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    Brynn parked carefully under the welcoming shade of a few tall trees in Camp Marion’s small parking lot. There were enough needle-dusted slots for maybe twelve cars, but there were only about five actually in it, three of them, she noted, were Subaru’s. With a sigh, she put out her cigarette in her built-in ashtray and clambered out of her vehicle to retrieve her belongings.

    Camp Marion would be in session for two and a half months, eating up more than half of her long-awaited summer- her senior summer, no less. The campers would be arriving tomorrow morning (at 8 fucking o’clock) but the Counselors and CIT’s were supposed to get to the camp today to prepare for their arrival. Brynn didn’t fully know what these preparations entailed, but she had a feeling that she would be getting more in tune with cleaning chemicals then with nature.

    Slinging her faded backpack over a shoulder and extracting her large duffel proved to be an easy enough task. The challenge came in as she reached for her third, smaller bag. She nearly broke her arm twisting around until her hand finally clasped around the handle. With a smile of triumph, Brynn slammed the car door shut with her foot and walked towards the camp grounds, not bothering to lock her car.

    Who would want inside an old BMW that reeks of old cigarettes and soggy pizza, anyways? Brynn thought to herself, walking slowly down a wide dirt path. She looked around at the buildings- clearly marked cabins all built to resemble log houses. The CIT Cabin’s were easy to find, they were set in the back of the camp, away from at the action. That, at least, was a blessing. There were only two cabins, one a blue door, and one with a green door. She hesitated, unsure which she belonged in.

    Checking the directions and map she was emailed, Brynn read that she was supposed to put her belongings in the girl’s cabin, 63 before meeting the headmaster, counselors, and fellow CIT’s in the mess hall. Brynn scrutinized each cabin before noticing the inscribed numbers just above the doors. 63, apparently, was the cabin with the blue door. She entered tentatively, hoping not to disturb anyone inside.

    The door let out a shuddering creak as she opened it, entering a small room with three beds. Two of which were bunk beds, the third of which was a single. Brynn eyed the single wistfully, but wondered if perhaps it were reserved for somebody else? If it wasn’t reserved she would really regret taking a bunk, but if it was, that would be awfully embarrassing. Or perhaps the beds were preassigned?

    Brynn chose to set her bags down on the lower bunk. She didn’t mind the lower slot; it was the upper portion that she preferred to stay away from. This way, she wouldn’t get in trouble for taking the single, but she also wouldn’t be forced up a ladder every night.

    Content with her decision, Brynn sprayed on a thick layer of bug-spray and wandered out with her map and directions to locate the mess hall.
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  2. Lilia grinned as warm wind blew through the rolled down window and through her long, tangled locks. She and her mother were singing at the top of their lungs along with the crackling radio, shrieking when each new oldies song was announced. This had gone on for the past hour, in between bites of kale chips and mixed granola. There was leisure in the car ride, but Lilia’s mind could not be moving faster. Each mile they traveled made Lilia increasingly more restless.

    The real excitement was not the road trip with her mother, but the destination. It had been two years since Lilia had set foot at Camp Marion as a small and confused camper, and now she would be returning as a CIT! For seven summers Lilia would watch as older campers transformed into the friendly and hilarious Counselors in Training, and now Lilia was finally among them. It was a childish dream, but a dream nonetheless and Lilia was glad to have it fulfilled.

    As they pulled up through the front driveway in their electric car, Lilia felt past summer memories wash over her alongside the sweet breeze. The sky at home could never match the bright blue that stretched above Oregon, and the lush forests were incomparable. Lilia hopped out of the car almost before it could stop rolling and pulled out her two suitcases from the trunk. She leaned through her moms open window, gave her a peck on the cheek and waved her off, ready to kick back once again and enjoy the pleasure Camp Marion brought her once again.

    Finding the CIT cabins was a simple task for Lilia. She had often walked past the two shoddy buildings during night escapades with her friends, and was always curious what they looked like inside, now she would finally find out! Lilia was particularly excited about the bathrooms that were inside the CIT cabins, as that was a luxury she had lived without as a camper. She was not fond of night hikes to the toilet.

    She entered the building with the freshly painted blue door. The netting windows were recently replaced and moss-free, and let the refreshing air circle through the space. The space was wider and taller than the camper cabins, but perhaps that was because there were fewer beds.

    Lilia noticed that only one bed was claimed- a bottom bunk. It was almost in slow motion that Lilia noticed that the single was bear, and she began running to throw her two suitcases on top and stake the cot for herself.

    She laughed at her foolishness, glancing around at the empty cabin. Fluffing her locks, she exited the cabin and happily made her way to the mess hall for CIT orientation. Secretly, she hoped that there would be a couple of cute male counselors, but making a new friend or two would be nice.
  3. Conner leaned against the window as his mom drove him to the camp. It seemed so long ago that he was here but at the same time he was excited to be back. He put in one of his headphones and turned up his ipod. He watched the scenery fly by and couldn't stop himself from smiling as they got closer and closer.

    They pulled up to the camp and Conner couldn't help but feel nervous, he was going to be in charge of a ton of kids and had only been here for a year, was he really going to be ok here? He took a deep breath and opened the door. He walked to the back of the car and took out his bags. He kissed his mom goodbye and watched her drive off before looking at his note on where to go.

    He looked for number 64 and found it rather easily. The CIT cabins were a little further away from the campers. He opened the door and cringed as it squeaked. Seeing that he was the first one here and that there was a single bed open, Conner placed his bags on the single. He put on some bug spray and walked out to find the mess hall. He smiled to himself and took a deep breath, it was great to be back.
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  4. Jake packed up his old beat up white truck with his bags for the camp. "I'll be good, I promise." He kissed his mom on the cheek and gave her a big hug smiling. "I love you" she said. "I love you too Mom. It's almost over." She nods and his 8 year old brother starts to cry. "Don't go!" Jake looks at him sad with a little bit of a laugh. "Mikey it's okay buddy. Just think, after this Fifa14 24/7." I wink and smile picking him up. "Promise?" He says sniffling. "Promise" Jake says hugging him and getting into his truck. He rolls down all the windows, throws on his ray bans and waves goodbye blasting his music. He runs his fingers through his hair and takes a deep breath. Almost done he thinks.

    He pulls up to the camp and parks his car. He hops out and grabs his duffle bag out of the back. It was so weird to be back. It was so long ago that he was here, so much had changed but not this. He looks at the paper and smiles. He heads down to the CIT cabins and knocks on the door. They must all be at the mess hall already. I place my bag by the door so they could figure out beds later. I don't want to take anyone's bunk by accident. But then again, hopefully nobody is immature about fighting for them as we were when we were younger.

    Jake steps out of the room and closes the door. It was so familiar. He loved it. Something that hadn't changed when everything else did. He walked down to the mess hall where a couple other CIT's were. He took a deep breath, smiled and walked in.
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  5. Charlie was driving towards the familiar camp and smiled to himself. This was his second year of being an CIT and he was even more excited then he was last year. He now knew what to expect of it. He couldn't wait until the kids would arrive, but he also liked meeting the new CIT's. Most of them were nice and he was really eager to get to know them. He parked the car and grabbed his bags from the trunks, walking over the familiar path to cabin 64. He knew there everybody would want the single bed in the back so when he opened it he just placed his bags on top of one of the bunks. Charlie knew he was a quiet sleeper so he could better have the top bed because he didn't move around a lot.

    He had finished making his bed and then walked toward the mess hall. Some people already there. He waved at them and held out his hand to be shook. "Hello, I am Charlie, nice to meet you all" He gave them a goofy smile.
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