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  1. I asked Whispering Willows, and he gave me the link to the Help Desk in hopes someone else can fix the formatting error that happened with a post. And a member on the OOC said that I should ask a mod or something to fix the issue with my post;

    Here's the post. Now I don't have what it looked like before, but it should look about something like this

    OPEN SIGNUPS - The Promise [Slice of Life Horror M] - OOC

    Because that's how I format all my character sheets.
  2. Will try to fix it, give me a second.
  3. You might need to reformat the font and the color, but this is all the actual text.​

    "To say I have problems is the nice way of sugar coating that I have Problems. Monstrous ones at that."
    The Anxious Jack of Trades​
    Show Spoiler

    "Tried too hard to make me look outdoorsy and I am not"​

    Artemis Fulton Quade

    Occupation: Full Time Unemployed

    Perks: Exceptionally talented, Survivalist, Budgets well, good at networking with the few individuals he does know, respectful and honest has never told a lie since an incident when he was 15

    Flaws: Exceptionally talented at losing jobs, suffers from general anxiety disorder, introverted, comes off distant

    In three words only, why you are here in the ASC program?
    Security. Shelter. To Matter.

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Piercing blue eyes and light brown hair, ironically if you were speaking to him one on one you would assume he would have been the life of the party. The one everyone gravitated to. Only to realize in time, the 5'5" young man was smaller than the men around him. He was narrowed featured, with a baby face that had him come across as much younger than what he was. He got, "are you sixteen?" a lot, and always had to defend he was a semi grown man. He was not the loudest, only looked the loudest in a worn jean jacket, smelled of tobacco, with faded khakis, and rather broken, pulling at the rubber soles black, boots.

    Show Spoiler

    Height: 5'5"

    Weight: 120

    Blood Type: O

    Age: 23

    Personality Strengths: He's not one to start the fights or the arguments, in fact he's very good at taking a few verbal punches before feeling the need ever to say anything. For the most part he's calm, but when he does speak in a heated moment he's blunt, straightforward and cuts to the chase. Which actually, ironically makes him nervous when he interacts with people, often mistaken for being rude in those moments. But he's funny and makes jokes. He has a bright sense of humor, and often likes to go about the world with a verbal gun aimed at himself making self deprecating humor. And sarcastic quips. He's the type of person who teases those he likes and feels self criticism is the best way to go about life. Those he friends are often those who can laugh at themselves and self criticize themselves.

    Personality Flaws: Anxiety can come and go. And it can be over nothing. Or he describes it as a storm he can see in the distance. Storm clouds overhead that makes him light headed and his chest tighten, and the butterflies swarming inside of him. He's always afraid something bad is going to happen in those moments, when metaphoric thunder roles in the distance. And despite his inkling to be blunt, straightforward, and humorous it takes a lot to get it out of him. He's introverted, and a lot of the things he wants to say are things he wishes to say, but denies himself the ability to do so because he self censors everything he says. Historically rejected and judged by others, and used as a scapegoat, makes him awkward and unsure. And not very confident in himself.

    "Sit a bunch of assholes in a room, who think they are all special. One guy cheers on the fact that he's highly talented in X thing. Then another guy stands up and says, he's better at X activity because its' his talent and he's been doing it since he was 5. Talents are just fancy labels to claim yourself a victor of absolutely nothing." - Artemis

    Cooking, Artemis shrugs, if you can get past the fact that he smokes when he cooks

    Anything that can hold his attention for long periods of timing
    Coding and programing
    Video games, when he can get a hold of a console
    Web surfing
    Composing electronic music

    Going insane, being a prisoner of his own mind sometimes.
    Dumb people, "it's not like I'm going to run away from them. But take a look at any job that requires someone to lead a number of people. You'd be afraid of what dumb people would do to throw us in the fire" - Artemis
    In the end the fight wasn't worth the struggle "honestly if you take a look at my life. You'd understand why I take the time to consider ending it all" - Artemis
    Also Irrational Things, some days just has a panic attack for no reason, not saying dumb people make him anxious, but yeah...

    Bio: will finish after work
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  4. Cross-referenced Sen's post with an older version and reverted it. ^^ Hope that fixes the problem!
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  5. Omg I love you right now. You don't know how much I love you guys right now.
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