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    Hera didn't want to go to this dumb camp over the summer, she just wanted to stay home. But, she was forced to, something about how she was acting and wanted it to be fixed. The fight ended with her packing her bags for the summer camp. It was now the first day there. Though Hera wasn't going to this place without style, she got her limo driver to take her instead of her parents. The black limo pulled up to the camp, most people taking a look at it confused. A man stepped out and went to the door, opening it up. Hera slowly stepped out with her purse in hand. The man went to the trunk and got her other bag, bringing them to her. "Thanks." She said to him, but tried to make the response like it wasn't a big deal. She looked around at the other people and sighed. This was going to end terribly.

    The same went for Laney, outside wasn't her thing. She usually liked to stay inside and read or something else similar to that. But, now she was being dropped off at the camp. She was already there and out of her parents car when Hera had arrived, but she only glanced at the car for a second. She took her bags from her parents. They kept telling her how fun it was going to be and all the friends she was going to make, but she didn't answer. She just wanted to go back home, there were too many people, too many people running around. She watched her parents leave, standing there with her bags as the car drove off.

    Chris had already been there, no one saw her come in. She was just there. She had her bags around her and she was sitting on a picnic table as she watched the other people starting to arrive. "What a pain." She mumbled to herself. She knew this summer camp was going to suck, with all these dorky people she knew it was going to be worse. Who would even come in a limo? That was ridiculous.
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  2. Jace choked on his food and spluttered as his parents dropped the bomb on him. He looked at his parents, his eyes wide with disbelief. No way. No fucking way. This is not happening. Not, in a million years.
    "Are you fucking kidding me?!" He was surprised at how controlled his voice was, seeing as he wanted to explode.
    "Language, young man! You do not talk to your parents like that. And we are not. You are how going, no questions, no nothing." His father's voice boomed. Jace gripped the edge of the table as he tried to controll his anger. "No fucking way, I'm not going! Make me." He looked at his parents in defiance. He was fucking mad. Like, fuck. He had his summer planned out with his friends. They were to go to Cali, get drunk, get high, bang some girls, break some hearts. But this?! No. A BIG no. He was not going to no fucking summer camp. That, was untill..
    "You have 2 choices young man. It's either you go to camp or, you will be grounded for the rest of the summer. No phones, no internet, no tv, and absolutely, no friends." At these two conditions put forth by his father, he stood and banged the table before stalking towards his room, slamming the door behind him. Great, just fucking great. He called on his best friend, Calen, who just laughed him off, saying that it would not be that bad. Apparently, Calen's older brother, Seth, had been there and said there were lots of hot girls he had banged there. At this, he brightened slightly and reluctantly agreed.

    That morning, with everything packed and ready, he climbed onto the car. His father drove him and checked him in before leaving him there at the reception area. Just then, he caught sight of the girl who climbed out of the limo and licked his lips, thoughts forming in his mind as his lips spread into a Cheshire smile.

    Alexander, and Matthew or better known as Matt, on the other hand, just nodded their head with little drama.

    It was a surprise on Alexander's parents' end for he was the explosive kind. He has anger management issue. Alexander just shrugged when his parents questioned, and all he said, was "I have nothing better to do, and I do agree I need to work on myself." It caused more confusion as Alex was never like this. He just rolled his eyes and walked towards his room, with his hands in his pockets. He took them out, and opened his closet to start unpacking.

    When the said day arrived, he went on his own, as his mother was busy with her book club while his father had a last minute emergency at his office. He nodded to the guy, whom he guessed was around his age and signed his name in.

    For Matt, even though he did not say anything, it was only because he knew he'd mother would start nagging and hogging him non-stop. He knew that his mother loved him, and did what she thought was best for him, but nonetheless, it can be overbearing. He sighed and switched on his computer when he had entered his room, logged in to Iwaku Roleplay and went through his alerts and inbox. There were a few undread alerts and messages and replied to them, making sure to use every bit of precious time he had before the summer camp.

