Camp Half-Blood (RP)

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    Players in this roleplay (so far)

    Severusx: Adrian, Sunny, Noel & Zeike. (Athena, Aphrodite, Poseidon & Hades. )
    Sugarplum PattiePixe: Marcus. ( Mercury )
    MonstarNomNom: Robin. ( Demeter )
    Kronas17: Jarred. ( Poseidon )
    roseprincess2144: Clara. ( Poseidon )
    E-Claire: Ellis ( Ma'at )
    NoirRose: Valencia. ( Ares )
    PerksofaWallflower: Suren. ( Ares )

    Rules for the role play:

    1- Respect everyone in the RP, and the creator of the RP.
    2- If you have a problem with the story, the players, or the creator, PM me and we'll get it fixed.
    3- Please use proper spelling and grammar, to the best of your abilities.
    4- Post at least a paragraph per character/post.
    5- Please use colored text for when a character is speaking, have different colors for different characters. It makes it easier.
    6- Have fun!

  2. Adrian stood outside her new Summer school. It was really more of a camp, but she called it school.
    Her father smiled at her and gave her a hug, then handed her a suitcase and two bags of her things.
    "I'll call you later, okay?" Adrian said, smiling slightly.
    "Okay honey. Just be careful, and have fun." He gave her a kiss on the head and got into the car.
    "You be careful too, dad. I love you."
    "I love you too, Adrian."
    She watched her dad drive off, and felt a small sting of sadness.
    Sighing quietly, Adrian walked past the huge pine tree, and into the camp.

    Sunny Mireauno was not happy. At all. In fact, she was beyond angry.
    "Father. I'm not a child. Why do I have to go to a stupid Summer camp?"
    She clenched her fists and bit her lip.
    "Darling, you know it's only for a little bit.. I just need you to be safe while I'm away."
    "I will be fine, father! I am seventeen years old, and I know how to fight!"
    She was practically shouting, but at the moment, she didn't care.
    "Just go, please, Sunny."
    Sunny glared across the grass.
    "I'll send you ten thousand dollars every two months, okay pumkin?"
    Her father asked, reaching out to touch her hair.
    Sunny shrugged him off.
    She picked up her suitcases and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.
    "I love you, father. Be sa[SIZE=2]fe."
    Her dad said the sa[SIZE=2]me to her, and got into his car, then drove away slowly.
    Sunny took a deep breath, straightened her bac[SIZE=2]k, and walked into the camp.
    [SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=2][SIZE=2]Noel was late. As usual. He ran around his room, grab[SIZE=2]bing clothes and other things off the floor and stuffin[SIZE=2]g them into his backpack and suitcase.
    His mother was downstairs, pacing, like she usually was when she was nervous.
    "N[SIZE=2]oel! You're gon[SIZE=2]na be so late!"
    She called up, and he sighed.
    "Socks. Check. Boxers. Check. [SIZE=2]Money, snacks, books, papers, pencils, umm.. Sunscreen, um.. Swim tru[SIZE=2]nks.."
    [SIZE=2]He was [SIZE=2]thinking out loud, [SIZE=2]running a han[SIZE=2]d through his untidy black hair.
    "Oh, I need a brush, a toothbrush, [SIZE=2]earphones, and my ipod... I need m[SIZE=2]y laptop and [SIZE=2]my cell phone, my charger for all three.. Hm.. And my bathroom stuff."
    When he'd finished packing, he [SIZE=2]gra[SIZE=2]bbed his backpack and suitcase and went downstairs.
    "I'm ready!" He called out, smiling.
    His mom [SIZE=2]laughed and ruffled his [SIZE=2]hair.
    "let's get going then."
    The drive to camp was short, and when he said goodbye, his mom cried, of course.
    He gave her a h[SIZE=2]ug and ass[SIZE=2]ured her it would be fine. [SIZE=2]He told her he loved her, and he'd call.
    Then, s[SIZE=2]tumbling a bit from the[SIZE=2] weight of the suitcase, he walked into [SIZE=2]camp.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    It was a good day for Zeike. He hadn't see any strange spirits, and he was going to camp.
    Zeike loved camp, and he'd been told this one was great.
    His mother was at work, like usual, but he didn't mind.
    He'd packed his bags and he took the subway, and then walked a while. It wasn't all that far.
    He called his mom to say goodbye, and walked into cam[SIZE=2]p to [SIZE=2]get started.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

  3. [​IMG]Jarred wouldn't say that he was looking forward to going to the camp but he wasn't mad either. He honestly would rather spend his time in the beach water or swimming laps in the pool endlessly until he was hungry, mabey even hang around with a couple of friends, but comming to a " Special" camp wasn't anything he was looking forward to. Jarred had just finished taking a quick swim before his mother called him in and told him to get ready. Reluctantly he grabbed his things in two duffle bags and then tossed them into the back of the car.

