Came back from the dead

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  1. Hi I was so long inactive because of personal problems but I hope that isn#t bad.

    Well for those who don#t know me my Name is vivian and I am 20 yearts old. I live in Germany but grew up as a child in the states so I speak fluient english but also german. I aam friendly and helpful to others but I can be mean but only those who are mean to me. I am doing an internship as a pharmacutical technican(egineer) so that is why it can come to times that I( have troubles be active.
  2. Hey, Vivian!
    I wasn't around when you were first here, but welcome back :D
  3. Hi Vivian!

    Wow, it's so cool that you speak German. I find that to be one of the most difficult languages vocally for me! Welcome back ! :)
  4. Welcome back!