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  1. Welcome to Camp Everglade!
    Located just along the beautiful Everglade river, Camp Everglade offers your son/daughter a summer full of fun!
    Camping, swimming, canoeing and bonding with others their age are just a few of the exciting activities we have.
    If your looking for a summer of fun and character building for your child, why not send them on over to Camp Everglade?

    This is a survival horror roleplay set at an isolated area called Camp Everglade
    The characters are being killed off one by one on a stormy night when the killer goes on a rampage and tries to wipe out the whole camp
    Can you stop them before they succeed?

    Your character needs to be age 14-18 unless you'd like to play a camp counselor then they need to be at least 21
    Just mention their age in your introduction post so I know
    Once we have a good amount of people, I will choose which one of you is the killer and instruct you on who to kill
    Once you are killed that's it, no more posting but you are welcome to read along
    You will be sent a pm before you get killed off though so you have some time

    The story starts in the morning, but I will timeskip it to the storm after we've roleplayed a while
    The campers all know each other somewhat, but you can decide amongst yourselves who your character is friends/enemies with
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  2. Quinn yawned as he shuffled about the counselors cabin, getting ready for another day. Some other counselors had already gone while others were still sleeping. He wished he could have slept a little longer, but the screaming and laughing of the camp kids woke him up as it always did. Quinn felt very unfortunate that the only job he could land this summer was as a camp counselor. He was close to finishing up his degree in engineering and here he was baby sitting a bunch of bratty teenagers. Life just wasn't fair sometimes.
    After showering and getting dressed Quinn made his way to the mess hall for breakfast. Hopefully he could round up his group without any trouble. They were scheduled for a morning hike before they got free time. He didn't feel too great about going into the woods, there were a bunch of spooky stories about the ghosts of native americans haunting the woods and scaring the camp goers off. He didn't really believe that stuff but there was something about the woods that spooked him. Either way, Quinn grabbed himself a tray and loaded it with eggs, bacon and oatmeal before sitting at the table set aside for his group. He'd enjoy his somewhat peaceful breakfast while he could.

    (Another note: if you join you are a part of Quinn's group unless we get someone else playing a counselor then we can split it up)
  3. Aerith yawned sleepily,music blasting already from her headphones.
    moving like a zombie,Aerith grabbed a tray and filled stuff on it. she grabbed eggs,bacon,cereal,orange juice,and a half fried butter toast.
    another yawn escape her mouth as she slammed the tray not-so gently at the table,muttering a small "Good morning" to her friends (which earned a round-of giggles) Aerith tried to wake herself up as she munched on her eggs and toast.
    Camp Everglade was still the same as ever, with the camp activities and a promise for a whole summer of fun.
    Everything was so perfect at Everglade that Aerith suspected it a bit...nah.
    She felt a small tap by her shoulder and turned,Standing with all his glory was her twin Sorren,a somewhat angry look on his face.
    Another yawn escaped Aerith.
    Yep,Everglade was definitely perfect that it was unnerving.
  4. Jackson had expected his summer would be filled with finding a nice tan girl to have a fling with, bonfires on the beach with his friends and working a part time job to start saving up for a car. Instead he found himself not at a beach but instead in the mess hall loading his plate with as much food as possible. At 17 he really was over going away to camp, having spent so many summers away from his friends and finally looking forward to doing what he wanted. But of course his mother began the nagging of how he should go back for one last summer because he would ‘never experience anything like this again’ and yada yada yada. And of course his father had decided to bribe him so he wouldn't have to hear his mother nag by promising to help with a down payment on his future car.

    So here he was. A sleepy, cranky mess with more food he could handle on his plate, looking around the hall for his counselor and praying this summer would fly by quickly. Weaving through the people around him to the table he took a seat and waved in greeting to Quinn, eyes glancing at Aerith before focusing on the plate in front of him. “So...nice weather, right? What are we doing today?” he questioned while shoving a forkful of eggs into his mouth.
  5. More and more campers began to file into the mess hall and the noise grew from a gentle buzz to a full on rumble as they excitedly greeted friends and discussed the days activities. Quinn could already feel a headache coming on. He pinched the bridge of his nose and shut his eyes, trying to bargain with whatever gods there may be to just not give him another migraine together. He was so focused on his fervent prayer that when Aerith slammed her tray down on the table he jumped violently and banged his knee. "Christ..." Quinn groaned, reaching a hand down to rub at the throbbing joint. "Well good morning to you too Aerith." She had headphones in so he less the happy greeting probably went unheard. Her twin Sorren had joined the group as well. Weird names for kids but hey, he wasn't judging their parents choices. One of the older kids in his group, Jackson, sat down with food piled high on his tray. "Well we're going for a hike shortly after breakfast... you might not want to eat all of that or you'll find it particularly difficult to make it up the hill." He snorted playfully, knowing full well Jackson could not finish all that food. But then again, Quinn had seen stranger things.
  6. The blonde danced out of the way of one the more perverted camp counselor, she really hated the attention she got at times like this. "Well, it was nice talking to you. But I am famished! Bye!" She waved and turned on the heels of her sneakers. Waving at a few of the other campers, she stopped outside the mess hall. Anna Sullivan fixed her shorts before flinging the doors wide open. This was her third consecutive year at Camp Everglade, and a part of the junior had quite the soft spot for it. Nothing but good memories surrounded her time in the away camp. Three years ago at age 14 she had thought it was stupid and a waste of her time, especially since she really wanted to go to cheer camp. But there was something about Everglade that was so... outdoorsy. "Anna! Over here!" Anna smiled politely at the male counselor she didn't know, honestly. It wasn't even flattering, especially since Anna didn't believe she was that pretty at all. All they ever saw in her was a rack or back end. It annoyed her to no end.