    Before he knew it he was at the front of the camp. He sighed and grabbed his two duffle bags out the back of the car. His mom gave him a loving smile and he gave her a hug before turning his back and headed into the camp. The sound of his mom's car starting and driving off was lound and clear and he wondered if his mother would be okay be herself. He figured she would. When he walked inside completly he realized that he wasn't early.

    There was more people there and some were already tranning. It felt like he was really at some type of camp. The people that were there were climbing in trees and shooting arrows, melee fighting and exercise. Some were just chatting along not really doing much. Jarred drop his bags breifly and ran his hands through his somewhat wet and dry hair and watched them. The only thing he really wondering about was the nearest lake.
  4. Clara sighed and stared out the window of the car. Clara's grandma had told her that this camp was going to be great for her. She'd meet new friends and hopefully ones with the same interest as hers. Clara wasn't exactly thriled to be leaving her grandmother. She always worried about what would happen to her if she wasn't there. Clara shrugged off these thoughts as the driver pulled up to a hill with a large tree on it. Clara got out of the car and grabbed her bags. She didn't have to worry about a cab fee because her grandmother had already taken care of it. Clara walked up the hill into the camp. She looked around at where she was going to be spending the next few weeks.
  5. "T-thanks for help, Sadie..." Ellis mumbled to Sadie Kane, as he walked towards the exit of the bus.
    "No problem, anything to help a trainee!" Sadie replied eagerly.
    "Well, i-it was a bit much for me to ask to have two months away from Brooklyn house and a load of money just for a trip..." Ellis stuttered back. He was still no good at talking to his senior.
    "No way, we need some information on those crazy Greeks anyway. Have fun!" Sadie lilted, shoving him off the bus before it drove away. Ellis managed to trip over one of the two huge cases he was carrying, getting mud all over his dress. He didn't mind too much though, he was just glad to be here. Here was the camp for Greek demi-gods, where Ellis- an Egyptian descendant studying forbidden magic- was visiting for two months. As he pulled himself up the hill, slipping on his dress frill, his bags, and mud repeatedly, his only regret was that his cousin Thomas might take too much interest in Sky, thus forgetting him. Other than that, Ellis was sure this would be an exciting study holiday.
  6. Ava drove swiftly up the winding roads, becoming increasingly agitated with Val's attitude. No matter how much Ava argued that Camp Half-Blood would be the safest place possible, Valencia just would not admit that she needed protection. The past few minutes had been tense, and quiet. As the began to see the establishment, Ava winced, knowing that another argument would be stirring. "Ava, turn us back! You know I can handle my own against any bloody creature that decides to take on a daughter of Ares!" She pleaded with her. Ava sighed, reaching over to run her hands through Val's hair. You know I couldn't do that... Even if I wanted to. Camp Half-Blood is the only other place that could legally take you without your mother's consent." She explained, catching Valencia's grimace as her mother was mentioned. Ava parked next to the camp, going outside and grabbing Valencia's bags from the trunk. Valencia reluctantly got out to look, grabbing her bags from Ava. They both hugged, and Ava got into the car, driving off with a wave before she or Val had time to change their minds.

    Valencia was on her toes as she walked in, one hand on the medallion about her neck, and the other on her bag. Her facial expression screamed 'Stay AWAY!' Apparently people got the hint, seeing as nobody attempted to assist her anywhere. She wandered around, thankfully locating her cabin within a few minutes. Not bothering to unpack, she promptly left, tracing her way back to some training grounds she saw earlier. She regarded some archers and throwers momentarily, but what really caught her eye, were the vacant swords, stashed in some sort of wooden holder. If only she could get her hands on one of those.
  7. Marcus looked at his mom with slight disgust. She looked like she had just rolled out of bed, no makeup, hair in a messy bun, and smoking a cigarette out of the corner of her mouth. "Glad you decided to clean up today," He said, looking back toward the window. His mother half grunted, half sighed and kept her eyes on the road. Marcus never had a good relationship with his mother. Looking at pictures and hearing stories, everything seemed to have gone downhill for her ever since he was born.
    "Here we are," His mother sighed, pulling down the long driveway and up to where several other parents and guardians were dropping off their kids. There were hugs, kisses, tears...all of it made him gag a little.
    "I'll just grab my bag and you can be on your way back to the bar," Marcus Said, slamming the door. He opened the trunk and grabbed out his duffel bag full of clothes, and a second bag of things he probably wasn't supposed to have here, but insured a fun time. He stepped to the side and let the car go.
  8. Ellis felt unsure as of what to do, so he walked up to a random boy who'd just arrived to introduce himself. The boy seemed to be rather angry, so Ellis set himself the mission of calming the boy down, while cheering him up. When Ellis was close enough to talk to the boy, he dropped his bags to give a curtsy. "Hey, my name's Ellie, what's yours? I'm not sure how things are run around here, and I was wondering if you had any clue...?" Ellis lilted to the boy. The silk ribbon in Ellis' hair chose that awkward moment of silence to fall onto his face.

