Camp Half-Blood

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  1. The main storyline:
    If you've ever read any of the series from Rick Riordan,
    ( Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles )
    Then you'll know what this role play will be about.
    If not, then basically, you're a demigod.
    A demigod is a child of a God, who's mated with a human.
    ( Not always in a sexual way, children of Athena were born from the thoughts of the mother and father, because she was born from her fathers head, and she likes intelligence.)
    So, you have powers of some sort that relate to the God who was either your mother or father.
    You can only have one parent be a god or goddess. The other is a human, and you may live with that parent,
    or a grandparent, ect.
    You can get to the camp how ever you'd like, it can be a great battle, a regular ride with a parent, or some other way.
    I'm hoping to have Greek, Roman and Egyptian Gods/Goddesses in this, all in one camp.

    The Camp Houses.
    Each set of kids has a "house" of their own, like a cabin at camp, where
    you share it with your "siblings".
    These are not like normal siblings, as they only share the same God/Goddess parent.
    But while you're at "Camp", you'll live with them, share with them, and eat with them.
    You will participate in challenges with them and such.
    It is your duty to keep your cabin clean for inspection days, and everyone has to help out.

    The Gods/Goddesses and their "powers".

    Greek and Roman
    (Names separated by a slash, Greek is in the left, Roman on the right.)

    Goddess of Love, beauty and desire.
    Her children are beautiful, and have charmspeak, which means they can persuade people to do as they wish,
    Her Roman version, Venus, is about the same.

    God of the Sun, Music, Archery, Poetry, Healing, and prophecy.
    His children are good at healing and archery. Some have the gift of prophecy.

    God of war and bloodshed.
    His children are strong fighters in battle, and love a fight/challenge, they tend to be bullies.

    Godless of the hunt.
    She does not have any children.
    Some girls join her in the hunt though, but once you do, you can't have children,
    and only girls can join.

    Goddess of wisdom, weaving, the arts, warfare and reason.
    Her children are very smart, and love building things.

    Goddess of fertility, grain and harvest.
    Her children are good at growing things.

    God of the underworld.
    His children can speak to ghosts/spirits, as well as control them.
    They can also find precious metals, and tunnels underground.

    God of flight, thieves, commerce and travelers.
    His children are good at a lot of things, most of the time they're thieves.

    God of the sea.
    His children can control all water, they can breathe in it, and they can talk to sea animals,as well as horses. The water heals them and gives them strength. They can also tell their exact location in the seat.

    God of the sky, thunder and lightning.
    His children can make huge storms, and when in air, can tell their exact location.

    Egyptian Gods/Goddesses
    They didn't have children, but if you were a magician or in that family line, you could all on them to help you in battle.
    (Look up a list of them)

    Character sheet:
    God or Goddess parent:
    Appearance: (Real life pictures please)
    Greek, Roman or Egyptian:
    Background story:

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    Name: Marcus
    Age: 17
    God or Goddess parent: Mercury

    Greek, Roman or Egyptian: Roman
    Background story: Kicked out of no less than 3 high schools, Marcus was bit of a troublemaker. He was constantly stealing teachers notes to cheat off of, or breaking into the office to make inappropriate announcements on the PA. The only positive to having him in school was that he sent all of his high school's track teams to state each year he was there. He was sent to camp because his mother thought it would set him straight and make him realize that he's not the only one with special powers.
    Likes: Making trouble, pulling pranks, running, scoring the ladies
    Dislikes: swimming, authority
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    Name: Robin Redwood
    Age: 17
    God or Goddess parent: Demeter
    Greek, Roman or Egyptian: Greek
    Background story:
    Before Robin was born, a great drought had fallen over the land which her tribe lives, leaving them with little food. Being on a reservation her people are considered to be "lower class" and could barely afford to keep food on the table for children as well as feed their livestock. After years of praying and still very little rain, a woman came to them. Robin's father described the occurrence vividly to her- stalks of corn and grain sprouted from where the woman stepped, and fruit bearing trees grew where she touched the soil. To her people, she was known as Yolkai Estsan, goddess of the moon. However, to most others she is known as Demeter.

    Demeter came to their people in a time of great need, ending the long famine which had plagued them. Through the rain, she went to Robin's father who had been given title as chief over the people. Despite being married, it is considered great honor to share one's bed with a god or goddess. The act produced Robin, who was Demeter's final gift to the tribe before she took her leave. Robin has never seen her mother and only knows of her through descriptions in stories her father has told her.

    As Robin grew up and went to school, she found it rather easy to fit in with the rest of her peers despite being a demigod. In class she was a mediocre student as she often felt restless and longed to be outside. Perhaps this was a side effect of being a daughter of Demeter. Throughout her school years, she had few friends due to her shy nature and often blended in with everyone else. Those few friends stuck with her for a while, but none really stayed once she got into high school. Her best friend was not even human, in fact, but a nymph she had met on one of her forest excursions. From the day they met Robin went to visit her whenever she could. She was the only person who understood her fully and shared her deep love for Mother Nature and all she created.

    Robin managed to live peacefully with her people, making a living for herself as a seamstress. She made a living making clothes for sell and trade so she could help support her family as well as herself. However the peace did not last for long. Just after her 21st birthday, Robin went to the woods to see her friend, only to find her gone and the tree which she had protected ripped down. In hysterics Robin fled back to her home only to find a minotaur attacking the town and everyone in it. She quickly rushed to their aid, however it had been too late to save her brother, Kangee, who had been killed while trying to protect her aged mother. The people finally managed to run the beast down, but the event forced them to make a critical decision. For the safety of herself and her people she would leave to find refuge among other demigods to prevent her people from suffering a DCA investigation. Only when it was safe, would she return to them.



