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  1. oh hey look, an OOC! It's for Camp of the Exiled. If you haven't checked it out yet, a group of supernatural creatures have escaped the destruction of their home realm. They're now trapped on earth, thousands of years after it had been destroyed by horde. It is now covered in lush jungles and dangerous monsters roam the land. Humans still live, but they have evolved and live few and far between in the wilderness. Thanks to @Bluemoon.xx for adding the human-evolution idea.

    So! this is where we can hang out, chat, and plot for the thread :3

    let's get this party staaarteddd! *dances*
  2. I think so, I'll check just incase though.

    Edit: Yup, that's everyone at the moment :P
  3. :D thanks for tagging me. im here! Checking the rp now
  4. @Gold Gonna wait for others to respond too o-o I don't wanna over-post, sorry to keep ya waiting :S
  5. I understand, thanks for telling me though. :D
  6. Np XD I don't wanna end up seeming like I just suddenly lost interest o-o
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  7. Haha, you're good. I understood, just patiently waiting now xD
  8. I was really enjoying this roleplay so I don't want it to die.

    If new people wish to join they are welcome to!
  9. We were currently jammed because bluemoon hadn't replied yet >.< but if someone would fill in/hi-jack him for now to move along the plot it would be nice. Though seeing that you continued the plot in the meantime, I guess I'll make a post o-o
  10. I thought it would be better to make a more action post. That way everyone has something to respond to - or ignore - if they want, and if anyone new wants to jump in it's easier. Plus @Bluemoon.xx can still do what they want with their character if they decide to.

    Also guys, if any of you are bored with the roleplay that's ok xD I know sometimes we lose inspiration/interest in a roleplay. I really don't mind if that has happened and I'm not going to drag you back to the roleplay if you're no longer interested :) just letting people know in case anyone was feeling bad about it, it's all cool :D
  11. Heh I was actually kinda hoping this RP would become active again, I guess the wait payed off after all :3
  12. yeah, sorry! I was waiting for posts and then I got a new job so I've been MIA the last two weeks or so. Settled in now so my posting is going back to normal. I really missed this roleplay so hears hoping it gets going!

    I've submitted a banner too so hopefully it'll be approved and some people will stop by to check it out.
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  13. ouo

    Hi! Interested new person that has already submitted first reply. I apologize if it's too long ;u;.
  14. Heh, reply's fine o-o I shall respond too soon enough!
  15. So are there any guidelines for characters or anything? I'm interested in jumping in as well, but before I do, I want to make sure of everything
  16. There aren't any guidelines for characters, just something you think is fun to play, interesting, and not overpowered.

    You can either be some sort of supernatural - any type you want - or a superhuman who lives in the world already, or maybe even a member of the horde. Heck, you could be a sentient flower that evolved on the human world if you wanted xD

    Also, my announcement box didn't tell me people had posted IC, so sorry for the late reply guys :D I'm about to leave for work but I'll be posting when I get home.

    Welcome to all the lovely new people! I hope you enjoy the roleplay :3
  17. Da da da daaa! Throwing in an antagonist to spice things up! Because surviving in an inhospitable land just isn't as fun without imminent danger and evil ♥
  18. Sorry about the late response, but I responded o.o
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