Can dreams really come true?

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  1. She sat up in bed, shaking and sweating. She had been dreaming again. Lately, for about the past week, she had been having these strange dreams of a boy her age. He kept trying to tell her he should leave her, but she had to hold on, else she would have nothing to hold on to. She looked at her alarm clock on the end table next to her bed. It read 5am. She groaned and laid back to bed before she had to get up in the morning for school. It had been hot outside at night so she had her window open, and a cool tiny breeze wafted through, tickling the curtains. She eventually fell asleep before her alarm woke her at 6:30.


    It was the first day of school and she tiredly truged into her first class, which was science, next to her best friend, Jacey. As always, Jacey was animated and ready to talk, while Nova was ready to crash and play dead. Nova and Jacey were totall opposites, but yet they were best friends. Had been since Kindergarden classes. Jacey was already talking and Nova put her head down on her books, trying to pay attention through her sleepiness but wasn't very successful.
  2. He groaned deeply turning over in bed. He'd dreamed about that girl again. He just didn't want to think of her, that girl. She was everywhere in his dreams. Different situations but same woman.
    Kutiel looked up at his ceiling counting the number of spider webs he saw before he drifted off again to a dreamless sleep until his mom went off around six o'clock. Something about late for his first day in this new town.
    So as he listened to his mom's hustle and bustle upstairs he got ready throwing on the same dark clothes he wore at his old school.
    When he came upstairs his mom looked at him, "Aren't you going to wear something lighter?"
    "No," he muttered pulling a bottle full of a red liquid from the fridge, "Its not like anything changed since the last town."
    "Fine don't say I didn't ask." His mom replied, "Don't stay out late."
    She handed him his bag, and than he was off.


    Kutiel walked up to the office looking in the large window wondering where everyone was. That's when a lady shoved some papers at him as she passed, and nearly knocked him over.
    "Hey wait!" He yelled after her as she ran down the hall.
    Than he looked down at the papers and there was his new schedule. Now doubt in his mind that his mom didn't already sign him up for this place. First on the agenda was Science, but he pretty much already missed it since he got lost in the building. Than second was Trig.
    "Oh joy." He said to himself.
    He sighed feeling his canines just about jump out his gums as he saw the lunch room. He slapped his hand over his mouth, before diving for the nearby bathroom.
    "This was going to be real fun." He groaned.
  3. Nova looked up just as a boy ran from the lunch room. She only saw him for the brefiest of seconds before he was gone. Jacey, as usually, was talking an endless stream of chatter but stopped when she noticed Nova starring where the boy had been.

    "Helllloooo? Where you even paying attention to me?" Jacey asked, waving a hand in front of Nova's face.

    "Hm?" Nova muttered. Who was that? She thought, curious.

    Jacey sighed. "Oh you're hopeless. Who were you starring at?"

    "I don't know." Nova said, eating the borring lunch the school always served.
  4. Kurt stood in front of the mirror trying to talk himself into walking back out there, but nothing could do it until his stomach growled and he realized he hadn't anything since this morning. Was the first period really that long?
    So in an attempt to regain some cool he readjusted his bag, and stepped out of the bathroom sighing slightly.
    Than he glanced back at his schedule and noticed by some miracle he had the first lunch. Of course he was late too that to, but he didn't care.
    As he walked across the cafeteria something caught his eye. There sat the girl pouring over her lunch with a lack of enthusiasm. Despite the fact he wanted to stop he just kept walking till he reached one of the farthest tables that was empty and sat down with his back to her.
  5. She grimaced at the school lunch and pushed her tray away from her. She would have to start making her own lunches then the stuff the school saw fit to serve.

    "What is with you today?" Jacey asked, claiming Nova's attention.

    She rolled her eyes. "It's the first day of school and I had to get up early. Don't expect to me to be happy about it." She muttered, and glanced over and saw the boy again. She straightened. Even with his back to her, she could have sworn she saw him before, even though they have never met. How the hell could that be? She wondered.
  6. Kutiel could feel it. Her eyes boring into his back. She obviously knew something about him he didn't want her to know.
    He quickly finished off his "soup" before nearly running back across the cafeteria. He'd have to rethink his eating seat. Maybe he'd eat outside...
    Suddenly something hit his shoulder sending him spinning.
    "Watch it!" Some beefy kid in a Letterman's jacket said, obviously a foot ball player,"You're new here. Here's a rule. Don't hit people."
    He felt his temper flair. No one told him what to do, especially a human like him. He stood up coming eye to eye with the brute.
    "Make me." He growled feeling his teeth come back out, eyes flashing a violent green.
    The football player took one disgruntled look and stalked off without a fight.
    "How disappointing." He grumbled walking off himself towards what he thought was his math class before glancing back at his "dream" girl praying she didn't see anything.
  7. She quickly glanced down when he looked her way. It was rude to stare, but she just couldn't help it.


    That night she climbed into bed, exhaused from getting up so early. Part of her wondered if she would dream about him tonight, but part of her didn't want to. She quickly fell asleep after turning her alarm on to wake her up in the morning and quickly began to dream...

    He was dying. She couldn't let him die. She had already had two family members die in her life and she couldn't risk another, even though he wasn't family. She cut her wrist, making it bleed, and held her bleeding wrist over his lips. "Feed." She pleaded. She winced in pain when she felt his sharp fangs bite down on her soft flesh, drinking her blood.

