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  2. Xavier's eyes fluttered open today was the first full day of camp and he was excited. He looked over at the other boys he shared a cabin with. There were four of them total, he couldn't waited to get to know them, but was also kinda shy. He had never had many friends and those he did have had been girls, but girls were a lot of drama. His hope for this camp would be to become friends with the other guys and finally have some male friends.

    (Yes I know that was awful haha)
  3. Arthur sat on the deck just outside of the boy's cabin. He had his legs pulled to his chest with his arms folded on top and his head resting lightly on his arms. He'd been up for a small amount of time already, but was still focused on shaking away the sleep in his eyes. He tilted his head up, gazing at the clouds that had taken shape in the morning sky, and began assigning shapes to them out of boredom. Flowers, birds, cats, various images were made from the fluffs in his mind. He blinked once before looking straight, wondering if he should head back inside and see if anyone else was up.
  4. Xavier looked under him and noticed that the boy who had slept on the bottom bunk was gone. Arthur was his name, he seemed like a nice enough guy. Slowly as to not wake the other two boys up he made his way out of his bunk and out to the porch where he saw Arthur was. Well now is as good a time as ever he thought to himself before saying, "hey mind if I join you?"

  5. The hardest decision Elliot makes on a daily basis is if he is actually going to wake up or if he shouldn't even bother and just go back to sleep. He has a tendency to sleep for only about two hours at a time before he wakes up, opens his eyes briefly, and decides he isn't done sleeping yet. It's because of this he tends to oversleep quite a lot--never quite sure if he is satisfied with the amount of rest he has or not. But, in this scenario, his reason for laying in a dreary half-sleep was simply because he didn't want to have to deal with awkward introductions first thing in the morning. He formed a plan in his mind: he would wait until the all other boys had started conversing and he would steal away into the single shower. Then, after he had adequately found every possible inch of his body there was to clean and wasted as much time as possible without seeming suspicious, he would grab his backpack and use his Biology textbook as an emergency anti-social floatation device. No one could penetrate the 'seriously studying student' aura, and he had perfected the technique.

    Satisfied with his plan he opened his eyes briefly to skim the room over from his top bunk as he calculated exactly how much more time he had before he could put his plan into action. From what he could see, the two from the bunk adjacent from him were already gone. He could not conceive, however, rather or not the one below him still remained. He laid there motionlessly like an animal playing dead until he could know for sure.
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  6. The boy's eyes scanned the campgrounds, briefly gazing at each slightly interesting thing in his site. His thoughts filled with the desire to walk back inside and sleep for just a little bit longer, but he tried to overtake those with mundane and simple thoughts. That tree is brown, the grass is probably wet, it smells nice out here.

    Arthur jumped slightly, a voice pulling him out of his zoned state. He looked up at the boy that had appeared behind him, gazing at him for a moment before flashing a smile. Surely he wouldn't fall asleep with another person awake. "Sure, if you'd like." He was surprised to hear just how tired he still sounded, but didn't think to hard on the subject as he waited for the new arrival to sit down. He vaguely remembered meeting him briefly before he'd collapsed on one of the bottom bunks in the room, but couldn't put a name to the face. "Name's Arthur," He started as he got himself settled, lifting his head up with a now weakened smile. "And you?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.
  7. Taking a seat next to Arthur Xavier said, "yeah I know," when the boy had mentioned his own name. "I'm Xavier nice to officially meet you," he added sticking out his hand wondering if the boy would shake it. He was very nervous but so far he was doing good, he hadn't stuttered, forgotten what he was going to say or even just freaked out and left so he was doing pretty good.

    Talking to other guys made him nervous, he wasn't gay he just never had many male friends so he didn't know how to act around other guys his age very well. This one though seemed nice enough to talk to though. He wondered what the other two were like, and what the girls here would be like. He had decided not to become friend with any of those girls and instead focus on making male friends. Maybe there would be a little romance this summer. It he doubted it he wasn't really good with girls, well romantically speaking he wasn't.

  8. "You know...?" He mumbled lightly, probably loud enough for the boy to hear him. He must of spat it out sometime before he passed out last night. Shrugging that off, Arthur took Xavier's hand. "Nice to meet you too, Xavier." He replied. Arthur blinked, wondering if the guy was a little on edge. He shook his head, sure he was over thinking things. As things got quiet, he spoke up again. "So, uh, do you know if anyone else is up in there? Or are we the only two?" He asked, hoping to strike up some sort of conversation.
  9. "Nope we're the only two up, the two in the other b-bunk haven't stirred, plenty of warm water for us," Xavier said wanting to pull the words back in as they came out. For one he had started to stutter it was all down hulk from there. Two he had made it seem like he wanted to get the guy in the shower alone.

    Great now he'll think I'm gay!
    He thought remembering all the other who had called him gay over the years. As he always got nervous around guys and always hung out with girls everyone at his high school assumed he was gay. The boys at his school would often put drawing of penises on his locker say 'your welcome' thinking that he enjoyed seeing penises.

    "Sorry I didn't mean for that to come out weird.....I'm just a little nervous I guess......I d-don't h-have many guy friends," he said taking a chance. Now that the boy knew this there was a chance he would either think he was a freak, or maybe just maybe decide he wanted to be his friend.

