Calm Before the Storm (Mature)

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  1. "The citizens of Junston are panicking. An unidentified spacecraft is hovering the streets, but has yet to do otherwise..."

    A female reporter stood bravely on a sidewalk while people rushed passed her in search of safety. It was not a time to remain calm when you couldn't predict the intentions of a stranger. Especially something, in this case, foreign.

    Some aliens already walked the streets of Junston, though still few compared to the population of humans. They were geniuses helping the planet advance. The minds of different species were necessary to become the most successful, after all. And successful they were. The buildings were tall and sturdy; cars could do more than drive; there was more to see than the moon!

    Scientists of Junston dreamed of starting a civilization in outer-space.

    There was much that they didn't understand still. Such as the mysterious vehicle floating above them. The technology of the spacecraft was probably more impressive than anything in Junston! It certainly looked like it...

    Investigations were in order.

    A man prepared to approach the newcomer. A man with two names. Right now, he was known as Proton, that being his superhero identity. People stopped running away for a moment to acknowledge a fast paced stream of electricity passing through. From a distance, it just looked like a jet of neon blue whizzing past everyone. Up close, there were sparks fizzing from that blueness that could shock you if you touch it.

    Proton appeared in the ship's path, his glowing eyes of white staring with anticipation. The bodysuit he wore was form-fitting, coloured with a variety of blues. His symbol was not creative, but was a symbol nonetheless: the shape of a lightning bolt, which was displayed on his chest. A dark cowl covered his head as well, the cape attachment flowing majestically in the breeze. Just from that bit of reveal, that being his mouth and nose, one could tell he was a pale skinned human. Protecting his hands, some reliable gloves; protecting his feet, some sturdy boots. To complete the set, a dark blue belt was clasped around his waist with useful objects hung on it, including a holster with a unique firearm he designed himself.

    He had no intention of attacking. Simply, he stood there to observe...
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    It ahd been at least four weeks travel to get to the large blue orb. The very sight of it made3 her want to jump for joy and happiness. Never before had she seen a planet with blue water, with white clouds, with such a gorgeous atmosphere. Did they not know what they had going? Could they not understand the complexity of their own ecosystem? Well they were or not they were still killing it. releasing that many carbon emissions into the air… it was almost so bad that she couldn’t breathe in it. The dense smog would choke at her throat, and the polluted water would poison her, these humans were like bottom feeders to her, kind of cute actually, but repulsive. Her eyes scanned the screen before her, taking the zoom off of her ship and allow herself to just view the planet as normal.

    Strange, so much space dabree .. it was like a giant floating trash can in space to her, the planet itself only had one moon, which was strange because she had never seen a monomoon planet before, did they all have such lush atmospheres with such pollutants in the air. She shrugged a bit and walked to the medical area of her ship taking a small vaccine that would last for about for to six weeks, it would keep her clean in that filthy play pin of an atmosphere. Then she couldn’t drink their water, so she’d need to gather water purifying tools. So as she did so, taking as long as ten minutes, her ship descended into the atmosphere, she could almost feel the gravity of the earth… it felt like nothing. Her ship was about one mile in length. It was a Family Class vessel designed to transport ten beings comfortable, it had recreation, and food sources, even replicators. Even though she came alone. The ship was COVERED in a stainless chrome like metal, formed in a strange shape that could only be described as ‘movie’ like. At the front of the ship were several guns, as well as mounted on the side, had she come for war?

    About five seconds after the humans would have started to panic, and about two seconds after Mr. Electro got in front of the ship, she emerged, carrying nothing yet. First her head was seen, long gorgeously pallid dread locks waved in the Earth winds, they went down to her mid back and were sharply cut off, but in this light earth atmosphere they felt like nothing and waved around her body. Her face was strongly black skin with white eyes and a red iris, needless to say she d looked different. Then the black only came more, and more, her chest appeared first, and if her black face was her true skin, than it appeared as though she wore no clothes, as the only thing visible that was different was strange white tattoo’s all up and down her body, proceeding from her feet, and up to her chest. They were sharp angels, nothing rounded to be spoken off, and as they ascended they thickened in size until a sharp cut off.