    On that day, his mother dropped him off with a kiss before rushing to her work. Once he had registered, he eyed the "punk girl" that was sitting at the picnic table, and amused look had formed.
  3. Hera watched as the limo went off, half wanting to force the driver to stop and let her get in. He couldn't really do anything about it, could he? But, she didn't want to run after him in the shoes she had on. She stared at her luggage, not knowing what to do now. There was somewhere where she had to sign something, right? She took hold of the suit case and began to roll her bag around with her to the sign-in desk. "Excuse me." She said to guys there and pushed her way through. She took the pen and wrote her name down. She noticed she was going to be stuck with two other girls in her cabin, one named Laney and another Chris. She put the pen down and moved over out of the way.

    Laney held onto her bags. She knew she had to sign in too, but there were so many people over there. She swallowed and started to walk towards them. " me..." She said, nervously as she walked to the desk. She took the pen in hand an sighed her name. The cabin number was 206 written by her name. She had two other people there, which scared her even more than just the cabin.

    Chris had already signed in her name, gotten her number and had her things in the cabin. Most of the first day was going to be getting people there, signed in and get situated in their cabins. She made a sigh and surveyed the other people. What was with the guy staring over at her. She rolled her eyes and turned away. "Great! Hormonal guys." She muttered to herself. Did parents ever think about those things when they were sending their teens off on their own to a camp. They didn't know what they were doing there. Whatever, it didn't matter to Chris. At least she had stashed away her Ipod into her bags before her parents saw. She would have that to comfort her.
  4. Jace picked up his things and and marched to his room, grumbling a little when he saw the boy's dorm was seperated by girls. He grumbled more, when it dawned on him that he had to share the room with two other guys. He didn't really read when he signed the contract and only knew when he saw three single beds placed at the sides of the room. He sighed. He did not like to share room with others. Unlike most boys,,his room is always, almost relatively clean and he liked it that way. He had OCD, in a way, obsessed with cleanliness. He shook his head and picked up his bag. Having chosen the bed on the right, he stashed his bag under the bed, seeing as there was no wardrobe. He jumped onto the bed and bounced a little as he waited for his roommates.

    Alexander, once signed, was lounging for a moment when he saw a timid girl. He tilted his head and looked at her,curiously, a sudden protective feeling rised in him. He shook his head and picked up his bag, marching on towards his room, giving a backwards glance on the girl. He mumbled incoherent words to himself all the way untill he reached the builing. people stared at him like he was a madman but he dismissed them with a glare, where they scampered off. He noticed the other guy was here and guessed that it was Jace. Giving Jace a salute and a nod, he went straight towards the bed that was under the window, in the middle of the other two. He placed his bag near the foot of his bed, and jumped onto the bed, the sheets crumpled under him.

    As for Matt, he sat at there, at the lounging area, as he eyed the girl. He was staring blatantly and he knew the girl had noticed him. He chuckled when she rolled her eyes. She seemed, cute. Unlike most girls here. He had decided to make his way to her when it was announced that everyone had to go to their room untill further notice. He sighed and picked up his bag, heaving it onto his shoulder and walked towards him. Two guys were staring dreamily up at the ceiling and didn't notice him. Scoffing, he took the last bed available and dropped his bag onto the bed, and he sat at the edge of it, kicking off his shoes and flinging his socks at a corner. He climbed in the bed, and took out his phone, his bag was used as a pillow. He sighed when there was no internet connection and grumbled under his breath.

    The two guys, now noticing that all of them was here, sat up. Jace cleared his throat and looked at the both of them.
    "So, hi. My name is Jace. What's yours?"
    "Alexander" Alex gave a very short and curt answer while Matt just kept his mouth shut,,not bothering to answer as he stared at his phone, as if willing for there to be any internet.
  5. Hera took hold of her bags and made her way towards the cabin. She pushed the door open and took the bed by the window. She sat down her bags and took a seat, feeling the bed for a couple minutes. She was used to having a large room by herself, this was going to be a stretch for her.

    Laney didn't notice anyone else, she just tried to get to the cabin as quickly as possible. She pushed the door open and took the last bed that was open. She saw the other girl there, it was the one who was at the signing table just before. "Uh...hi..." Laney said nervously to the girl after she stopped rolling her bags and took a seat, looking at the ground.

    Just then Chris came in. She was glad that the announcement came off, considering that guy was about to approach her. She didn't want to have to deal with that. So, she quickly got away from him for now and was now walking into the room. A shy girl and the rich girl, this was going to be interesting. "Hey, I'm Chris." She said.