    Grabbing a plate she loaded it down with fresh fruit, especially strawberries. The cook tossed her a carton of ice cold milk with a grin. The cook had become her first friend, and like that she always got the best meals and drinks especially. Last year when she had gotten hurt on the lake, he had made brownies for her and they sat and chatted during the entire canoeing activity. Cook was cool, even though most the kids thought he was creepy. Holding onto her plate with just a handful too many strawberries she spotted Quinn, Jackson, and Aerith with her twin. Smiling brightly she sat down at the table next to Quinn. "Morning guys, you all just look so enthusiastic for our hike this morning!" She said, biting into a strawberry. Anna had always been optimistic, and overall a sunny girl, but not overbearingly so. There was always a kind smile attached to her lips, a pep in her step. She was always friendly, though it was not always received well.
  7. At the mention of a hike his eyes moved from Quinn’s face back to his plate before him, knowing he should eat lighter but the temptation of bacon outweighed any concerns about throwing up later. “Guess I’ll just eat all the bacon and skip on the rest,” he commented with a chuckle, plucking a crispy piece from his plate and shoving it into his mouth with a grin. As he chewed he caught sight of Anna and began to choke on the bacon, covering his mouth with one hand as the other reached for his juice. Great, he made himself look like an idiot. So much for being smooth and snagging the ladies like he envisioned in his head.

    Once his small choking fit was under control he ran a hand through his shaggy brown hair messing it up even more before leaning back with a grin in an attempt to look cool. “My mood just improved it seems… How’s everyone’s morning going? The fresh air is great…Feel like today is going to be a good day,” he commented with a grin, trying his hardest to grab Anna’s attention even though he was making a fool of himself.
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  8. Anna was still smiling, chewing on a strawberry when Jackson started to choke on a piece of his food. Eyes wide she looked at Jackson, a bit worried. "Are you alright there Jackson?" Finally he stopped hacking and wheezing on the bacon seeming to perk up a bit. Grinning she bit into a strawberry and pointed the core at Jackson, "Well that was quick." Jackson was probably one of many campers that would really rather be somewhere else. Even though sometimes his type tends to ruin things for others, Anna tries to make the away camp experience more enjoyable for them. But some are completely against the idea of cabins, campfires, and hikes. "My morning has just started, its still in the works, ask me later." Smiling she regarded him for a moment. His hair was shaggy, he kind of looked handsome but the constant glare on his face, took away from his appearance. Popping a grape in her mouth she opened her milk carton, "Everyday can be a good day Jacks, you people can be so depressing sometimes." Anna meant what she said in the friendliest ways. Glancing at the twins, they seemed as distant as could be. Even Quinn seemed really super grumpy, only Jackson seemed to be in a better mood. Picking up another strawberry, she nibbled on it a bit then smiled. She was ready for a hike.
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  9. Aerith finally removed her headphones,and when her brain finally processed that there were more people on the table,Aerith smiled a little and muttered a small goodmorning.
    beside her,Sorren sighed. "There's a hike today. want to come?" Sorren asked his twin,who was currently nibbling on a toast.
    Aerith shrugged. "Sure."
    Another yawn escape Aerith. guess she should really stop going overboard with videogames.
    "When's the Hike?" Aerith asked her twin.
    "After Breakfast."
    With another shrug,Aerith drank her strawberry milk.
  10. Zeia rushed out her cabin to the mess hall. She had stayed up later last nighty, caught up in the late night activities, that she had slept in. It was still to early to eat, so she got some grapes and a carton of milk and went to sit down at her table. She was surprised to see Jackson smiling, while everyone else sat eating quietly. She sat down between the twins and tried to make some conversation. "There's gonna be karaoke tonight" she informed cheerfully.
  11. Aerith turned to Zia,a bored look on her face.
    "Karaoke?" she asked Zia,her tone nonchalant.
    While Sorren turned to Quinn,with a raised eyebrow.
    "You're organizing a Karaoke event?"
  12. "No, but I heard that another cabin has organised it together and it's tonight in the main hall" she replied, sad that her own cabin wasn't as connected and enthusiastic as them. "I thought we could go. Maybe we could do a group song together!". She regretted saying that as soon as it passed her lips. She was throwing herself off a cliff by suggesting that.
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