    She had no private area’s that were humanly visible, although she did maintain the shape of a woman. A rather busty woman. The last thing to be noticed, and boy was it a sharp notice. Was a large six foot long, two foot thick fluffy tail that bore the same design as a skunk on Earth. She floated towards the human who floated in front of her ship, floating behind her seemed to be several tools, machines, god only knew what they did. As she approached him, and the wind blew slightly at their altitude, the scent of what was obviously a skunk was smelt as a light fragrance in the air, the closer she got the thicker it got, only it never grew above a mild body odor. She stood there, staring at him as she tapped a device on her arm that appeared to be some kind of watch. Then spoke in plain English. “Greetings, how are you?” Her voice was a very shrill soprano, but contained bass to it, a very full ranged voice to say the least.
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    Proton watched carefully as a creature emerged from the spacecraft in front of him. There was confidence in his posture, his arms crossed behind him as he analyzed this newcomers appearance. A beautiful, curious sight to behold. The alien had the shape of a human woman, but looked much like a shadow with a face and some strange markings. Right away, her image reminded him of a skunk. Right after he made that connection, he took notice to the largeness of her chest. Although a well known gentleman, he was still only male. Taking his eyes from her bust was done with some reluctance.

    With the help of a device on her wrist, she gave a friendly greeting. That relieved him greatly, though he still floated with his back straightened and his jaw stuck out. To be polite, he made a bow of his head. Beneath his cowl, a smile could be seen.

    "Hello. What brings you here?" he replied in a kind tone, his voice very deep and masculine. "Do you have a name?"

    There was a noticeable odor in the air, too. Proton did not show any dissatisfaction, though. The smell was nothing too overpowering, luckily, and he did not want to insult the woman! Now more than before, he was certain she had the traits of a skunk.

    For a moment, his attention went to the technology behind her. He was fascinated by every detail; structure, design, colour, assumed functions... Proton was hoping she was here to stay, for at least a while, so he could inquire about the devices! They were unlike anything he'd ever seen before, and so was she. For once, an ship from outer space was not here to attack them.

    At least, he hoped not.

    Below them, the city got significantly quieter. People were already in hiding, just waiting for what would happen next. The braver ones were watching Proton and the skunk-like woman, wondering what it was they were conversing about.
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    All she heard was gibberish and to be honest ti made little sense. The Earthling language was rather confusion, something to do with values or something, but luckily she did manage one thing, her name, it wanted to know her name. She nodded as she clicked a series of different buttons on her wrist device, her fingers moved quite fast and elegant over them the nonexistent keys, whatever ti was she was doing it was rather important or so it seemed. Did she have to press buttons every time something spoke, could she not easily just have it repeat it’s last function? And in truth this frustrated her as well, it made her feel like communication was slow, and her peoples language was rather fast in nature. She ended up stopping, and doing nothing.

    The breeze increased around them as her large tail whipped about, it was cooling and calming, but did very little for the slight odor situation. She seemed calm and peaceful, looking at him as if something was supposed to happen, and then she spoke. “I’m Princess Karie. I come here for peace and for learning, and for teaching.” She spoke her grammar wasn’t very good to say the least. She motioned at his throat. “I need to learn your language, do you have books?” Her motions were very calm, as if she were speaking to him in some kind of sign language. Her body, as it moved, didn’t jiggle, but rather it moved with her giving her a rather esteemed look on her face and body. “I want peace.” She said, her device made a strange beep and she looked frustrated she was trying to speak now, but all that came out was a strange complex tongue. Nothing could be understood.