    (OOC: The boy is Marcus.)
  9. Suren felt almost sick to her stomach. This camp was the last place she wanted to be. She would have preferred to be at home asleep in her bed. Her mother slowly crept up to entrance of the camp. Her mother could tell she was in no way happy to be going.
    "Don't worry honey, you will be ok." Her mother assured her.
    "Why do I have to go around these people. I don't really care about them." Suren said rolling her eyes.
    "Please, just do it for me. I know it will be good for you." Her mother begged.
    Suren nodded her head and reluctantly grabbed her bag from the backseat and opened the door to get out, but before she got out her mother stopped her and hugged her.
    "Please just try to enjoy it." She said.
    Suren got out of the car and headed towards the camp.
  10. Jarred found the camp actually amusing there were kids half his age fighting with real swords. As he continued to look around he also realized that the other kids were unsupervised. There were adults who sure looked like someone high and mighty that made sure nothing got out of hand. Immeditally he found a cabin that had a water symbol carved into the wood. He knew thata the majortity of the people bunking in the cabin had powwers similar to his own.

    As much as he loved swimming he also loved fighting. Jarred placed his bags down and then walked around until he found and empty training grounds with somw swords. Stopping realizing someone had beaten him to it. A girl. She had the look that would make people look the other way but to him it was more intruging. Walking beside her he looked in her direction. " Nice swords, but whats more amusing, looking at them or using them?". He questioned before walking over and pulling two out and handing once to her. " Im Jarred".
  11. Sunny walked down the hill to the camp, glaring down at her shoes, which were now a bit dirty.
    Sighing angrily, she looked around at the houses, and spotted the one that was prettiest.
    She knew right away that she belonged there.
    Opening the door, she wiped her feet on a small mat, and then put all her bags on a pretty bed in the corner. It was empty, so she
    figured it'd be okay to use it.
    Deciding that she'd better try to make at least one friend, she walked outside and looked around.
    Kids were having chariot races, they were sword fighting in the arena, some were swimming.
    A few were in the strawberry fields, and she just didn't know where to go. So, she decided to sit down on a bench that she found that faced the ocean.

    Adrian walked quietly into camp and went straight to the Athena house.
    She dropped her bags on an empty bunk and looked at the cabin happily.
    It was beautiful.
    Smiling to herself, she walked outside and looked around.
    Not sure what she'd do first, she decided to go down to the ocean and dip her feet in- it was really hot.

    Noel dropped his bags on the sand and took his shirt off, then dove straight into the water. He loved swimming.
    It was a warm day, and the water felt good on his skin, although it didn't make him wet at all.
    He felt more awake now, and his senses were more alive.
    This was gonna be a good place.

