Can I Calibrate you? (1 x 1 Search)

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  1. Welcome Iwakuians.

    (just joking, probably unless your a roleholic, get it roleplay + alcoholic = roleholic)
    Name: Vanessa
    Posting Style:
    2-3 paragraphs per post
    Got A Sample?:

    Genders I prefer to play: both
    What's your sexuality : I'm Bi, So I'll do Yuri and Straight Roleplays
    Sexual Content Okay?: Yes but only if you're 18 and up
    How many times are you on?: *sighs* as much as I wish I could that I'm on, everyday. I can't. I might post 10 times a week at best, maybe every hour on the weekend, sorry.

    What you don't like: Rape, Tentacles, people who don't hear me out, people who won't work with me when it comes to idea making.
    How should we contact you: you can post here if you want or you can message me. I'll be sure to check it in a flash.​

  2. Fandoms

    Mass Effect

    Dragon Age

    Steven Universe

    ....that's all for now, might think of some later.
  3. Non Fandoms:

    ★ Grim Reaper x Ghost

    ★ Grimm Fairytale Characters

    ★ Enchanted Doll x Creator

    ★ Dragon x Knight

    ★ Alien x Human

    ★ Cannibal x Prey

    ★ Experiment x Scientist

    ★ Greek God x Mortal

    ★ Naga x Hunter

    ★ Imaginary Friend x Creator

    ★ Old Vampire x Freshly Turned Vampire

    ★ Prince(ss) x Knight

    ★ Bounty Hunter x Space Pirate

    ★ (Space) Pirate x Native

    ★ Time Traveler x Person of Era

    ★ Space Captain x Space Pirate

    ★ Dream Eater x Insomniac

    ★ Elf x Human or Mythical Being

    ★ Vampire x Anything

    ★ pregnant creature x mate / scientist / anyone

    ★ dragon x mate / rider / thief

    ★ centaur x mythical creature / helper

    ★ griffon x hunter

    ★ angel x abused woman

    ★ Fairy x Anything

    ★ Murderer x Psychologist

    Expecting Mother x Anyone

    Teenage Pregnancy

    Spoiled Princess/Working-class girl

    ★ Princess x Knight / Maid / Prince / Kidnapper / Pirate

    ★ Pirate x Stowaway

    ★ Island Princess x Man from the mainland

    ★ Woman who is about die x angel sent to take her to the afterlife

    ★ time traveler x woman he needs to kill

    ★ witch x man who needs some help capturing a demon

    ★ vampire x princess of a certain race / human / hunter / person he/she kidnapped / knight of his / her kingdom

    ★ Victorian Woman / Man x Baron / Baroness / Vampire / Maid / Demon / Werewolf

    ★ Geisha x Apprentice / Samurai / Modern Day Business Men / Tea Maker / Man in a Arranged Marriage

    ★ Gentle Queen/Goddess x Insane King/God

    ★ Sickly person x fallen angel / goddess / demon / vampire / doctor / woman/man that he/she loves / nurse

    ★ Samurai x Female Samurai / Geisha / woman he is an arranged marriage with / female samurai / general's daughter

    ★ gang or malifa member x pregnant girlfriend / gay boyfriend / boyfriend / another gang member / daughter of a man who owes the gang a lot of money / singer / band members

    ★ Celebrity x manager / paparazzi / agent / producer / adult film star / girlfriend or boyfriend that the fans don't know about / unknown number one fan / retired celebrity / rival coworker

    ★ principal's daughter x rebel boy / gang member / troublemaker / shy guy / rival

    ★ circus performer x circus performer / ringleader / new help / cook / tightrope walker / injured performer

    ★ bride x soon to be husband / rival bride / ex boyfriend / man who only wants to marry said bride for sex and ex has to save her / pirate / demon husband / pregnant maid of honor / or bride is pregnant

    ★ Arranged Marriage

    ★ master x slave
  4. Plots.

    none, might come up with some later.
  5. still searching
  6. still searching.
  7. Hey I sent you a pm if you're still interested.
  8. thanks.
  9. still searching.
  10. still searching.
  11. still searching
  12. I am interested. PM me if you want to discuss ideas.
  13. can you pm me please.
  14. Sure give me a moment!
  15. Thank you
  16. I'm currently craving a pregnancy to or either a mass effect or dragon age rp
  17. still searching.
  18. still searching.
  19. Hi!
    I'm really interested in the following you've listed down:

    • Old Vampire x Freshly Turned Vampire
    • Princess x Maid
    • Sickly Person x Nurse
    • Spoiled Princess x Working-Class Girl
    • Arranged Marriage
    I try to be on everyday, but I'm on most of the time.
    My posts are around 3 - 4 paragraphs.
    Oh! And I prefer playing females.
  20. Would you mind messaging me, please?
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