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  1. Plot:
    The year is 20XX and the world is quite differnt than the one we know of today. Science has made great leaps and bounds, as have the magic that once was within the world reamurged. This led to the rapid rise of quality of life and end to many old conflicts. However new ones rose to take the place of Old. The biggest is Heroes vs. Villains, those who would use their powers to protect and aid people and those who would simply use them for their own gain, no matter the cost. While initially the government went against both of them, while trying to make their own with the rise in science and new magic but ultimately failing, sided with the Heroes. While the support was appreciated the numbers were starting to dwindle. So with the help of some influential Heroes bills were passed to get camps to train young Powereds to become Heroes. Camp Riseing Hero was one of the first, built on the grounds of an old military base. Recently it has seen a pretty harsh decline as more and more camps opened up, some even private. However the new at risk program seem to be bearing fruit. However it posed a risk as did the sins buried in the old base.
    It started up in the 2020's with a trickle. occasional odd events fit only for the tabloids at first. Then it slowly picked up in frequency and severity. Soon enough It got to the point where people started showing up with powers both mutagenic and mystical in nature. With heavily crime ridden areas the pre-cursors to super-villains and super-heroes manifested, as symbols of hope and despair. At first Governments and people rejected both and actively hunted and created countermeasures but in the end, sided with the Heroes. They started to create the facilities to train Heroes.However there have been incidents of former countermeasures riseing and villains attacking.
    Power Types:
    ESP: Psionic Based abilities. Telepathy, Telekinesis, and other related mental based abilities fall into this category.
    Energy Base:
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