Camp KamiGami made for demigods

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  1. Hello and welcome to camp Camp Kamigami, This is a camp for the gifted the people who know not who or what they are meant to be. We help them the ones who have been mistreated by society told by society you have medical issues that cause all of this. Some have been here for life and a select amount of people are born by two gods but had their immortality taken from them. They come when they finally figure it out they are led here but some dont make it in time and lose themselves. But those who do make it live in piece and serenity with all of us in camp kamigami!

    Rules!! (I know boring blah ugh just shut your pie hole -_-)

    1. No killing unless you are son/daughter of Hades, Zues, Posieden, Hermes, Artemis, And on rare cases Hephaestus.
    2. Ask to be posieden, Zues or Hades Spouse!
    3. No graphic sexy time
    4. Don't judge me -~-
    5. please do not

    Character Sheet
    Mother or father

    Born of two gods: open
    Born of two gods, Hades: Crona, Riu Daughter
    Zues: Open
    Posieden: open

    Name: Crona
    Mother or father: Hades and persephone
    History: Is the daughter of hades but due to his connection with persephone crona both has the power to create and destroy. She has been looked down upon for her life and at one point was in a traveling circus.
    Personality: Um youll find out
    Extra: Dont get her mad!

    Crona was the daughter of Hades and Persephone she was given the power to create and destroy, there was also the fact that no one really liked her father hades. Today since her immortality was taken from her she would be going to Camp Kamigami so she could be alone still. It seemed everywhere she went she was alone no one liked her father and no one took in consideration she is also the daughter of Persephone. Eventually when Crona was little she took in the fact that she was going to be alone her whole life and she should act tough. She was never taken into consideration and was always left out so she figured it would all be ok.
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  2. Pm me for the positions you have to ask for.
  3. Name: Rachael Musgrave
    Age: 15
    Mother: Athena
    Rachel is the daughter of Athena and a mortal man named Luis Musgrave. She has lived with her father for most of her life and has done home school so she could move with her own pace. She has very few friends and many call her many things.
    Personality: She keeps much mainly to herself and is shy. But she is very intelligent and will share her ideas if she feels it's needed. She is considered a book worm. She is very caring of others once they get to know her. And she is protective of her few friends.
    Show Spoiler



    Rachel's father heard of a camp for demigods. He figured this would be a great chance for his daughter to make friends and maybe even meet people that were like her. Rachel arrived at the camp. "Dad do I have to?" "Yes Rachel" "How long do I have to stay?" "I'm not sure yet just call if you need anything okay?" Her father handed Rachel a cell phone. "Um okay dad." She took the phone and what her father had packed for her it some how fit within a book bag. She went into the camp looking for someone or something that might tell her were to go.
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  4. Crona passes rachael on her way to the camp with a expressionless face, her dress is torn at the edges and her hair flows behind her, wherever she walks a small spark erupts in the ground too. She sighs following an unmarked pathway to find the camp, she looks at the person she passed and moves on. When she gets far enough she stops at the sight of a wooden archway that no one can really see but people like her and probably the other girl. She walks in and heads over to a bench sitting and eating a small piece of bread.
  5. Rachel watched as a girl passed. 'Maybe I should follow her. She seemed different.' She walked where she saw the girl go. She stopped to see a path that looked like only some people could see it. 'This must be the place.' She walked to were she saw a bench with the girl that passed her. Rachel went over near the girl and sat down she was pulled out a small piece of a chip and fed it to a small baby raven she had spotted near the bench. She wanted to ask the girl if this was the camp for dimi-gods but because she was shy and not good with people she just deiced to sit there feeding the bird in hopes that she might ask her why she was here.
  6. "It is the camp of demigods, And I could tell it by the look on our face." She stands up from the bench and begins walking over to the hades cabin that is right near zues's and posieden's cabin. She sighs and walks into the dark room or temple and sits on a small hammock, "God this is ridiculously dark" She lays her head on the hammock and looks to the roof of the cabin which is shrouded in darkness. She uses her fire to light some of the lanterns that are hung up inside of the room, She then gets all of her clothes and personal possessions unpacked and heads for the bathroom to unpack her hair stuff, toothbrush, and personal toilet paper.
  7. Rachel listened to what the girl said. 'Great I'm at least at the right place. But where am I suppose to stay?' She watched the girl go to where a few cabins were. And watched her enter the one that said Hades. 'Oh so she must be Hades's daughter. I wonder if her mother is Persephone. Hades is a cool guy I hope to get to know her. But I'm not sure what I would say. Hmm... The other two looks like Zeus and Poseidon. So mine must be somewhere else.' She got up and walked near the three cabins to check her theory. 'Yep so where might I be?' She looked around and saw other cabins a little ways away. And made her way to find her cabin so she could put up her things.
  8. Name: Cassandra Evans
    Age: 16
    Mother or father: Daughter of Poseidon
    History: Cassandra was born to her unwed mother, Ashley, a young girl who was seduce by Poseidon, god of the water. He was a big part of Cassandra's life and helped her maintain her friends and school. He didn't know much about raising a child but with Ashley's help the two together raised Cassandra as both mortal and immortal. Though it's hard at times for Cassandra to juggle both sides of her life she manages.
    Personality: Sweet, Kind, Easily Amused, Sassy, and Stubborn
    Looks (open)