    She did a very simple gesture that she was SURE he’d understand. She motioned to her wrist and shook her head. And then motioned to him and pretended to open a book and then nodded her head in a yes. She obviously was ‘out of time’ with her lovely device. It was a communicator that only allowed for the user to log certain phrases, after that they’d have to delete it and wipe it’s memory, and then log more phrases, in short, it was a very, very horrid device. Her people made it up just enough to get the traveler to learn the foreign tongue. She floated there as if WAITING for him to move. Her ship making small hums as it floated in idle.
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    The woman named Karie looked frustrated with the technology on her wrist. Although an impressive piece of work, perhaps it didn't work quite as well as she'd like. Foreign words came out of the speaker and her response to his questions took a while. On the other hand, she must not have understood English very well. If she needed something to translate the language for her, especially.

    "I see," he replied with a nod, his arms unfolding from behind him. A finger tapped lightly at his chin, a sign he was in thought while he observed her body language. She required books, and other resources to help her understand humans. Karie mentioned teaching as well. That was most definitely a welcome offer; he was interested in what she knew that he did not know!

    "I have books. I have anything you need to get adjusted," Proton told her with a friendly smile. This was going surprisingly well. She might not have understood every word he just said, but figured that his smile and the word 'books' might answer her.

    He then made a beckoning motion with his hand, a signal for her to follow him. Proton planned on leading her to his private headquarters, where very few knew existed. Hopefully they could figure out a good place to put her ship. There was no landing platform at his 'home', since he didn't want media aircrafts to find him.

    They could get more acquainted after getting settled, he thought. Conversing in the air, where afraid people stood below, was not ideal.
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    Karie watched for a few minutes carefully listening to what he had to say, books came up several times, although the smile meant nothing to her. She assumed, based on his last few moments of speech and conversation that he was a helpful Earthling, she just hoped this wasn’t a trick, as people of his sector were known for. She remembered her training back on her home world, the people of sector one were crafty and untrustworthy at times. She kept her guard on her eyes slanted a bit as he seemed to motion with her, it meant follow, that much she knew. But she wondered were she was following too. She looked back at her ship, it was a ploy to get her away from her weapons? She had a surprise for him if it was. She programmed her ship to go on clock as it rose into the sky. Immune to radar and many, many other Earth tracking techniques, having an EMP shield ready to short circuit anything that tries to attach itself to it, it would follow her wherever she went, not quite being foolish yet.

    She got in a odd running position in the air, showing her peoples flying abilities, her people seemed to have wonderful balance. She started at a slow pace but was ready to move MUCH faster, hoping he wasn’t so stupid as to let any onlookers guess where he was going. Her people were capable of flight as fast if not faster than, the speed of sound in a gravity field that equaled one hundred earths or more. She was very irritated at her technology anyway, it was on the frits at a time like this, it kind of made her upset. As she spun a bit in the air, enjoying her freedom that the low gravity gave her, she couldn’t believe the freedom, it made her so happy.

    As they arrived to his hideout she slowed down letting him show her the entrance, even though her wrist device MIGHT be able to help her out with the task. It did tend to be able to scan through objects and tell their structure, but if he had an EMP shield like she did than it wouldn’t work, further more if he had any sort of subsonic jammer it would just canel one another out giving her a massive headache. She carefully waited her turn looking at her wrist again that showed her ship was above their area by about two miles, just out of any radar or any scanner that should detect her, after all when you were so high up that only space travel could reach you it said something didn’t it?
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    Proton noticed how swift this creature was. She was very nimble, too, and doubtlessly athletic. On Earth, she had so much more control over her actions, he assumed. That made him all the more curious about her planet.

    Avoiding the eyes of civilians was never too big of a deal. Normally, he traveled via telephone pole so no one would spot him. He wanted to stay visible for Karie, though. In order to stay unnoticed, he took a longer route to his homey headquarters. A route through the more abandoned part of the city, where ruins of older aged technology were. There was some debate going on for that area. Some wanted it to stay around for historical reasons, some wanted to clear it out to bring in newer buildings, shops and roads. The only people who hung around were wanderers, homeless and sometimes, tourists.

    Seemingly outside of the ruins was a simple little house with an enormous garage attached to it. A tacky appearance, yes, but he didn't care. He was the only one who lived there, after all. Inside that garage was his vehicle and various items, like tools and unfinished projects. Underground was where his experiments and 'heroic meetings' took place, though.