    + Animals, particularly horses
    + Nature
    + Making Clothes


    + Bugs
    + Ignorance
    + Hand-to-Hand Combat
  9. [​IMG]Name: Jarred Carson
    Age: 17
    God/ Godess parent: Posiden

    Greek, Roman, Egyptian: Greek

    Background Story: Jarred was the typical kid. Sorta. He got average grades and played almost every sport their was. Since he got into many fights with people in school and out of school because of his short temper his uncle put him sports to occupy him. He found that swimming was something he was fond of since he could never get enough of the water. After awhile he'd learned that he could breath under water and do other things. To keep his powers under control his uncle placed him in a school where he'd be able to learn how to control the power he had.

    Likes: Swimming, Fighting, Sleep, Wandering around
    Dislikes: Punks, Wannabes, Being away from water for too long, people telling him what to do

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  14. Name: Clara
    Age: 16 1/2
    God or Goddess parent: Poseidon
    Appearance: clara.jpg
    Greek, Roman or Egyptian : Greek
    Background story: Clara lived with her grandmother in San Diego. Clara's mother neglected her and was almost never around, always chasing after some guy. Clara loves her grandmother very much and enjoys relaxing at the beach with her. That's their favorite spot. Her grandmother noticed that Clara was unique. She was able to swim for long periods of time without getting tired, she would always talk to animals, and she would disappear into the ocean for a long time only coming out to show her grandmother what she had found on the seabed. Clara's grandmother decided to send her to camp half-blood in order to see if she could meet people similar to herself. Clara hated to go but if her grandmother wanted her to do it, she would.
    Likes: music, singing, dancing, swimming, talking to animals, laughing, the beach
    Dislikes: rude people, not being near a source of water, bosy people
  15. Name: Ellis Nathaniel
    Age: 16
    God or Goddess parent: Not really a parent because she's Egyptian, but Ma'at

    [​IMG]<<< This is a boy, not a girl.
    Greek, Roman or Egyptian: Egyptain
    Background story:

    Ellis was born in Lincolnshire, England. Ellis' parents died in a house fire when he was 4 years old- the cause of the fire was the house of life. As his parents were sort of family out casts nobody wanted to take him in. It was his cousin- Thomas- who eventually decided to look after him. Thomas was 19 years old, and training to become a barrister. He and Ellis lived together in a modern London apartment.

    Ellis became a rather reserved child from his parents DNA, the trauma of his parents death, and because he had the ability to do magic- though his magic was mainly inactive. At primary school he didn't like how noisy and chaotic the other children were, so he often read by himself at lunch times. While Ellis was a failure at : sport as he was so clumsy; maths as he couldn't figure out numbers; art as he wasn't very creative; and science as he couldn't concentrate, he was excellent at literature. He could read at an incredible pace, plus he wrote fascinating stories. The other children mocked him, but this was mainly out of jealousy- they found his silence 'cool', his stories captivating, and his looks astounding (if a bit feminine). Meanwhile at home, Ellis was becoming very fond of his cousin. They spent each Sunday trying a new activity together like: fishing, paragliding, bag making, herb growing, learning to play the guitar, and more. Even though Thomas was busy with his training to become a lawyer, he always had time for Ellis. By the time Ellis was ten (Thomas would be 25), Ellis was inseparable from his cousin.

    At high school Ellis' hormones made him suddenly want more attention from his peers. But because of the way he'd grown up people didn't tend to notice his soft voice, gentle looks, or sweet manners. He wasn't bullied, he simply wasn't known- except by the English teachers, who instantly made him G&T. Thankfully he was soon to make a new friend. When Ellis was twelve (Thomas now 27, and a proper lawyer), Thomas took in another abandoned family member- an eighteen year old girl, named Sky. Sky took an instant liking to Ellis, and the three became so close to each other, they would all with out a doubt take a bullet for the other two. Alas, being this close, they began to fall in love, not caring about the serious age problems. But Ellis feel in love with Thomas, Thomas fell in love with Sky, and Sky fell in love with Ellis ((no prizes for who-ever worked out I like awkward relationships)). To try and win Thomas back from Sky while getting more attention at school, Ellis began to cross dress. This had the opposite effect to what he'd wanted though. At school his cross dressing made people want to stay away from- again, not because they thought he was a freak, but because his classmates thought he was too pretty and clever to bother talking to them. Thomas wasn't a big fan of the cross dressing, yet Sky adored it. Still, cross dressing felt natural for Ellis, so he continued with it.

    Moving on to when Ellis was fifteen (Thomas was now twenty nine, and Sky was twenty one plus she'd become a gardener, but wanted to go and study magic). Ellis was making some money by selling his poetry, and the money he earned from it went towards his cross dressing. In fact, to Ellis' great annoyance and pleasure, he had become an online phenomenon for the beautiful pictures of himself cross dressing he posted weekly. Meanwhile, in the apartment, Ellis, Thomas, and Sky were finally coming to an agreement. They would become a threesome, plus each week they would take it in turns for somebody to be in charge of the romance ((please don't shoot me for this strange relationship)). Up till now Ellis' mind had been too occupied to think about magic, yet now his powers began to show. Thomas- who used small amounts of magic to help find information in the court- and Sky- who was interested herself- encouraged him to learn it. He has chosen the path of the healer (sunu), and has recently became a student of Carter and Sadie (he doesn't like the house of life because they murdered his parents for unknown reasons), along with Sky- both of them are descended from Ma'at's family. Sky and Ellis still keep in touch with Thomas constantly though.
    Dislikes: Chaos, loneliness, fire, lies, jealousy, the house of life.
    Likes: Justice, cross dressing, reading, law, pretty gowns, writing.

    Hope this is ok! If somebody is lacking character inspiration, feel free to make a profile for sky ((hint, hint)).
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