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  1. Welcome to Camp Everglade!
    Located just along the beautiful Everglade river, Camp Everglade offers your son/daughter a summer full of fun!
    Camping, swimming, canoeing and bonding with others their age are just a few of the exciting activities we have.
    If your looking for a summer of fun and character building for your child, why not send them on over to Camp Everglade?

    This is a survival horror roleplay set at an isolated area called Camp Everglade
    The characters are being killed off one by one on a stormy night when the killer goes on a rampage and tries to wipe out the whole camp
    Can you stop them before they succeed?

    Your character needs to be age 14-18 unless you'd like to play a camp counselor then they need to be at least 21
    Just mention their age in your introduction post so I know
    Once we have a good amount of people, I will choose which one of you is the killer and instruct you on who to kill
    Once you are killed that's it, no more posting but you are welcome to read along
    You will be sent a pm before you get killed off though so you have some time

    The story starts in the morning, but I will timeskip it to the storm after we've roleplayed a while
    The campers all know each other somewhat, but you can decide amongst yourselves who your character is friends/enemies with​
  2. Quinn yawned as he shuffled about the counselors cabin, getting ready for another day. Some other counselors had already gone while others were still sleeping. He wished he could have slept a little longer, but the screaming and laughing of the camp kids woke him up as it always did. Quinn felt very unfortunate that the only job he could land this summer was as a camp counselor. He was close to finishing up his degree in engineering and here he was baby sitting a bunch of bratty teenagers. Life just wasn't fair sometimes.
    After showering and getting dressed Quinn made his way to the mess hall for breakfast. Hopefully he could round up his group without any trouble. They were scheduled for a morning hike before they got free time. He didn't feel too great about going into the woods, there were a bunch of spooky stories about the ghosts of native americans haunting the woods and scaring the camp goers off. He didn't really believe that stuff but there was something about the woods that spooked him. Either way, Quinn grabbed himself a tray and loaded it with eggs, bacon and oatmeal before sitting at the table set aside for his group. He'd enjoy his somewhat peaceful breakfast while he could.

    (Another note: if you join you are a part of Quinn's group unless we get someone else playing a counselor then we can split it up)
  3. Jayden stared out of the rain-scattered windows as the small car took a turn into Camp Everglade. A grumpy expression on his face was complimented by a groan as he looked at the sign reading;
    You see, Jayden wasn't exactly the most well-behaved kid. In fact, he was the complete opposite. Getting abhorrent grades, being suspended from his school multiple times, doctors told him that he was depressed and bored with life when really, he just liked to mess around and have fun. So Dr. Mitchell (Jayden liked to call him Dr. Twitchell as he had a twitch) suggested Camp Everglade to his parents for the summer to "cheer him up." Of course, his parents agreed and here he was now, him in the backseat, his mom in the passenger and his dad driving to the exact place.
    The car came to a stop with a screech and the fourteen year old troublemaker reluctantly stepped out of the car and slammed the door shut. After a short lecture about health and safety, behaving well, blah blah blah, his parents drove off as the 7am rain continued to pour down on his hood. Jayden passed through a gate, telling the security guard his name and getting a map and directions to where he was supposed to go. The mess hall. Breakfast seemed like the best thing that could possibly happen this whole day. Perhaps for the rest of the summer.

