Camp Half-Blood: Kronos Returns

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    Five years ago the Saviors of Olympus defeated Kronos and vanquished him from existence. Though so they thought, it turned out that Kronos was very much still alive. Just weakened and waiting as he grew more power. This time he's back and more powerful than before and with a physical form. Angry and waiting to make his new appearance, Kronos watches from afar.

    They were forsaken, they were pushed and tossed aside like old toys. Once golden heroes overshadowed by new ones. They saw the real truth, The Heroes of Olympus. The truth of how cruel the Gods can be and how easily they use them as tools for their bidding. They finally realized the Gods could never change. Approached by Kronos, the Heroes turn their backs on the Gods and join the titan king.

    New heroes always come through camp's borders each day. Eager to fulfill their destinies and make a name for themselves. A new group of bright eyed demigods have found their way to camp. They must find their paths, whether they follow the path of the Gods or the path of Kronos is their journey. Kronos is rising and their decisions can make or break the future of Olympus.

    Welcome to Camp Half-Blood: Kronos Returns! Here at this RP we have a few rules.

    1. No Godmodding, Powerplaying, Metagaming what so ever. It's annoying to any roleplayer and frowned upon by everyone. Just, don't do it.
    2. No Overpowered characters or Mary Sues/Gary Stus. I'll tell you if I think your character is overpowered or a Sue. No one likes perfect and ultra super powered characters. (Except the people that make them)
    3. Only 3 per big three, not counting canon big three kids (Who are playable)
    4. NO ONE LINERS (at all) I expect at least a 12 sentence paragraph per post.
    5. Respect me and your fellow players and keep drama in character, keep it out of OOC.
    6. I expect activity, keep your posts consistent, and if you have to drop out or go away let me know.
    5. @Angel Evans is my Co-GM, listen to him as you would me.
    6. Keep characters different and unique as well as keep the gender ratios even.
    7. Wait until 3 people have posted after you before posting again.
    8. Last but not least, have fun!

    To be edited as the RP goes on.

    Prologue - Welcome to Camp Half-Blood

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  4. I am interested in taking Annabeth Chase and would totally love to join you in this rp!
  5. Awesome! I'll reserve her for you.

    If you have any friends that like Percy Jackson, send them this way please c:
  6. I will sure try to Nico ^^
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  7. Woah, alrighty. Reserve me a child of Zeus, if you please. I'll have the bio up by the weekend.
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  8. I would like to reserve a child of Poseidon!! I love the books and just want to be in a good rp of them!
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  9. Oh yes this is perfect! I'm rereading the books right now and I would love to play a certain canon daughter of Aphrodite, but only if I get more info for why they're on Kronos' side.i mean if they've been brainwashed, that'll work or if the Kronos side of the war is less cutthroat and ruthless and hell-bent on war, but otherwise, those characters all being on the side against the gods needs more context. The reason I could play Piper is because I know her character and can relate to her . Part of her character is her values and morals, but if those have completely changed and she sided with Kronos, I can't play her accurately, you know?
  10. The canons choose to follow Kronos because 3 months after the defeat of Gaea the Gods have basically tossed them aside. They are furious and pissed since they did so much only to be forgotten. In Piper's case on top of that Zeus caused a storm that killed her father in a airplane crash.
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  11. [​IMG]


    James Cythera


    N/A, he goes by James.





    Gender Identity:


    Sexual Orientation:

    Openly gay

    Godly Parent:





    James' speech is rough and riddled with curse words, but his voice is high and soft. He is prone to murmuring things and often has to be told to speak up. He moves gracefully and is very light on his feet. He has scared many people by suddenly popping up behind them unannounced. He is gently persuasive and likable - people easily trust him and because this he knows many secrets which he uses to his advantage. While sweet to most people, he is not above manipulating or blackmailing someone if they do something to get on his bad side. He is quietly mischievous and playful and flirtatious with almost everyone, despite being only interested in boys, in a charming and friendly way. He has had flings with several boys back home although none of them amounted to anything substantial. He enjoys playing matchmaker for others.
    He is taken with art and history and spends his free time poring over books of Renaissance paintings and viewing historical documentaries. If there is an art museum in the area, he will have visited it at least once. He is a morning person and rises extremely early, usually before most people are awake. He likes the quiet calm of the dawn. However, he also has a habit of going to sleep very late, making him vulnerable to falling asleep in more subdued situations. He drinks a lot of coffee and he usually has at least a travel mug of it on him.
    James is an INTJ.


    James is something of a sharpshooter and carries a small intricately carved handgun with a mother of pearl handle. It is customized to shoot specially made Celestial Bronze bullets.



    James was born in Quebec, his father is a once-famous French-Canadian model. Around his seventh birthday, his father retired from modelling and relocated them to Long Island, outside of New York City. He has a soft accent and speaks fluent Canadian French.​
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  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Piper McLean
    Nicknames: Pipes
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Gender Identity: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual/Only attracted to Jason Grace :3
    Godly Parent: Aphrodite
    Powers: Charmspeak and great swordsmanship
    Compared to the other children of Aphrodite, Piper is much more aggressive and down to earth, not constantly focused on herself or her looks. When claimed by Aphrodite, she complains that she can't get rid of her makeup or her new hairstyle and finds it to be annoying to say the least. Before she was claimed by Aphrodite, Piper expressed that she wanted to be the daughter of Athena, Hecate or any goddess that wasn't Aphrodite, and she also thought that the Aphrodite cabin had been a "life-sized dollhouse" where supermodels went to die, and when she was claimed, she didn't fit in at all, and still doesn't. Aphrodite herself also said that she was much smarter than most of her other children. Piper hates make-up, skirts, magazines, dresses and popular girls. She said that if she started a craving for fashion magazines, she would complain to her mother.
    Piper is also very caring and loving towards her boyfriend Jason and is frightened, sad and angry at anything that may pose a threat to her bond with him. She also likes to touch Jason in very kind and loving ways such as holding his hand, leaning against his chest, resting her head on his leg, wrapping her arms around him and having his arms around her, probably since they were together in her Mist-manipulated memories. These memories are much sharper to Piper because she is a daughter of Aphrodite, so she can sense possibilities.

    Piper has a strong sense of justice--as a vegetarian and hero--and will do what's needed to the best of her ability. She's very loyal to her friends and wouldn't ever give up on them. She's very perceptive of others' feelings even though she has an insecurity with her own identity. Sometimes she feels useless as a hero without her friends but that won't stop her from trying to protect them at all costs.

    Katoptris, an Ancient Greek ceremonial dagger given to Helen of Troy as a wedding gift from Menelaus, Helen's first husband. The dagger shows scenes of something that has importance to whoever looks at their reflection in the blade. Katoptris is a Greek word meaning "looking glass."
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  13. @Nico What is the character limit, just a question
  14. Hmm I would say about 3 or 4
  15. Awesome
  16. How many characters would we need to get started, because really big group roleplays can be real hard to keep track of..

    Also... is my Piper accepted?
  17. Yes she is!
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  18. ?
  19. Sorry I'm trying to keep up.

    To start, I would say about 5 characters, I'm hoping to get a few more canons too.
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  20. A note that the canons are completely the same in some aspects. They just refuse to serve the Gods and hold a vendetta against them.
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