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  1. I love camping! Leave my phone, computer and anything else that plugs into a wall at home and just enjoy the outdoors; sleep in a tent, roast food over the fire - that's the life!

    Lots of people seem to favour what I call "comfort camping" lately though; bringing a cookstove, insulated tent (or even a cabin or trailer), camping beds, travelling showers, bringing home to the woods. Myself; I very much prefer "roughing it"!

    What about you guys? Do you go for comfort and relaxation, or do you like the challenge and innovation of making life without your tools of convenience?
  2. Camping is the best, especially when I get to hear those noob 13-year olds complain about it through their headsets.


    Outdoor camping is fun too. Bringing along a dutch oven (not that kind, jackass) and making a nice cobbler is one of the best things ever. That and, of course, cooking up some bacon and eggs in the morning and then going for a walk. I prefer to stick more towards the "roughing it" end of the spectrum though. Cabin camping is fun sometimes though, but a trailer is just cheating.
  3. I prefer the "rough" end of camping, too. It's fun that way and makes for good stories all around, especially if you had dealt with wild animals like I had. Haha.
  4. I have a hard time camping as I'm really scared of spiders >_< But when I do camp I do it for real, no technology. Except my phone, but only in case someone needs to be able to contact me or someone are about to die and we need to call 112 (emergency number in Sweden). I don't use it when I'm busy looking around paranoid after spiders xb. Other than that it's just me and my friends against nature (and spiders)
  5. I love roughing it. ^^ Though, honestly, I need to move every day or I get bored staying in the same spot from night to night. One location only offers so much entertainment...
  6. Camping is my life in the summer whenever I get the chance to do it. I don't consider RVs camping, no my camping growing up was getting my own food, sleeping in a makeshift shelter and exploring.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.