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  1. Camp Mystik is a newly founded summer camp for children ages 8-16 near Ontario in Canada. The land was originally owned by a wealthy, adventurous family who was fascinated by nature. The territory is immense, commonly said to be more then 1000kmĀ². The newest owner in the family is James Franducher. He loved being with kids and found that the vast land had no use to just be left alone so, with the riches he inherited he transformed into a private summer camp for children 8 to 16 years old. Well, thats what everyone says. But there's more to the camp then people think. The land was once a reserve for mystical creatures: Elves, satyrs, gnomes, fairies, you name it! It was founded in 1713 to preserve the magical creatures on the planet since man soon dominated, leaving the other creatures no place to go. There are many, many other reserves like this across the world: Australia, Germany, China, Mexico, etc. The now owner decided to use his family's riches to turn this into a camp since he could not have children of his own and needed to find possible candidates to take over the reserve when he passes. The creatures are hidden under a magic spell protecting the campmaking the creatures seemingly invisbile to the kids but there is a way to see them. It is also rumoured that some moniters are actually mystical creatures volunteering to help with the children's safety. Oh and, whatever you do, don't venture to far in the forest.


    1. Be kind, respect other's opinions and way of play.

    2. If you have a problem with another RPer, do not confront the person head on. Rather, PM me and I'll deal with it.

    3.Use your best grammar (I wont kick for this but try your best grammar. Atleast proper punctuation and your/you're/their/they're/theres)

    4. No critisizing others on their way of RPing/characters. If I see a problem I'll adress them via PMs.

    5. No killing allowed. Nada, zilch, nein, non.

    6. Beware, if your character does something to the magical creatures, even by accident, expect karma to come collect their debt.

    7. No sexual stuff, espcially with the minors. Fade to black or take to PM.

    8. This is not a jump in. Wait for your CS to be accepted by me.

    9. Have fun.

    Boys and girls are in different groups who are also seperated by age. There are 3 age groups: 8-10, 11-13, 14-16. Each group have two counselors, both of the same sex as the group. Each group has about 12 kids each. Each group is named after an animal. Boys 8-10 are opossums, Boys 11-13 are Lions and Boys 14-16 are called Crows. Meanwhile, Girls 8-10 are called mice 11-13 are called Tigers and 14-16 are Ravens.


    James Franducher - Infinatis
    James' Assistant - Infinatis
    Camp Worker (3 open) -
    Opossum Counselor (2 open) -
    Lion Counselor (2 open) -
    Crow Counselor (2 open) -
    Mice Counselor (2 open) -
    Tiger Counselor (2 open) -
    Raven Counselor (2 open) -
    Opossum Children (12 open) -
    Lion Children (12 open) -
    Crow Children (10 open) -
    Mice Children (11 open) -
    Tiger Children (12 open) -
    Raven Children (12 open) -


    Appearance (delete Appearance and paranthesise):
    Race: (if they are a counselor, if not, delete)
    Sexuality (optional)
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  2. I call an opossum child and a raven child.
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  3. Okay
  4. [​IMG]

    Name: James Franducher
    Age: 67
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Personality: James is a kind, yet strict man. He can be kind but if you disobey the rules, prepare to have a rather long lecture. He can be perceived as cold but he truly cares about the kid's safety, even if that means being stricter then he would like. But he is generous and loves to tell stories about his travels around the world.
    Background: James was born into the Franducher family, a long line of guardians of Mystikgard, the reserve now turned into Camp Mystik. He lived a rather adventurous life, being born into a wealthy family allowed him to have a good education and travel alot. His older brother took care of Mystikgard for the most part, since he was 16 he was a beloved caretaker. James rather lead studies of Mystikgard's secrets, researching the reserve's magical properties. James parted for a tour of the world a couple of years ago and during, James' older brother died of a heart attack at 58. James then took over the reserve since both his parents died of old age 10 years back. But there was one problem. He didn't know anyone that he could pass on the title of guardian since he did not have much close friends that knew or belived of the reserve's true nature and he was sterile, meaning he could not have any children. So, with alot of work, he made the reserve into a private camp where he could pick from a vast aount of candidates.
    Other: He loves violin and has actually won some awards for his playing of the instrument.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Dylan Hart
    Age: 8
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Too young to know that
    Personality: is very energetic. He tends to talk back a lot, though is very sensitive.
    Background: Has never had any real friends and his parents never seemed to care for him. He has imaginary friends, but his parents yelled at him and said not to "bring them" to camp.
    Anything else will be progressed through RP
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  6. Accepted
  7. Calling a crow kid, please.
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  8. Done
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    Name: Jack Syrup
    Personality: Jack is the kind of guy most would call an introvert in most aspects. He usually listens to his music, but he's been trying to be more extroverted.
    Backstory: Grew up in a middle class family, only child, loving mother and stepfather. They decided that the camp would be a nice change of pace for him, instead of spending the summer hiding in his room.
    Other:Never seen without his CD Player and DVDs, hates swimming,
  10. Accepted!
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