Camp Half-Blood: The American Revolution

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  1. Introduction:

    Have you ever wondered how Camp Half-Blood came to be? Well it started when America was starting to unfold, when the Greek God's domain started to move from Europe to The United States. It began during the American Revolution.

    Back then life was even more difficult for demigods than today. There was not a safe place to run to at that time, and many demigods never made it past their childhood. Also, they had no idea that they were children of the Greek Gods either, for even though the gods have many affairs with mortals it was a social death to claim a demigod as one's child.

    As the Revolution begins to brew, follow the path of the extraordinary characters that band together to create the safest and most treasured place known to creatures and demigods alike.

    NOTE: This thread may contain historical errors. If that bothers you, please message me so that I can fix it. Thanks:)
  2. Key:
    = Henry
    = (random side character)

    Standing in front of the makeshift town hall of the village, a shaking stick-thin teenage boy played with his hands that were sticky with sweat. Breathing deeply, the boy slowly counted to ten in his mind to soothe his overwhelming fear and dread of what was to come.

    'You can do this.' Henry lied to himself as he fidgeted at the front steps. 'I'll be just f-'

    His half-hearted attempts to calm down was interrupted by an angry voice jolting him out of his thoughts.

    "What are you doing there?" A frightful-looking man who had opened the door suddenly grabbed him and threw the poor boy inside. "Get your buttocks into the town hall and retrieve your gun idiot!"

    Henry landed flat on his belly onto the hard wooden floor of the building, wincing as he felt the splinters of poorly chopped wood dig into his sides. "Not...Fair..." He sputtered. It was just his luck that he had run into the most violent man in the whole entire village: the one and only Happy Sunshine.

    The man named Happy Sunshine walked over to the boy lying on the floor and picked him up with a scruffy hand. "We have a duty as the Militia to go to arms during an emergency!" Spit flew on Henry's as Happy screeched into his ears. "SO DO AS YOU'RE TOLD AND GET READY TO FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS!" And with that Happy stormed outside to resume stomping his way towards where the other Militias were gathered.

    "Whew, he left." Henry breathed, clutching his poor heart that was throbbing with unnecessary adrenaline dramatically. Awkwardly getting to his feet, he grabbed a gun from the table a couple feet away in the small one-roomed town hall. It felt wrong in his hands, the wood feeling foreign as elephant skin. Pausing to let his organ calm down, Henry looked out the one dusty window. A shadow of a living nightmare flickered across his vision, making him question his sanity for the millionth time in his life.

    The battle was starting, and Henry didn't know what would happen if they found out he saw monsters that no one else could see.
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  3. Key
    = Samantha (Sam)
    = Abby

    Ever since she could remember, Sam has had dreams of monsters. These monsters weren't like the Boogeyman, not even close. These monsters scared her now, at age 16. These monsters had unearthly features. Creatures with fangs as long as her forearm, eyes as black as coal, snakes as tails, and many other features not possible by nature.

    That wasn't all. She knew they where real. Why? She has seen them before. They lurk in the shadows around her, like they are waiting to pounce on her and rip her to shreds. She once saw a pair of glowing yellow eyes watching her as she ran at night with the Militia.

    Sam remembered how and when her and her friend, Abby, snuck in. When they both turned 16, they had cut their hair down to help the boy-styled look they were going for. They also had stole some old clothes from Abby's older brother, John, who had joined the Militia two months before.

    On the day they were going to join, they ran away from home, daring never to go back. They had practiced what they were going to say if anyone questioned them. They snuck in, meet Mr. Happy, strapped guns to their back, and have acted as guys ever since. They only ones that know of their secret is each other.
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  4. Key:
    = Henry
    = (random side character)

    Shaking his head, Henry ignored the disturbing sight that he thought he might had seen and jogged out of the town hall. The heat of the rising sun scorched his pale skin as he flew past the shabby stores lining the lumpy dirt road. Henry ran with his unusual half-limp that marked him as an outcast in the few years he attended a swat red school filled with people out to get him.

