Camp NaNoWriMo!

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  1. Anyone else signing up for this insanity? I have all of nothing ready. 8D
  2. I'm thinking about it giving it shot, but I'm not exactly very confident in my abilities. I'm looking forward to the opportunity, through. It's always been my dream to write a novel and this would be a good motivator.
  3. Give it a go! It can't hurt, and even if you don't make your goal, you've done something incredible: you've started. That's more than most people can manage.
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  4. Isn't nanowrimo in November?
  5. This is worse than Christmas in July.
  6. This is CAMP NaNoWriMo! It's in April, and then again in June. =D You know, for the true masochists among us.
  7. Nah. I prefer doing stuff like writing or reading when it's entertaining for me. Setting it up as a "I have to do this" deal just saps all the enjoyment away.
  8. Fair enough, Gwazi. I like using the deadline, because it helps me stay on task. I have a really hard time with distractions!
  9. I might, deadlines are useful to me, too! I just can't be consistent, though.

    My Novembers start out strong, I disappear from writing during the middle (I guess it's the pressure of omg-I-have-to-write-today that just makes me shut down)... and then suddenly in the last few days I'll write more than the whole month.

    But I am trying to set a couple of hours weekly to just write so this might help with motivation. We should share usernames so we can keep each other motivated!
  10. As long as it gets done, I see no problem with taking a break! I usually try to get a minimum of 250 words if I'm having a breakdown. :x That way, I don't feel guilty for doing nothing at all!

    Try to set aside a half hour a day. It isn't a lot, is it? If you can do that, you should have an easier time avoiding burnout.
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  11. I made 6.5k total as of day three! Hurrah!
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  12. 9k posts. Anyone else writing?
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