    "Hera." Hera replied, flipping her hair out of the way.

    "L-Laney." Laney also replied.

    Chris took a seat on the bed like the others. "I suggest you two watch out, we're at amp. There's only one reason why any guy would go here, think about it."

    Laney just looked confused about it, until she suddenly got really red in the face. Hera did too but made a sound like she didn't care. "It's not like any of these guys could get me." Hera said, "I don't think I have to worry about anything."
  6. Jace scoffed at the guy across from him. "Fucking fag" he muttered under his breath, loud enough for the others to hear, irritated. The guy made no indication he heard him, giving no reaction, causing Jace to shoot glares at him. He was not used to being ignored. Fuck. He needed out. He felt like he's on lockdown and he hated that. Letting out a groan, he walked out of the door, slamming the door behind him. He walked around the cabin, and headed towards the swamp behind it, needing to clear his mind. He slumped himself down when he saw a muddy lake in front. Leaning against the tree behind him, he closed his eyes, taking in the scent of the earth. Unbeknownst to anyone, he loved nature despite how he looked. It was calming and peaceful, the total opposite of his life. He had always escaped to the forest behind his house at night, when he could not sleep or the green house on the rooftop of the school when he skipped class. Not even his best friend knew that. He wanted to keep this side of him a secret. He had an image to upkeep; the city, narcissistic guy. He was sure he'd be laughed at if anyone knew. It was his secret and his alone.

    Alex, on the other hand, had raised his eyebrow in amusement as Jace stormed out of the room. It was comical. Alex, whom people had thought to have anger issues, would seem tame beside Jace. He chuckled silently and turned to the other guy, "You must be Matthew" his low voice rumbled, thick with accent.

    Matthew grunted in an assent, not bothering to look up from his phone, playing a game on it, after the fact that there is no internet, hit him.
  7. After some time another announcement came onto the speakers. It stated that all campers should report to the mess hall for dinner. Well, it was better than sitting around in the cabin. Hera just wondered what kind of food they had. She lifted herself up and began to head out of the cabin after being told. Chris and Laney followed after her, it would be the only time they would get food for the rest of the say after all.

    They headed into the mess hall, many kids running around and taking seats. Some were the same age, others younger but all it did was make Hera roll her eyes. "So, what are we supposed to do?" She asked her cabin mates.

    "I guess, we get food over there." Chris said pointing to the people serving food. "Then go and sit." Chris headed over to the food and began to ask for something to eat. Laney followed quietly with the other two girls. Chris then took a seat, she was surprised that Hera and Laney followed her there.

    "What? I'm going to have to live with you two, so we should at least try to get along." Hera responded and gave Chris a smile. It didn't seem like Hera was all bad, all of the time.

    "Fine." Chris said, not really seeming to care.

    "I-I...un...thank you..." Laney replied in almost a whisper. She knew to always be polite to people and thank them for their kindness. She was going to have to start getting used to them, she had to try. Hera was right, they were living together for this camp trip. Maybe, she could try to get to know them, and then they would help her with all of this outdoors and many people around thing.
  8. Hearing the announcement, Alex quickly leaped from his bed and headed towards the cafeteria. He got in line, waiting for his food as he scanned the area, getting agitated by the moment. He grabbed his food and continued his scan, finally noticing the brown haired girl that had captured his attention. She was with two other girls and he hesitated, not knowing whether to join her or not when he saw Matthew slid into one of the unoccupied sit at their table and started eating as he stared at the punk looking girl who was clearly irritated. Alex sighed in relief. At least he was not alone. He quickly made his way towards them and took a sit in front of the brown haired girl. He gave her a small smile and looked at the two other girls, speaking in his low voice, "I hope you don't mind us sitting here. I'm Alexander, and this is my roommate, Matthews. What's yours?" Alex wanted to know the girl's name but he didn't know how to, and this was the best course, he thought. They would not suspect and he would be safe. He quickly glanced at the other girl and gave her another of his small smile before returning his attention to the other two girls. Matt kept quiet but his ears perked up as he waited for them to say their name.