    She sat up suddenly, shaking and sweating. She looked down at her right wrist, feeling something drip down her skin. She turned on her light and her eyes widened. Her wrist was bleeding and there were two puncture wounds on her wrist. What the...She got up and shakily went to the bathroom to clean and bandage the wound.
  8. Kutiel jerked awake feeling blood trickle down his cheek. It wasn't his though, it smelled feminine compared to his. Than he sat up on his bed shaking as he felt for the divot in his chest from where a slayer had tried to kill him years ago. That injury had been acting up ever since even though it was only a lung, and he didn't have to breath anyway. He coughed feeling something come up, but it didn't.
    He put a hand up to feel his canines whipping blood off of them coughing again.
    Did he actually just drink her blood? That dream girl. What was her name anyway?
    As he laid back down shivering at the thought of hurting her. He didn't know her but it felt as if he did.
    Than he drifted back off into sleep her blood still on his cheek.

    He was back to where he nearly died in the dream. He didn't know what caused him to nearly die in the first place. She wasn't there though, and Kutiel felt his heart sink slightly.
    The room was half worn down with a gaping hole in the wall showing a tree that had started to grow in its place. Again he felt his cheek whipping more blood off. Part of him wanted to see her again, but than some part, he didn't know how deep, know that was just cause of blood. This time though, in this town he wasn't doing that over again. He wasn't going to kill anyone ever again, especially her.
  9. The puncture wounds on her wrist had scabbed over by the time morning came. She took the bandage off before she showered and otherwise got ready for school. She wore a light V-neck shirt with long sleeves to cover the puncture wounds.


    She made it to school and went to her locker, which was next to Jacey's, who was impatiently waiting for her. Nova bearly even glanced at her best friend as she walked by, her mind on how her dreams seem to be real lately.

    "Not even going to say hi?" Jacey asked, sounding a bit offended.

    Nova looked at her, though she didn't really see her. "Hi." She muttered, and opened her locker.
  10. Kutiel looked down the hall looking for that girl. He hoped that he didn't actually hurt her when she made him drink her blood.
    There she was bout forty lockers away back to him. He was scared out of his mind to walk up to her, but he quickly closed the gap.
    "Hey do you know where the science class room is?" he ask tugging at the edge of his jacket sleeve.
    He suddenly felt very out of place in the dark clothing.
    Her friend gawked at him as she turned around.
  11. "See you in class." Jacey muttered to her, and walked off, throwing a glanced behind her.

    Nova watched as her friend leave a moment before turning to him. "Sciene? Yeah I know where it is. I think we're in the same class." She reached up and rubbed the back of her neck a little nervously, her sleeve creeping down just enough to reveal her two puncture wounds to him.
  12. "We are?" Kurtiel said with a bit of a squeak, "I mean, okay umm...."
    He glanced up at her wrist spotting the wound and felt the blood drain from his face.
    "Sorry bout your friend." He replied running his hand through his hair trying to tame it.
  13. "My friend? Oh. Don't worry about it." She lowered her hand, her sleeve once more hiding her bite marks. "I guess we should get going." She mumbled, and gathered up her books that she needed from her locker and shut it and started walking down the hall to the science room.
  14. "Want me to carry something?" Kutiel asked walking with her keeping pace.
    She looked pretty compared to what was mainly tramping around his house, his cousin Isa.
    "Oh, and I'm Kutiel, you can just call me Kurt."
  15. She gave him a shy smile.

    "I'm, uh, Nova."

    She said shyly. She looked down at her books and then back at Kurt.

    "You don't have to carry anything. I've got it alright."

    Nova was average height and weight. Everything on her was average. She was just your average ordinary everday highschool girl. Well, execpt for the dreams she'd been having. If you could even call them dreams. Nova had blonde hair and green eyes with creamy colored skin.

    "You're new here then?"

    Nova wondered.
  16. "Nova huh. I like it. It's unique." He replied, "But yeah I'm new here. Mom forced me to and I'm sorta glad she did."
    He looked down at her and he felt very out of place compared to her. She was perfect size while he was ghastly tall, and way to skinny for his size.
    Than there was the perfect blonde cream tone of hair, porcelain skin, and emerald eyes that looked at him shyly. He felt ugly with his own black hair, and bark colored eyes, it just didn't look right with his pale skin.
    "So what am I in for in this science class?" He asked taking her books from her before she could argue farther.
  17. She frowned a little as he took her books and shrugged a bit when he asked about the science class.

    "Just the same old borring stuff."

    She told him. They walked to the end of the hall and she turned into the room to her right where several other students were already in the classroom, including her friend Jacey. They weren't the last ones to arrive though.
  18. If looks could've killed than he'd be dead right now. Nova's friend gave him the glare of death when he walked in with Nova's books so he quickly gave them back an went to the back of the class hoping the teacher wouldn't notice him. Of course Nova looked at him funny, and he spent the rest of the period calling himself stupid, but that was his way apparently. Thankfully he had lunch next, but by the time science was over he'd doodled a picture of Nova on his notebook.
    His real name should've been Captain Embarrassment.
  19. Nova had made her own lunch to take today and she sat by Jacey, who was a little less talktive then normal.

    "Don't tell me you're jelous." Nova said, opening her soda and taking a swig. Oh yeah. So much better then the junk the school gave every day.

    Jacey sniffed and straightened as she ate her own lunch. "I don't get jelous."

    Nova rolled her eyes. "Then why do you keep glarring at him every time he comes near me?" She asked, glancing at Jacey.
  20. Kutiel took a deep breath. He couldn't believe he had the wild idea to sit next to her in lunch now to. Especially with that friend who wouldn't stop glaring.
    He quickly sniffed he coat checking for anything before walking over. Again he was late to lunch trying to keep his teeth under check.
    Was he ready for this?
    Was he going to do this even if it meant death?
    He walked over than asked her, "Can I sit here?"