Cameron Diaz refuses kid's dying wish

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  1. “I almost did. Then I saw him bed another woman. So I guess I understand why you didn’t avert your visions.. it was a shattering wake up call...”
  2. “That would be different. Furor sabotage all their relationships. Even with people they hate.”
  3. "Sure... that's why."
  4. Kunari ignored his statement, “If Alena knows.. she must have talked to John..”
  5. “Till they become adults.”
  6. "Then she'll have my blood too."
  7. “If the others know, they’ll lose their respect for me. Make sure she keeps her mouth shut. I’m serious about the muzzle.”
  8. “Everyone has a little of our blood, it’s a whole bloody mess.” Kunari roll her eyes, “Dominant traits will win out and Furor always wins. It’ll only be a matter of time before even Diane starts acting like one.”
  9. “If her being alive means she’s rouge... I’d rather she isn’t..” Kunari sank into her chair in despair, “I’ve had enough...”
  10. “You say that like I’m not trying. He’s better than me.. he always have been. He plays me and lets me win...” Kunari sigh and burry her face in her hand, “It’s all a game to him.”
  11. "Aw, that's sweet." I meant the visions though."
  12. “So the girl has visions?”
  13. "Alena is impulsive and rude, but she is also proud. She won't fall so easily. We just have to be there for her."
  14. "We shouldn't be hamfisted."
  15. “I think poorly of a little boy with no experience being pitched against the offspring of the two of the three most cunning people I know. Our predecessors excluded.”
  16. "He has plenty of experience."
  17. “Like I said, inexperienced.” Kunari shrug.
  18. “At the very least teach him to read his woman. That is a dad job no matter what.”
  19. “I hoped every single day that my family would come for me..” Alena said softly, “Then I realize, I am the head of heaven’s army... you all would be lost without me..” Alena tried to joke, “I had to save myself and come home...”
  20. “I can act caring. Like how I still act like a doting mother.” Kunari smile down at Ashley, “Isn’t that right my little cutie pie?”