    For Jace who was far away from the cabin, he didn't quite hear the announcement, so he didn't make his way back towards the camp. By the time he had returned, dinner was almost finished as he walked into the cafeteria. When he spotted his roommates, he quickly went to them and snatched Alexander's bread as he ate, groaning as he ravished it, too distracted to realise of the other three who were with them.
  9. Chris was surprised that the same guy from earlier had decided to sit down at their table with them. "Great." She said, sarcastically. She just went about eating her food, annoyed that the guy was continuing to stare at her. And then, another guy showed up. At least he didn't seemed to be interested in Chris as much as the stalker guy in front of her was. "I'm Chris." She said to Alex's question.

    Laney watched as the guys came to sit with them. She looked down as Alex came and sat across from her, to nervous to look up except for just a few little peaks at him. "I..I'm...Laney." She said, finally trying to get herself to look up at everyone else. She pushed up her glasses nervously.

    "Hera." Hera replied and was about to say something more until Jace walked in and took Alex's bread. "Geez, you could ask for that?" She blurted out. Surprisingly it was the rich heiress who was talking about being polite.
  10. Jace looked at the girl and scoffed before turning to Alex. "Who the fuck are they and what the fuck are they doing here?" Without waiting for his reply he turned his gaze to the girl and eyed her from head to toe and smirk. Leaning in, he stared into her eyes. "Listen here girly, instead of yapping around, why not use your pretty little for something more.....productive?" He winked and leaned back in his chair, as he crossed his arms looking at her.

    Alex and Matt were busy staring at the two girls in front of them, didn't really notice Jace when he came in. Not even when he was talking to Hera, too distracted to pay attention. Alex had realised he was making Laney uncomfortable but somehow, he could not take his eyes off of her. There was something about her that attracted him. He was not one into shy, timid girls, preferring to be feisty and witty. However, she seemed different than others. Innocent, yet there is a spark of intelligence in her. He let out a groan and facepalmed, muttering to himself.

    For Matt, He smirked at Chris's comment as he continued to stare at her, not really saying a word. He tilted his head when she said the name and his mouth worked it out, as though testing it out. Grinning to himself, he picked up his fork, and started to eat as he kept his eyes on her.
  11. "What did you say?" Hera replied back, shocked at what he said. "First of all, we were here first. You're roommates came and sat with us. And, don't you dare wink at me. Gross." She said, flipping her hair out of her way. All she was thinking was that this guy was a jerk, and she suddenly felt bad for the two others who had to live with him. She wasn't going to act like that to her roommates. "Besides, even if I did it definitely wouldn't be with you."

    Laney could tell Alex was watching her, and she didn't know why. She just shyly ate her food, fidgeting a bit. Though she felt like she had to do something with him watching, so she raised up her hand and waved to Alex a little.

    Chris watched Matt, then suddenly put down her fork. "Alright, what is your deal?!" Chris said to Matt. "Stop staring at me like that, it's annoying. I'm not in the mood for a stalker this summer."
  12. Jace's left eyebrow shot up, forming into an arc as his smirk grew bigger. "Fiesty. I like. So tell me, how do you like it? Rough and fast or slow? I like the rough and fast, personally. It is of course depending on my partner." He chuckled darkly as he looked at her. "Don't tell me you don't want this" He lifted a hand and gestured to himself, full of confidence. He leaned in and grabbed a handful of her hair as he played with it, his eyes darkened as he looked at her in the eyes. "You do have such beautiful hair"

    Alex's eyes had widened in pleasant surprise as Laney gave him a small wave and he gave one back, a small smile was plastered on his lips. "Hello. I'm Alex, as you know" He chuckled nervously as he stretched his hand out to her, heat had risen up to his cheek, his other hand rubbing his nape, his eyes not leaving her.

    Matt let out a chuckle and grinned at Chris. "Fiesty and cute, how nice. Quite the opposite of me, but nice nonetheless, I'm a man of actions, so what do I want? This." He leaned in and stole a quick kiss from her before leaning back against his chair, looking at her.
  13. Hera looked disgustingly at Jace, almost shocked at what he said. "That's none of your business." She shouted out, almost with a slight blush from embarrassment that he was mentioning it. "And I don't want to know about yours! No, I don't want this!" She said, waving her finger around, pointing to him. She was shocked even more that he had touched her hair. "Yeah, well, if people like you don't touch it." Hera's face was becoming even more red. The truth was, she hadn't had a boyfriend or anything remotely like that yet so this was all surprising to her but she wasn't going to say that to anyone.