    Jayden piled on bacon, eggs and toast onto his tray before completing it with a glass of orange juice. He looked around all the tables and saw it completely deserted except for one man who looked like he was in his early twenties. Still though, Jayden sat on the same table but a few seats a way and dug into his food without a word to the man.
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  4. Jennifer, preferably Jenna, stretched her arms above her head in a small cot-like bed. She had just turned 18 and she wanted the summer to herself, but no, her parents placed her in a dorky little camp to be looked after because they were going to Hawaii for a two month honeymoon. Who goes on a honeymoon for two months!? She sighed and got up to get herself ready for another boring day at Camp Everglade. It wasn't such a bad place if you liked outdoorsy sorta things, but it was just a place where she didn't want to be. Brush her teeth, brush her hair, put makeup on (even though it was likely to be ruined during the course of the day)- same routine she's followed for the past half a week. She peered out the window and saw gray skies. "Great," she murmured then pulled on a red jacket, shoving a pair of headphones on before walking out to the mess hall.
    It was loud this morning and it woke her up earlier than normal. Jenna stepped into the mess hall, giving a sideways glance at the two people inside. Her Counsellor was there, sitting at the head of the table along with another person a few feet away she hadn't seen before. She shrugged it off, assuming it was another camper from a different group. Jennifer grabbed a tray, looking at the few options she had before grabbing two apples, a piece of toast and a spoonful of eggs. She wasn't really hungry, but she knew they had a hike this morning so eating breakfast was kind of mandatory.
    She pocketed one apple and put a single piece of bacon in her mouth before walking to her group's table and sitting down, placing herself in the seat furthest from Quinn.
  5. More and more campers began to file into the mess hall and the noise grew from a gentle buzz to a full on rumble as they excitedly greeted friends and discussed the days activities. Quinn could already feel a headache coming on. He pinched the bridge of his nose and shut his eyes, trying to bargain with whatever gods there may be to just not give him another migraine. He was so focused on his fervent prayer that he hadn't even noticed the newcomer at the table until he finally opened his eyes again to return to his breakfast. Quinn peered curiously at the boy, only needing a second to realize he had no idea who he was. It was unusual to get a new camper so far into the program but not unheard of. He wasn't sure if the boy had been assigned to his group or not but it couldn't hurt to greet him. "Hi there! I'm Quinn, counselor of the Bear cabin. Did you just get here?" He greeted the boy as cheerfully as he could, wanting to make him feel welcome just in case he did belong to his group.
    There were soon joined by another of his campers, Jennifer. She sat as far away from them as possible which used to bother Quinn but he was used to it by now. Jennifer hated everything and everyone at Camp Everglade despite his best efforts to get her to enjoy herself. "Good morning Jennifer." He didn't expect a response.
  6. Jayden let out a small sigh before turning to Quinn. "Yeah, I think I'm in the Bear cabin." he said, his speech muffled with his mouth full., spraying the poor counselor with toast. He looked over at Jennifer who ate an apple and instantly his eyes lit up. Damn, she was hot. Maybe this camp wouldn't be so bad after all...
  7. She silently nibbled at her breakfast, her head turned so she could idly watch whatever was going on outside through a window. Her headphones had been turned up loud to prevent hearing the other loudmouths that gathered in the mess hall. She couldn't hear Quinn say good morning to her, but she probably wouldn't have answered him anyway, other than to correct his use of her name. He was a nice person as well as the other counsellors, but she didn't want to be bothered with anything. Instead, she mulled over the fact her parents tossed her in such a place opposed to being at home with her friends. It took her ten minutes to finish off the single piece of toast along with the strip of bacon she snagged. Finally, she decided to look over at the campers now inside as she rolled the yellow apple between her palms.
    The place was somewhat crowded now, she could hear them all over her music. Jenna pulled her headphones down around the back of her neck and turned off her iPod. She decided she should save the battery for the hike. "Quinn?" She interrupted the counsellor and new kid as she turned in her seat, watching pieces of the newbie's breakfast hit Quinn. "How long will the hike take?" Jennifer dreaded being outside all day, especially when rain was starting to drizzle.
  8. Quinn grimaced as he was sprayed with pieces of toast. The damn kid had sat a few seats away and somehow managed to spit food on him.
    Awesome. "Well... it'll be great to have you in Bear cabin." He said with much less enthusiasm as he wiped away the crumbs with napkin. He thought speaking with a mouth full of food was a basic no-no but he stood corrected. "If you need help getting your stuff in after breakfast let me know. What's your name by the way?" He asked even though he seemed to have lost the kids attention in favor of Jennifer's. Quinn smirked at that, the boy had no idea what he was getting into. Or rather not getting into as it was unlikely Jennifer would even spare him the time of day.
    To Quinn's surprise she spoke up shortly after that, wanting to know about the hike. "Hmm, I was thinking I might push it back until the rain stops and just give you guys free time now. It's only a light drizzle so shouldn't be too long before we can head out."
  9. Jennifer placed one of the unbitten apples against her closed mouth, silently tapping her shoe on the floor while watching Quinn and the kid talk. Bear cabin was a silly name, but it fit oddly well with the program at Camp Everglade. Her eyes drifted to the table as she listened to the counsellor's response amongst the loud babble in the mess hall. She studied the new kid in her group. He was young and still seemed to have a few childish features. Maybe she'd be able to fake being sick in order to get her out of participating for the day. "Alright, sounds.. good." She lied as she left to put her tray up. Jenna pocketed the second apple then pulled her hood up as she prepared to go back outside to get to her cabin. She paused at the door, debating if faking an illness would be just as good as pretending to sprain her ankle. If she went for the latter, she'd probably end up sitting on the moist ground... The thought of being in wet jeans put her off immediately. "I'm going back to the cabin!" She yelled, faking a cough or two before heading out. Hopefully that was more convincing to Quinn than it was to her own ears.
