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    A large gray bus rolled through a few towns,cities and the like. and seemed like your normal, if oddly colored. plus the glass was shaded. On the inside the bus was reinforced with emergency null generators, in case some of the at risk kids, or any one in general decided to pick a fight on the way there. But so far, so good. As for some of the occupants...

    Morgan was currently sleeping, lightly and had been since she was picked up at the penitentiary. Her powers led to to her being a bit of the nocturnal type. However she was also a light sleeper, her time on the streets leading her to keep alert for some ass trying to attack or if something was wrong with the kids she took under her wing. she honestly hoped they were okay.

    Zack was staring out the window, not looking at anything in particular but just lost in thought, wondering his chances. In the ghetto he grew up inhis powers were pretty good, especially since he didn't have to deal with other powereds too much. here though? One he saw shadows twitch around, one seemed to need a leash, another looked the fire type, etc. the best he could do was push his body only a little beyond that what a normal human is capable of. He was not liking his chances. then again he almost never did. He'll pull through, always did.

    Mia was feeling the power suppression collar, sometimes derissionally called a leash. She was going here to learn how to handle her power. While she was free to remove it, long as she input the confirm code and ring key. She was here to learn about control over er powers. For the most part she had conquered the mental part of recovery. She was considering actually going hero though.

    On the other end and at the destination the camp was getting ready for the next round of campers. The Councilors were either doing paperwork checks, equipment and some structural checks. While the head was on paperwork and overseeing the whole thing, Stella was looking over structures and Drake was one equipment. Both could use their powers for some jurry-rigging.
  2. Dahlia stared out the window, furrowing her brows. She was glad that the bus had already gone through a large city, but she hoped it wouldn't again. It had nearly suffocated her, figuratively at least. All of the tall buildings and loud cars made her wince. She knew big cities were often referred to as "concrete jungles", but she found nothing about them jungle-like. The girl could argue about this for hours if someone would let her. And maybe if she wasn't so damn shy. Dahlia had, however, managed to get a tiny potted plant on the bus. She stared at it when the world outside the bus window seemed too bleak, lifting her finger in front of it slowly. One of its little leaves would rise with her finger, and droop when she brought it back down. She played around with it, but even plants could bore her after a while. The teenager squinted against the bright light, staring up at the sky and willing a few clouds to gather in front of the sun. "Better." Dahlia mumbled, then looked around the bus briefly. She tried not to make eye contact with any of the interesting characters aboard, but she did. Quickly, the elemental whipped her head forward so she stared at the back of the seat in front of her.

    (anyone can acknowledge her looking at them, or not. Whatever o3o)
  3. Tyler was sitting in the back, his fist clenched around the dog tags hanging around his neck and staring out the window with a hollow expression. He didn't want to talk to anyone, not yet. It was too soon. He ignored everyone else on board, wish they'd get to their destination already so he could get off the bus and hole up anywhere he could to be alone.

    Ashley made eye contact with a girl across from her as she looked around. For some reason, the girl whipped back around and wouldn't look at her again. She frowned. Had she done something? What was wrong? Ashley frowned and leaned back in the seat, wondering if she should see what was wrong with her.
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  4. "Open RP time! We didn't even need to wait for a day!" a young blonde lad said. This person went by the name 'Gabriel Yggdrasil', also known as 'Golden Beetle'.

    "Hold on brother," a silver-haired girl comments, "we're still on the bus."

    This was Samael Yggdrasil, known as 'Silver Nautilus'. You know, like Captain Nemo's submarine.

    "Right, right. Prologue," Gabriel shrugs his shoulders.

    The twins hung beside each other on the bus as the peered towards the seats in front of them.

    "So, what's up?" Gabriel asks.

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  5. Erik walked upside down on the ceiling of the main building, making sure the fire alarms and sprinklers were in working order. "Hrmmm..everything seems okay here." He then walked down the wall and back onto the floor. Walking over to the head councilor, he coughed to get their attention. "Hey boss, the ceiling devices are good to go. Need me to do anything else?"
  6. Dahlia looked at the siblings out of the corner of her eye. She continued playing with her little plant, making the stem move back and forth and the leaves swayed. It basically looked like a novelty hula dancer that you would put on the dashboard of your car. The girl looked back out the window, but the plant continued to move like a hula dancer. She let out a long, nearly inaudible sigh when she heard Gabriel speak. Dahlia turned back in her seat, looking at him for a long moment. The dancing potted plant sat on her palms and she held it out a bit. The girl was completely silent, just looking at the two, expressionless, before she actually spoke. "The clouds." Dahlia answered, briefly looking out the window. The clouds she had gathered had dispersed, no longer blocking the sunlight. She gathered more, creating a larger wall of shade. The teenager turned back to Gabriel. "How are you?" Dahlia's voice was extremely soft and soothing, maybe because she rarely used it.