    Or at least Henry thought they were people as their legs had been scaly and green.

    'It was a trick of the light.' He tried to convince his stubborn heart. 'Nothing more, and nothing-'

    It was official that Henry's day officially sucked when he saw who it was towering over him like a pillar of doom.

    "Lollygagging much there kid?" The man with the name of Happy growled, the tone of his voice dangerous. He gulped.

    "Psh, Of course not!" Henry laughed nervously, pretending that it was absolutely ridiculous that he'd ever delay being sent to his ultimate death of boredom. "Why would I do that?"

    He knew he deserved it when Sunshine punched the light out of him.
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  5. Key
    = Sam
    = Abby

    "Abby! Wake up! It's time to go to the market and get some food. We're almost out." Sam shook Abby's shoulders, trying to wake her from her sleep.

    "Why can't you do it by yourself?" Abby asked groggily as she tried sitting up against the force of Sam's grip.

    Sam knew Abby had a point there. She didn't need Abby to go with her. She's 16, she doesn't need her friend by her side 24/7.

    "Fine, I see your point. I'll go alone." As Sam headed out to leave, Abby said to her in a small voice "Why did we have to leave?"
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  6. Key:
    = Henry
    = (random side character)

    Henry flew into the splintery wooden wall of one of the stores, crying out when a rather large splinter made its home in his bony back. Ouch.

    Happy sauntered over to him with the usual pissed-off expression on his face. "Don't mock me kid." He spat. "You are nothing compared to me."

    Squinting, Henry looked directly upon the man's face for the first time.

    He wished he didn't as soon as he did.
  7. Key
    = Sam

    Sam turned her head to see the commotion from out side.

    "I'll answer that when I return." Sam flew out the window, determined to see what was going on. She spotted a scrawny looking boy about her age and a tall, rather large, man. The man seemed to be doing something to the boy, but he needed a closer look to see.

    As she got closer, she could see that the man was non other than Mr. Sunshine himself. He was scolding, and even beating the poor boy. She had to stop this violence.

    "Hey!" She yelled. "Mr. Sunshine! Why don't you pick on someone your own size!"
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  8. Key:
    = Henry
    = (random side character)

    Henry couldn't tear his eyes off the man's face, fear coursing through his system like a rabbit on too much caffeine. The way his teeth were half-decayed with rot made him want to barf and the scraggly hair filled with grease was so greasy it had an odor. But that wasn't what was making him want to bolt or lock himself up in an insane asylum.

    Mr. Sunshine's eyes were glowing bright red.

    "Why don't you kids mind your own business!" Happy didn't look at him, his maroon eyes boring into Henry's terrorized brown ones. "I'm a little busy teaching this lad a lesson." He tightened his hold on Henry's cotton shirt.
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  9. Key
    = Sam

    That got her fired up.

    "Kid!" She stormed right up to Mr. Sunshine and slapped the back to his head.

    "I'm 16 years old! Do I look like a kid to you?"

    As Mr. Sunshine turned, she slapped him across the face.

    "That's for beating in this scrawny kid!" She thought she heard the boy mumble something, but she was on a roll. " You should know better than to beat on a defenseless boy like that! You ought to be ashamed of yourself! You-" she was cut-off when she felt the sensation of falling, and hitting her head on the ground.
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  10. Key:
    = Henry
    = (random side character)

    Henry watched the red-eyed man knock his rescuer off his feet with wide eyes. "So Happy!...Um...Are we going to the militia meeting...?" He winced as a large boot stomped the conscious boy's left hand. "Or are we going to keep stomping on people-"


    But before Henry could ask what in the world a demigod could be, Happy suddenly fell to the ground with a groan.
  11. Key
    = Sam

    Happy's words ran in her mind a million miles an hour. The one word that stuck out in her mind was-

    "Demigods?" Sam got to her feet, brushing of any dirt from her clothes. She had never heard that word before.

    She turned to the boy, seeing him with cuts and bruises all over his face, arms, and legs.