  10. As soon as Jayden heard this, he shot up from his seat and put his tray up instantly. He then grabbed his bag and with a quick wave to Quinn as he sped off. He sprinted rather fast, his physical fitness showing as he slowed to a stop next to Jennifer. "I'm new here, if you didn't guess. Uh, where's the cabin?" he asked, grinning slightly.
  11. Quinn wasn't at all fooled by Jennifer's little sick act but he'd probably let her stay when it came time. He didn't really need her negative attitude ruining the hike for the kids that would actually enjoy it. He thought a little sun and exercise would do her some good but it was whatever. He just nodded when she announced she was going back to the cabin, returning his attention to his breakfast and the new camper. Except it seemed the new kid was going to follow Jennifer's lead. "Wait! I haven't even gotten your name yet..." But the kid was already up and out of the mess hall door, leaving Quinn talking to no one. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair before just starting to eat his breakfast again. He'd get the boys name later he supposed.
  12. Jennifer looked over her shoulder at the kid then glanced back to Quinn with one of her eyebrows raised. She wasn't about to have the new kid follow her around all day like a puppy. "Um. Boys and girls are in separate cabins," she began, looking out the open door while biting her lower lip. There was no possibility that she could lie her way out of not knowing where the cabin was after stating that was where she would be. She gave the boy a light pat on the head, attempting to seem somewhat friendly. She was quiet and unresponsive most of the time, thus earning a sour reputation. "This way." Jenna mumbled as she headed out into the light rain, giving a final glance behind herself. Wasn't this Quinn's job anyway?
  13. He smiled widely at Jennifer, perhaps too widely. But he frowned slightly when she patted him on the head. He wasn't a puppy, for god's sake. Shrugging it off, he followed Jennifer and attempted to make conversation. "Um, so what's your name?" he asked.
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  14. "Jenna." She mumbled, though it was clear her name was Jennifer after Quinn said good morning to her. She didn't want to be rude to the new guy so she questioned him in return. "What about you, kid?" Jennifer shoved both hands in her rather cramped pockets and kept her eyes forward despite the wind blowing her hood back. The eighteen year old groaned as strands of multi-colored hair was blown in front of her face. There were even-flowing dark shades of blue, violet, and red hair stuck over the bridge of her nose as she marched on to the two Bear cabins, pointing to the one where a blue bear paw was painted on the door.
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  15. "I'm Jayden." he answered with pleasure. "And I'm not a kid." Jayden growled, his eyes now turning into a glare. One of the things he hated the most was being called anything relevant to being short. He was rather short for his age but he still didn't take it as a joke. Jayden liked Jeana's hair. It made her look adventurous, perhaps she had a rebellious spirit like him. He smiled, caught in a daydream.
  16. "Alright, k-" Jenna's eyes flickered to the side as she paused, quickly correcting the mistake she almost made. "Jayden." She was all too familiar with the annoyance that pursued after someone called her a name she didn't agree with. "I'm gonna go take a nap or something. If you need anything, go bug Quinn." She walked into the cabin opposite of the boys where a pink bear paw was appropriately placed. It wouldn't be too long before she'd have to go on that hike, but she was grateful the sun wasn't out yet to burn her skin. Cloudy or not, Jennifer removed her jacket and applied a thick coating of sunscreen to her face and arms before crawling back in bed. The weather would change sooner or later.
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  17. "Okay. Bye Jeana!" he waved, still smiling as he turned away. He walked into the boys' cabin that smelt surprisingly decent rather than sweat. Finding an empty room, he entered it and was greeted by painted blue walls, a single bed, wardrobe, bedside table and a desk. He wondered where the bathroom was but shrugged it off and started to unpack.
  18. Emma got off the bus to the camp. The long ride made her legs numb, and she tripped on herself a few times, getting the mud and dirt in her hair. She entered the cabin and unpacked her stuff. "Now I have to change clothes." she said to herself. When she was changed and washed her hair, she went out to meet the campers.
  19. Laura's curly brown hair was taking over her face. "Ugh! Do I have to go to this interview with you?" She climbed into the car anyways. They drove for a few minutes before she spoke to her father again. "Where is it anyway?" He didnt do anything but flash a guilty smile at her in the mirror. He pulled up and told her, "You go on in I'm finding a parking space and I'll meet you inside." Laura climbed out and walked up to the sidewalk. She watched as her dad did a u turn, and left the parking lot. He was leaving her. He didnt have a job interview here. She looked up at the sign. Camp Everglade. She had heard about this place. It was set up to look like a summer camp, but in here eyes it was boot camp for anyone who was 14 through 18. She was 13 still. She wondered if they wouldn't let her in because she wasn't old enough. Hopefully she would be rejected.
  20. Above the campground, on the near end of Doe-Tail trail, Wilson hiked along, humming all the while. Early that morning when he awoke the camp had been silent. He preferred it that way. He'd always rather let 'Nature do the talking' as opposed to ruining the silence with unimportant words.

    Unfortunately for him, he had a job to do. Coming over the ridge now, he could easily see the camp below, which, expectedly, was quite active now. Kids going to and from all cabins, talking to each other, and playing. In addition to them, there were the teens. Always easy to spot, they were. Always standing off to the side, or going about their own business, thinking they were too old for such childishness.

    With a chuckle to himself and the woods, he moved down the entrance to the trail, turning towards the Mess Hall. By now, the other Counselors would surely be up. One of them could likely tell him which Cabin, or troop was his. He'd already forgotten. His old friends loved to joke, and tease, always hinting at Alzheimer's. Of course, being 29, this wasn't possible.

    Wilson simply cared more for the Outdoors, and the important life lessons it held for these kids, and young adults as opposed to the camp's own practices, rules, and operating procedures. He'd already had enough of those in his life. As he moved across the campground, his rucksack and gear still on, he looked around, greeting each new face on the way.
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