    Extra: She's a pretty skilled fighter

    Cassandra was walking towards the camp when the sight of two girls stopped her dead in her tracks, She knew she had been enrolled at a summer camp for Demigods and Demigoddess such as herself, but she was surprised to see two girls that looked so.. normal. She approached the two and shyly said. "Hello, do you know where camp is?"
  9. Rachel turned from looking for her cabin. "I'm afraid I don't." She looked at the girl but not in the eyes as she answered. "Sorry." She then looked to see if the other girl had come out or if someone near knew.
  10. "Well this is odd.." Cassandra said more to herself and turned to begin looking for her own cabin as well. "I'm Cassandra by the way" She said to the other girl. Not much of an introduction but hey.. it was better than nothing.
  11. The girl turned to look at the girls and turned back she had made herself more presentable by changing into black jeans and a black shirt with a batman symbol. "It seems you are lost again." She wasn't even looking at them "Its quite a shame you need to get there quick.." She turned wearing skating sneakers and had a skateboard in her hand. She puts the skate board on the floor skating over leaving trails of fire and ash, "Well if your looking for athena its thata way" She points across the dirt road.
  12. Rachel looked at where the girl pointed. "Thanks. And cool trick." She went to head off but stopped for a moment and faced the two girls again. 'This may not be your strong point but you need to make friends. And well Hades daughter would be cool.' "Umm... I'm Rachel...Maybe I can see you guys again latter?" 'See that wasn't to bad start small.'
  13. Cassandra smiled. "Yeah, I hope to see you later then Rachel" She said before she turned to the other girl. "Uh I don't mean to bother you but I'm looking for Poesidon's cabin? You wouldn't happen to know where its at would you?"
  14. "Crona next to mine" She slid across the dirt road over to a small campfire, This is ridiculous its so small." She looked at the tiny flame poking at it before she grew the flame into blue and white creating a brilliant crackling sound and smoke smell. The girl poked her foot in it sighing in delight as it engulfed her foot, She did not have a very high attention span and her gaze fell upon a meadow. "It has no flowers!" She slipped her boot on and skated over making small flowers pop up out of the ground creating a sun filled and flower filled meadow "Better!"
  15. Rachel smiled. "Great." She watched as the other girl went making the fire first larger then creating flowers. 'Yeah she seems cool. And the daughter of Poseidon awesome my dads right I do fit in.' Then she headed of for the Athena's cabin in hopes to put up her stuff.
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