    Laney looked at his hand for a few moments before she quickly took it with hers and shook a little. Once that was done she quickly pulled her hand away. "...H-hi...A...Alex" She whispered to him. She was also blushing, but hers was because she was so nervous about everything.

    Chris was about to say something back, until Matt leaned over to her and kissed her. She dropped her fork, letting it hit the tray the slammed her hands down onto the table. "Don't ever do that again!" She stated to him, giving him a glare with her eyes.
  14. Jace simply laughed and with a wicked grin, he kissed her hair then leaned back towards his chair. "Don't deny the fact that you do want me, buttercup. I want you. And I go after what I want. You'll fall, sooner or later." He said, with full confidence, his voice low in an attempt to sound seductive.

    Alex looked back at his hands and clutched it as he relished the moment of warmth she gave. Her skin was soft, smooth and warm and his eyes dilated and darkened as thoughts filled his mind. He smiled softly at her. "Laney right?"

    Matt chuckled and patted her hands, his mouth had started to form words when the bell rang, a signal that dinner is finished and was time for bed. He sighed and look at her, as he stood up, along with the others. "Guess I'll see you tomorrow." He turned around and started to trudge back with his cabinmates to their cabin, all quiet for their heads were full of thoughts.
  15. "As if!" Hera replied to Jace just before the bell rang. She was relieved when that bell went off and they were beginning to leave. Hera stood up and threw away her food that was left. "I'm going back to the cabin now." She said to the two other girls and headed for the cabin. She went quickly, not wanting to run into anyone. She opened the door and flopped onto the bed. She felt like her face was really red from talking to Jace. She made a large sigh, thinking in her head that she was going to have to do everything in her power to stay away from him.

    Laney nodded when Alex questioned her name, she couldn't really do anything else. She heard the bell ring, put away her things as well and went off following behind Hera to the cabin. She came in just after Hera and took a seat on the bed, sitting there nervously. She looked over at Hera then down at the floor.

    Chris shook her head and threw her things away. She stood up and stomped off to the cabin, looking around like the other two to make sure no one was around to follow. She was angry at that Matt guy for what he did. She walked into the cabin and closed the door with a bang, sitting onto her bed. "Geez, the guys here are jerks and weird."

    "I agree." Hera replied when she heard Chris.

    "T-that one A-Alex seemed nice..." Laney said back quietly. It made Chris and Hera look over at her and smile largely. "What?" Laney continued.

    "Nothing." Hera and Chris replied together.
  16. Jace had a silly smile on his face as he thought of Hera. She had matched him in every way and he liked that. A challenge to be taken down With that thought in mind, he thought of multiple ways on how to get her to fall for him. He was going to have a fun time breaking her heart, after he had soiled her of course. He could see that she was still innocent as a lamb, despite her diva, spoilt personality.
    "This, will be fun Summer indeed, more than I had anticipated." He chuckled and closed his eyes as sleep caught to him.

    Alex could not get his mind of Laney and the feel of her skin. He felt like it was a drug and he groaned as he felt himself hardened. He looked at his roommates, and not wanting to wank in front of anyone, he sighed and closed his eyes, wanting to get rid of thoughts of her.

    Matt was already asleep, content with the reaction he got when he stole a kiss of Chris, that thought accompanied him to his sleep and so much more.
  17. Hera turned away from Laney and sighed. "Well, the rest of them are a pain." She said, then pulled a cover of her. "I'm going to get some rest." Hera flipped to her side and laid her head out onto the pillow.This summer was going to be one of the worst, she was thinking, and with that in mind Hera drifted off in a deep sleep.

    With that action, Chris as well decided to get some sleep. She would deal with that Matt guy later, she wasn't going to let him get the better of her again. She closed her eyes, having trouble falling asleep at first but after some time she finally was asleep.

    Laney shrugged, then went to sleep like the others. She knew it was going to be hard, since she was in a place she didn't know of. She never liked sleeping in other places, but she had to for this summer. She closed her eyes, but couldn't really fall asleep. She knew she would eventually, but it seemed to take a very long time after all, the sun was ever starting to come out again when she finally fell asleep.
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