  10. Evan's eyes blinked slowly open. Then he sat right up and hit his head on the wood of the bunk bed. Were am I? How did I get here? Why is breakfast not made already? Evan thought to himself, and then slowly remembered what happened. "Oh yea. I am here." He said out loud to no one in particular. Looking around, the cabin had a few un-made beds and bags laying on the ground letting Evan know that there are others up and about. With a groan, he swung his legs out of the bed and placed them on the floor then standing up and stretching. "That is going to be rough for the first few days. Feels like I am sleeping on a rock." He said once again. Looking around, Evan found a door that is presumed to be the bathroom and slowly walked towards there, making slight creek in the floor boards. Evan opened the door, walked in, and slammed it behind him on accident.
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  11. Arthur raised an eyebrow again. Staring at the boy as he started to explain himself in the most nervous fashion he'd ever seen. Without much thought, he let out a laugh, clasping an arm on the boy's shoulder. With a few chuckles, he smiled at him. "Hey, it's alright." He said. "Happens to the best of us, yeah?" He let go of his shoulder, blinking a few times as he wondered if the touch was too much on someone he'd just met.

    He opened his mouth to speak again, but was cut off at the sound of a door slamming inside the cabin. He craned his neck to look at the front door of the cabin. "Huh.." He muttered, stretching his legs out. "Guess that hot water's gonna be out of the question soon." He shot a glance at Xavier, judging his reaction for a moment before looking back up at the door.
  12. Xavier was so relieved that the boy hadn't freaked out in him and called him a fag like most other guys would. When the boy clasped his arm he couldn't help a smile, he felt like he was becoming 'one of the guys' even if it was only the two of them at the moment. He couldn't describe the feeling of belonging he was feeling. He might have been overacting but he felt as though he was finally being accepted.

    As he heard the door slam shut he jumped slightly. Then at the boy's comment he replied, "yeah we should probably go take a shower." After realizing what he had just said Xavier froze up not sure if the boy would now freak out and call him a fag or if he would just play it off like it was no big deal.

  13. A light smile crossed the boy's face. "I agree," He noted, standing up, "I, for one, feel really grungy right now, which isn't comfortable in the least." He chuckled out of impulse. He looked back at Xavier once more before giving a small hand gesture and opening the door to the cabin, entering the building again, and heading for the bathroom.

    When he entered, Arthur took the time to properly inspect the place. This was, after all, where he would be getting most of his hygienic resources from, so it was good to at least know where everything was.
  14. The slam of the bathroom door promptly signaled Elliot to break into a nervous sweat. Mission abort! Mission abort! Operation Shower is failed. With all the other boys awake Elliot began to contemplate jumping out the window and sneaking to breakfast. He fumbled with his fingers while he thought. No, he couldn't go straight to breakfast, the girls would be there. They would want to talk to him. Reality was beginning to set in that Elliot had no choice. He may, in fact, have to socialize. He shuddered at the thought. He would be perfectly content to have stayed at home left to study. He could have even enrolled into a summer academy for tutoring. But, no, he was here.

    Like a ghost rising from its grave, Elliot sat up in his bed. His hair, still mused from an uncomfortable night of partial insomnia, hung disgruntled in front of his eyes. Elliot didn't bother with it deciding that the dreary look was ironically appropriate. Stuck within his thoughts an annoyed scowl hung on his lips.
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  15. Xavier was relieved the boy hadn't said anything or even seemed to notice. At his old school the boys would have grabbed him and taken him into the shower with them and said how lucky he was that he got a look at their penis. None of the guys actually thought he was gay but that loved to make fun of him so they kept the act up. If they had really though he had been gay they would have never gotten naked around him.

    Xavier wondered why these horrible memories were running through his head and dismissed them. Once inside the bathrrom he looked around seeing where everything was. Then he slowly unclothed taking off his shirt first, then pants, socks and then finally his blue boxers leaving himself in his birthday suit.

    Not wanting to draw attention to himself Xavier went into the communal shower and turned on the water. Grabbing a bar of soap he began to wash his chest as he wondered if Arthur would join him in the communal shower or use one of the single-person showers available for the shy guys.

  16. Evan stepping into the bathroom let the two younger looking boys past him and then went over to one of the stalls then did is businesses.

    Once he came out, Evan walked over to the sink and slightly washed his hands before walking back into the cabin, giving a slight nod to the kid that stood there looking around.
  17. Arthur's gaze stayed on Evan for a moment, returning the nod with a light smile. With little left to do, he took his clothes off and headed for the communal shower wither Xavier. Feeling the slightest bit awkward, he attempted to strike up another conversation with his potential new friend as he showered. "So, Xavier.." He started, "How'd you get wrapped up in this whole camp thing in the first place?"
  18. Xavier was washing his arms when the boy asked him the question. "Well my parents wanted me to make some friends....some male friends. They figured living with some guys my age would help me, they originally wanted me to go to an all guys summer camp, but that would have been a big sausage fest, what about you?" He told his friend turning slightly to look at him.

    He then realized that it looked like he was trying to get a view of the other boy's penis and quickly faced forward. "Sorry J wasn't trying to be a perv or anything," he managed to get out. His face grew hot with embarrassment. You are never going to make any friends.
  19. Elliot was VERY AWARE of the other human in the room. The conscious, breathing, observing human who had, in fact, acknowledged him. Elliot's eyes met the other human's for a mid-second before his eyes snapped back to the drawer in front of him. Not knowing what other social interaction to embark upon, Elliot robotically pulled out a t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He thought about the misery that was the failed Operation Shower and decided that he would just wash himself that evening instead. That would give him a good excuse to leave dinner early. He figured he would be tired of being around people by that time anyways. While in his thought, he began to strip down and get dressed into his day clothes.
  20. Katell sat quietly and kept to herself. It wasn't exactly her idea to come here, but like her parents said, she needs more friends so why not give it a try? At the moment Katell sat on the deck outside of the girls' cabin. People were not her thing, so she sat away from them. It was never easy for Katell to make friends but when she did she seems more open around them... but it was hard for her to be open with people so if she was open towards anyone here then they must be real special... or just good at getting her talk.
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