    Zeike wandered into camp, and looked for a place to put his bags.
    He saw a dark black cabin, and he decided that was his place.
    Inside, he noticed there was only one bunk taken, and it was very clean, as if no one ever actually lived here.
    A picture of a pretty girl was tacked on the wall, and on the side table, a small figurine.
    Zeike didn't touche anything as he put his bags down on another empty bunk.
    He sighed. Would he make friends here?
  12. Val was momentarily startled by the boy's appearance, though she attempted to mask it as he came forward with the swords. She was a bit apprehensive to the idea of meeting new people, but Valencia had to give him credit; he was the only one who had been ballsy enough to talk to her thus far. She ran one hand through her hair and grabbed the hilt of the sword with the other, pulling it away from his grasp. "I'm Val. Nice to meet you." She told him, giving him a slight smirk. Falling into stance easily, she quickly gaged her new opponent. He looked strong, but that wasn't a factor that would waver her at all. "How long have you been at Camp Half-Blood?" She asked him, now extending the blade in his direction.
  13. Jarred was actually amused by the girl obviously a fighter. " Val huh? Well it's nice to meet you". Drawing his sword he watched her movements. " And Im actually new here". He smirked before taking a few steps forward. The one thing he knew was not to underestimate anyone no matter what but Jarred was the one to get easily distracted and looking at her was one of his distractions. He lunged at his her but then slid to the side and then lunged once more. He stared on his toes not giving her the satisfaction that she wanted. He loved a good challenge and he never went easy on someone. " Your really good at this". In his mind he thought that she'd be good but not this good. Keeping his sword steady he kept his eyes locked on her waiting for the right move.
  14. Val's eyes remained trained on Jarred, deflecting his attacks as he repeatedly lunged at her. She could tell he was really putting an effort into each stroke, the weight of his blows increasing as fight drew on. She counter-attacked with a few lunges of her own, and some side strikes that would hopefully leave him open. She made sure to stay alert, but calm. This was, after all, what she was best at. At Jarred's comment, she moved back slightly, her half-grin breaking into a rare smile. "I should hope so. Ares is my father, after all." She revealed, rushing towards him with a fierce downward strike. "You're not too bad yourself." She noted aloud, pausing for a second as she noticed a bleeding cut on his arm. She motioned to it with her head, relaxing her grip on the sword a little. "Are you okay?" She questioned.
  15. Jarred moved side to side and counteracting her heavy blows. As it seemed to go on noone showed any signs of being tired. Val's attacks were strong and actually somewhat stronger than his in a weird sense. When she said that she was the daughter of Ares he chuckled. " Well i should have guessed since you seem devoted to taking me down with your fighting skills". When Val hit him with a particular blow he cringed slightly and then look down at his arm when she asked if it was okay. The blood trickled down his arm and he pretended he was in pain getting closer before tacking her to the floor and then dropping his sword. " I feel much better now that iv'e won". He smiled while helping her up. His arm barley hurt expect for a slight sting. Since they were close to the lake he walked over and crouched down placing the water in his arm and watched it heal. " Its perfectly fine now being the son of posiden, has its benefits".
  16. Val had felt proud of her victory at first, and she knew he'd have the scar to prove it. Yet, when Jarred started wincing and groaning in pain, a small pang of guilt started to set in. She did, after all, had a side of her with a conscience- a side that wasn't constantly looking to feed it's bloodlust. Going to see if he was okay, she had dropped her sword, only to find herself pinned by Jarred's weight shortly afterwards. She blushed as he helped her up, frustrated that she had let her guard down so easily. "You so did not win that!" She grumbled under her breath.

    Curious as to what Jarred was doing, she followed behind him at first, until she realized his intended target was the lake. She stopped abruptly, and moved a comfortable distance away, looking on in fascination as the water faded Jarred's cut away. So much for her proverbial trophy. "I'm glad then," she began, after he made his comment about his father, "that you didn't go into the water as we were fighting." She finished with a chuckle.
  17. Raven was late and hade an unbralla. She hated the sun. "Evil apollo" she yelled hoping he would hear. She walked around seeing everyone fighting. "What going on?" she said to one of the adults. The adult laughted and said she was in a came called camp half blood where dame-gods. She walked away from the adult and wonder round. Then she saw two people fighting one got cut on the arm. she ran close to tham but didn't say anything. she pounted at his arm and hold out something to stop the bleeding
  18. Just being around the water gave Jarred a feel of power and he felt refreshed and more alive than before. Before he even knew who his father was Jarred always felt like he had this weird bond with water like their was something missing in his life and when he was around water he was complete. He smiled in Val's direction. " Yeah i'd deffinitally win if we were in the water". From his view he could see the archers and other trainers heading into a large cabin marked " Food Hall". Running his hands through his messy hair he walked over to Val. " Hey you wanna grab something to eat?". Just as he spoke he saw someone out the corner of his eyes. It was a girl holding something. Quickly Jarred shook his head " No its okay... Im fine really".
  19. Val cringed slightly at the mention of water. "I'm sure you would. I'm not a big fan of it..." She said, noticing the girl coming towards them. She watched him hold out something to Jarred, and then nodded slightly as he turned back to her, answering his question about getting food. "That's cool. Kicking your butt works up an appetite." She teased, turning and walking towards the "Food Hall" cabin. She was surprised she had made friendly acquaintances with someone so quickly. Maybe Camp Half-Blood wouldn't be so bad...
  20. When Val said that she wasnt too fond of water he knew that either she just didn't like the water or she couldn't swim. Jarred chuckled at her comment and then shook his head. " Nope im pretty sure i won that remember". Following he rup the hill to the Food Hall he opened the doors to find the place full of students and mentors. He'd thought that the students would sit with their talents but everyone was together laughing and enoying themselves. it looked nice and everything was nice but he knew some students wern't. There were a few particular groups that stood out. Two guys and three girls, they had a look about them that read. "Dont fuck with me". Jarred could only imagine who their parents were.grabbing a tray he watched the lady smile and place a burger on his tray. Following a soda. " Turning to Val he pointed out an empty table. " Lets sit there". He motioned for her to follow.