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  7. Morgan was near Tyler and with a snort in her dreams accidentally bumped into. She grumbled a "Sorry about that.." and adjusted her position, returning to snoozville. though still a measure of awareness.
    The head councilor was an older silver haired Ex-military guy with some seriously scary grav. powers. Though he was pretty good to his subordinates, which he views the councilors under him. He begins looking over the list of stuff needing doing. " Well you mind helping Plasma with Equipment check?" he asked, voice gruff as always. also insisted on using their alias or the like. Said was good practice for the actual field.
  8. Rikki was dashing around like a busy bumble bee, taking tasks like nobody's business and helping others set up wherever she could. She looked nervous and rushed, but she was actually pretty excited to meet the new round of campers and wondered if there would be any returning members she might have met in the last two years she'd worked at Camp Rising Hero. Having just finished her last assignment, RC rushed back to the Camp Head just as Erik was asking him if there was anything else he could do. The guy was a fairly new councilor so she hadn't had much time to get to know him but from what she'd seen so far of all the employees, he seemed just as dependable. So she swiftly, but softly added on to his question right after Erik was told his next task. Rocking back on her heels she spoke up from behind the significantly taller Head she'd known for almost two years now and asked. "And me, sir? I just finished up the last inventory check in the cafeteria kitchens, so my to-do list is done, but if there's anything else you need me for, I'd be happy to help."
  9. "Ah Arcy, mind checking on the cabins." well that was an improvement. He wasn't calling them barracks like last year. or apparently the years before that. Dakota reported in as done and got sent in with Rikki. The two were somewhat acquainted as they talked before but not too much. Dakota gave a friendly wave.
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  10. "What can I say. The sun is bright, the bus is bumpy, and we're ten posts into this gig, half a page!" Gabriel replies. "Name's Gabriel, Gabriel Yggdrasil. Also known as Golden Beetle. Call be Gabby."

    "Samael Yggdrasil," Samael smiles in return as she speaks in a soft voice, "Silver Nautilus. Call me Sam. It's pretty nice to meet you." Samael observes Dahlia playing with the plant. "Chlorokinesis, I presume?"
  11. Tyler jumped as his arm was jostled and looked over at the girl with an angry expression at being yanked from his thoughts. He let go of the dog tags and scowled at her, hands forming into fists. "Watch what you're doing," he growled, before turning abruptly and glaring out the window again.
  12. "I-I'm Dahlia Yarbrough... Er, um... Red Sage, I guess." The girl stuttered slightly, a bit overwhelmed by the two. She hadn't expected anyone to talk to her so much, or at all. She then focused on Sam. "Kind of. Nature manipulation, so, uh... I can manipulate weather, too." Dahlia cleared her throat, looking down at the little plant. She had it stop dancing and set it down by the window next to her. "Oh, and um... It's nice to meet you both as well..." Dahlia's voice had surprisingly gotten quieter and she became more nervous. They were definitely nice, or at least it seemed like it, but she was too sheepish.

  13. "No problem!" She saluted, grinning at his referring to them as cabins for once instead of barracks. Then she met Dakota's gaze and smiled before they were on their way. "Hey Dakota, nice to see you again, I mean other than passing each other every once in awhile that is. I can't wait for the next bunch of campers. I wonder what they're going to be like. Are you excited?" Rikki asked, walking with the light-haired girl down the trail toward the wooden structures that would be their rooms for their time here.
  14. Morgan noticed the tensed fist but didn't respond. Seeing the tags, she scooted them over to him with one of her extremely beaten up boots, or pocketed hand depending where it landed.
    Dakota grinned "Yeah, the new batch looks promising, though some seem troubled." She said remembering a few of the files. She good number of at risk this round. But hey she was supposed to be a hero, they helped people. She even came a family of them.
  15. Dakota's smile faded as she spoke the words and Rikki felt her sincere worry and apprehension for the kids. Dakota was going to be a great councilor, Rikki could tell. "Yeah, there are always a few that come in from rough backgrounds, but as sad as it is, it's true what they say: You can't tell a hero's story without a bit of tragedy too. Besides, that's what we're here for. To help them feel comfortable and accepted in their own skin and skill set. Don't worry. They all come around sooner or later." Arcy smiled reassuringly and sent a small wave of confidence toward Dakota; just enough that she'd feel it, but not notice it was at all unnatural.
  16. Erik gave a sloppy salute and walked over to where drake was working. "Hey there, drake right? Need help with anything? I am not that knowledgeable about machines but i know the basics." Erik pulled out a cigarette from its pack and stuck it in his mouth, he did not light it because of the no smoking indoors policy but it was a comforting feeling of having the cigarette in his mouth.
  17. Dakota felt and got a bit of pep back in her step. "Well better clean the cabin's up, huh?" She said going towards the large and long cabins. She knew the cleaning supplies are inside of the cabins.
    Drake grinned going "Guessing your helping right?" he said and showed that it was for him only really basic maintance and fixing would be done by the two. any more was to be given to the tech heads.
  18. "Quite a wide scope you have there, lots of potential," Gabby comments on the power description. "For me, I've got Arthropod abilities."

    Gabby swiftly turns into a monarch butterfly, attaches himself to the ceiling, turns into a black widow spider to lower himself towards his seat again with a string of web, and finally a larger-than-average fiddler crab to snap the webs away. Afterwards, he turns back to normal.

    "My abilities are a little..." Sam utters.

    "... vehicle unfriendly?" Gabby asks, "all abilities are vehicle unfriendly, some more than others."​
  19. Tyler didn't look at her as he scooped them up and pulled them back over his head. He did, however, mutter a "Thanks," albeit unwillingly. He escaped back into his thoughts, ignoring everything else around him.

    He just hoped she wouldn't try to talk to him. He wasn't in the mood.
  20. Molly had been asleep for most of the bus ride. So asleep, in fact, she didn't get off with the rest of the campers. When she finally woke up and saw that there was nobody around, she panicked. She hurried off the bus, looking around for someone to tell her where to go.
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