Cameron Diaz refuses kid's dying wish

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    That cold-hearted bitch!
  2. If any of the members were dying, I'd suck their cock.

    Except Porg.
  3. Of course, if any of these women HAD accepted, they would have immediately been arrested for statutory rape. I'm just sayin'. . .

    If it were MY kid, I would have just upped his morphine a little more, then paid one of the slutty girls at his school to put on a wig and go down on him.
  4. I went through several answers in my head but all I could come up with was "lolz fagget kid".

    I'm sorry, my comedic genius must have taken a break.
  5. No, that sounds about on par for you.
  6. Hey, Asmo, I'm dying!

    *Strokes her 9 inch racistly-black cock*

    Yo ass is mine, boy!
  7. TK...have you been hitting the mur a little hard recently....That's actually the twilight dildo form of darkness.
  8. 0.o

    *Goes to rehab*
  9. Diana's penis is too deformed for anyone to suck.

    Except maybe Jinx.
  10. I already barked up that tree, guys. ASMO TOTALLY WELCHES ON HIS WORD. >:(
  11. Morten is NOT a surname! >:|

    And like, yeah right, like, this like, story, is like, real, like....yeeeaaarr.
  12. Poor kid....
  13. So Jack Shade has leukaemia, as well. Poor Jack.
  14. You better suck my red blooded, Texan cock, you whore.

    After you're through I'm sharing you with the other Texans here.

    Julez, get the duct tape.
  15. With pleasure.
  16. I think if this were real he could have had a much cooler last wish.

    Plus the look on his face alone would probably make her slap him before anything went down.
  17. All I have to say is:

  18. but srsly, What an insensitive could she not suck a dying cancer patient's cock, even if he was only 15.
  19. You know, I'd thought Cameron Diaz would agree to this.