    "Are you alright?" It was a stupid question to ask, but it flew out of her mouth before she could stop herself. He wasn't alright.
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  12. Key:
    = Henry
    = (random side character)

    "I could say the same for you." Henry answered as he awkwardly got back onto his feet. "But we should really get out of here before this guy wakes up." He wasn't in the mood exactly for more trophies of failure on his already scarred-up skin. And from the looks of it the girly boy didn't seem all too eager as well.
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  13. Key
    = Sam

    "Come with me. We can get you cleaned up at our place." She grabbed the boy's cut up hand and started running towards her and Abby's home, and abandoned house just twenty feet from the town hall.

    They arrived back at the house, sweaty an exhausted.

    When they got inside, Sam had the boy sit on a chair while she started cleaning his wounds.

    "How'd you get stuck with Mr. Sunshine?" Sam asked the boy.
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  14. Key:
    = Henry

    As the boy treated his wounds, he noticed how tough he truly looked. Though he had something about him that was feminine to Henry, he couldn't help but feel very intimidated by his savoir. With those eyes on him, Henry didn't want him to look down on him. The boy didn't want them to know he was more of a loser than he already was. Making up a oh-so convincing story on the fly, he replied with a boast. "Oh, you know." Henry flexed his non-existent muscles. "Just being manly and fighting the toughest guy in the militia. No biggie."
  15. Key
    = Sam

    Sam almost snorted, but instead, she finished cleaning his wounds and said "I'll be right back. Sit tight and don't touch anything." She rushed up the stairs, needing to warn Abby of the new comer.

    "Abby! Come on! Get dressed! We have a boy downstairs! Make yourself look decent, but don't tell him you're a girl." As she turned to head back down stairs, she added "Don't forget to say your name is Alex, not Abby." Sam rushed back down the stairs, leaving her friend to change.
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  16. Key:
    = Henry

    Henry watched Sam run up the stairs with a smirk on his face. "HAHA YES! He fell for it!" He exclaimed obliviously, not noticing the obvious snort Sam had made as he told his brave story. The boy had never been able to pull off his master-planned lies off before to anyone else.

    It was officially official to Henry: He had finally found his true talent.

    "WHOO!" He cried, jumping to his feet and performing his victory dance that in reality was a mess of limbs going in all directions. "I WON THIS TIME PEOPLE!" Henry didn't think he'd ever have anything to pride over himself until now.
  17. Key
    = Sam

    "Done celebrating Champ?" Sam was leaning against the stairs, careful not to make a sound when she flew down the stairs. "My buddy will join us soon."

    Sam walked up to the boy, looked in his eyes with her killer stare and said "What's your name?"
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  18. Key:
    = Henry

    Henry felt a wave of intimidation crash into him like a wave when Sam bored his eyes into his. Everything about this guy even to his slightly feminine looks screamed Alpha, making the boy want to back away. "Hemmy." His mouth blurted out before he could take it back.

    'Darn it!' his mind screamed. 'We can't have that guy calling me by my nick-name my mother gave me!" It was a nick-named his recent mother had given him in his youth, and Henry hated it to no ends.

    But when the thought of his foster mother crossed his mind for the millionth time that day, he couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness.
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  19. Key
    = Sam

    Sam figured he meant Henry, but she wanted to see how far he would go with being called Hemmy.

    "Alright Hemmy." Sam stuck out her hand, ready to shake his hand. "I'm Sam."

    As she waited for Henry to shake her hand, Abby came stomping down the stairs, looking like a boy, just like they had practiced.

    "This is Alex." Abby came and stood by Sam, checking Henry over.
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  20. Key:
    = Henry

    Henry pulled himself back together when another guy showed up from the stairs, eyeing him with interest. Alex didn't seem as intimidating as Sam, but it was unnerving to have so much attention. "N-Nice to meet you Alen." He replied, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck with anxiety. Henry hoped he got the name right. His mind had been filled with so many panicked thoughts that it was hard for him to listen.
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