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Camp Mythos( Arcadia, Kitsune, Carnivorous Distaste and ElBell)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Arcadia, Nov 13, 2014.

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  1. @ElBell @Kitsune @CarnivorousDistaste This is the Camp Mythos OOC! Make sure to read all that's been written here!

    • Welcome to Camp Mythos, the primary campgrounds for your young Mythos child to come to and remain safe in! You can be sure, with Camp Mythos, that we will have fun activities for your child to complete all year round, if they are subscribed as a year round camper with us. You close the pamphlet, the car journey to Camp Mythos complete. You yawn. It must have been a long journey. You're finally here, and ready to begin a safe new life. However, not all is safe at Camp Mythos. There are troubled times coming, and it seems that this years campers are the only ones who can stop the oncoming storm.

    • [​IMG]
      The Vinetwist Forest. The place where campers come to orienteer, or just explore the beauty of nature, near to the campfire and the exit of the camp.
      The Campfire. Where quests are given out, friends, allies, comrades, brothers in arms and rivalries are forged.
      Hydriad Lake. Where water nymphs come to frolic and play about in their natural territory, and here the majority of summer events in the camp occur. Many romantic couples often come here to kiss by the moonlight.
      Olympiad Valley Training Grounds. Where the tough and the weak come in unison to hone their abilities in combat evasion, dexterity and agility.
      Residential and Staff Cabins. Where all residents of Camp Mythos live out there summers or their years, depending on their subscription. Each cabin is perfectly suited to it's residents species or talents, where it be the manipulation of the elements such as fire, or whether they need a large area to rest, for example, the centaur residents.

    • Name:
      Year Round or Summer Camper:
      Weapons (mainly used for training and sometimes hunting outside of camp):
      Myth Species:
      Mythos Appearance:
    • TBC

    • - Training Instructor: You help to train the campers in the art of combat and also avoiding combat. You yourself will be especially skilled in some art of combat.
      -Summer Camper: Sadly, you don't get to enjoy the fun of Camp Mythos all yer round. After the summer, you must go back home and enjoy a life within mortal human society. Boo, hiss.
      -Yearly Camper: You get to enjoy all that Camp Mythos has to offer, all year round! Hopefully this means you'll be productive with your time, and complete more quests than you would as a Summer Camper!
      -Camp Advisor: The Camp Advisor's job is simple. Be the best friend to camper's who don't have one, and help every new camper that comes through the magical gate of Camp Mythos to fit into the family.
      -Camp Guard/Advisor: Your sole job is to make sure camp is safe, and so are the campers. If they need help, you give it to them, but your primary objective is the complete safety of the Mythos Campers from the outside dangers.
      - Quest Clairvoyant: Granted Clairvoyance by the gods, you are able to communicate with them and other holy beings in order to find out what they have tasked selected campers with doing.

    • Arcadia: Chorus Actaeon, Darcy Ceres, Claire Leone, Kyle Hex, Jensen Hex.
      Carnivorous Distaste:
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  2. Name: Chorus Actaeon
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Year Round or Summer Camper: Year Round, Camp Advisor
    Appearance: With black hair and red eyes, when Chorus is in his human form, he tends to walk with a dark oak walking stick to support his legs, due to his centaur nature meaning he will become unbalanced without his other legs. He stands about 5'9, but seems 5'8 because of his slouched posture.
    History: Chorus as a child was always bullied because of his constant use of his walking stick. His parents, one an actual centaur who lived in Camp Mythos, told him that he was destined to be as quick as the wind itself and be able to outrun lightning. Chorus later found out his Centaur heritage at 16, and, at the suggestion of his mother who was, unknown to Chorus, later killed by a demon, told to go to Camp Mythos. He has stayed as a year round camper for five years now, replacing his father who has since passed away from battle wounds as a Camp Advisor.
    Weapons (mainly used for training and sometimes hunting outside of camp): He uses a mace attached to a chain, for extra damage when he begins to spin it, aptly nicknaming it Cyclone.
    Myth Species: Centaur
    Mythos Appearance:
    Other: Loves Red.

    Name: Darcy Ceres
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Year Round or Summer Camper: Year Round
    5"3, she has long brown hair, with bangs, and an hourglass figure. She considers herself supple in the chest area, but not bountiful. She typically wears a red-seashell bikini, torn jeans and blue armoured arm bracers.
    History: Darcy was discriminated against for always using a wheelchair, until at 15 her father told her that her mother was a centaur, and she was a great warrior, inspiring Darcy. He then told her he had subscribed her to Camp Mythos, and she has been there since.
    Weapons (mainly used for training and sometimes hunting outside of camp): Her Trident, Aquarius.
    Myth Species: Centaur
    Mythos Appearance:
    Other: She loves chocolate.

    Name: Claire Leone
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Year Round or Summer Camper: Year Round:
    Appearance: She has blonde, short hair, with brown highlights. She typically wears cream jacket, with a fur hood, and a black fabric in the middle, dotted with gold buttons. She stands at 6'1 and is of an hourglass figure.
    History: Claire was always the popular girl as a teenager. She was feisty, manipulative, the whole package of typical popular girl status. However, she was an avid stargazer and would always go to view the stars at night. One night however, Leo, the celestial being, granted her with the ability to retain lion-like features, making her an outcast the next day when she could not cancel this transaction. She fled to Camp Mythos after receiving the brochure one day and subscribed as a year round camper.
    Weapons (mainly used for training and sometimes hunting outside of camp): Her sword, Braveheart Inferno, is her only weapon, which she uses to cut down foes with deadly accuracy.
    Myth Species: Embodied Lioness
    Mythos Appearance:
    Other: Being an Embodied Lioness means that Claire is able to reveal her animal like, in this case, lion ears and feline nose, when she becomes "Embodied" by her star sign, Leo.

    Name: Kyle and Jensen Hex
    Age: 17 (Twins)
    Gender: Male
    Year Round or Summer Camper: Year Round
    History: Jensen and Kyle always had a brotherly rivalry, duking it out to assert their own dominance over the other twin. However, one day, Jensen, being the cool and laidback one, was flirting with a girl he had loved for two years. However, Kyle, jealous of his brother, told he girl Jensen's most embarrassing secret to get back at him and hopefully score the girl. However, he was slapped and rejected, a seething Jensen walking towards him, fists raised. They argued for a good five minutes, and then Jensen punched Kyle in the face, hard, water seeming to gather in his fist as fire did Kyle. They fought each other and were split up by their parents. At 16, Kyle was sent alone to Camp Mythos and Jensen a year later.
    Weapons (mainly used for training and sometimes hunting outside of camp): Jensen uses weapons, as does Kyle, out of their respective elements, fire and water.
    Myth Species: Mage
    Mythos Appearance: Above.
    Other: Kyle has Thalassophobia, and Jensen has hayfever.
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  3. Psst.....what's considered Myth species? Like fairies and such???
  4. Fairies, Kitsunes, Nymphs, Mages, Centaurs, that kind of thing.
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