, the response time and general friendliness is already winning me over.

    Also, I enjoy your avatar and signature. Lord Baelish is my personal favorite from GoT.

    Soup can be fun, especially since there is such a large variety. Your cooking method sounds rather similar to mine. While I do try to understand the basics of a particular dish, I don't find myself following a recipe often.

    @Anime is Life
    Haha. While I doubt that it's completely beyond repair, the amount of members they are losing is a sure sign of their blunder.
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  19. @SlowInfect

    nWoD has some really cool changes to lore and setting and Vampire/Mage/Werewolf all work much more cohesively together. They also have a new Demon, which is an entirely different departure from old Demon. Changeling also got a facelift with some fucking cool lore, especially if you're into scheming. Wraith is cool too, would recommend.
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