    The man landed on the ground to open the door to his garage, the inside of it as spacious as the outside seemed to promise. His fingers touched some numbers on a keypad on a wall of the garage, a cheerful beeping sound responding to the successful password. The large, empty space beside his car made a rumbling sound before the concrete slide aside on his own, acting as a hatch to a secret door. There were stairs in the open doorway, leading to the place he kept secret.

    His gloved hand waved to Karie, signaling for her to follow him down the underground passage. He left it up to her to decide what she wanted to do with her ship. It could be fit into the garage, he supposed, or kept mid-air to be out of sight if that wouldn't be too taxing.
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    t had been a LONG trip for her and seemed to only get longer as they traled over the city, she could assume that people didn’t live in these homes since they seemed to be abandoned, so what she did assume was that he took them this way to stay out of the site of the general public.

    hen she saw his house she nodded a moment, her tail was swiftly behind her as she descended. Not touching the ground as she floated above it slightly she radioed her ship ot entered the garage, and it de cloaked, it stayed on however, not that he would know, the guns were armed, and the robots inside it were ready to go if this human tried anything stupid. She carefully followed him down the stairs, her scent was quite strong now that they were in close quarters, strong enough to be considered a skunk in ones home at the least, not that she knew this, to her it didn’t exist. She carefully followed, her float was silent, almost as if she weren’t there.

    s she studied he structure of the building her eyes carefully fell upon the building support, memorizing them in her head In case a fight happened, she’d be more than prepared ready to bring the house down around him, and then laugh about it later at her home planet after she destruction tot his place. But she was passive, and she shouldn’t plot escape plans until danger presented itself.
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    The passage in the garage led to what looked to be a modern day laboratory. One that only he had access to. There were many tables and shelves lined up with many glass containers. Some were full of liquids, some were empty. There was a lot of interesting equipment set up, too. Various machines and contraptions were built into counter surfaces, some with written instructions. Experiments took place here, as did examinations of evidence and inventing. Proton was more than a superhero; he was a scientist contributing knowledge to the world. He had goals to make his city a better, smarter place.

    Karie's odor was much more noticeable now, at which he made a surprised expression to himself. Hopefully, the sweet smelling flowers that decorated his lab would make it more tolerable. He would not point out the smell, though. That would be rude, whether or not she'd realize it. When he could communicate better with her, he'd probably ask about it. It was another curiosity more than anything else...

    The girl was led to a tall, full shelf of books kept against a wall. That particular area had a lobby feel to it, with a nice rug on the floor and a comfortable looking chair. Often times, he'd sit there to read and study. A finger traced along the spines of the books until he came across some that would be useful for her learning English. Including a dictionary.

    "These should work. If you need more, we can go to the library," he told her with the books in hand, momentarily forgetting that she might not know what he just said. He wanted to tell her his names, too. Since he'd be harboring her, he felt she should know both of them. But maybe when she'd understand the difference between Proton and Christian Roberts.
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    he stared at him a moment. Nodding her head she took a book from the shielv and sat down, her large skunk tail moving past his skin in a very soft manner as she crossed her legs, not knowing that he smell was filling the small area as she red a bit more and soon flashed faster and faster. She carefully flipped the pages and nodded. Changing books to one that clearly read “World’ on it, a word she recognized. She flipped through it as well studying her book in hand. Carefully she nodded again. “Hi, my name is Karie, I it’s nice to meet you.” she flipped through the dictionary faster. Her eyes darting so quickly as her grinned and widened tell her sharp razor teeth were shown.

    She carefully put the book back as she stood up. “I needed to see the fanatic pattern of your language. My name is Karie, I’m a Astro-being, that is our name at least. My people travel the universe and help and learn from other cultures. I was cursing through the milky way galaxy, your galaxy, and saw that the blanket looked about ready to extra terrestrial life, so I stopped by, I feel like I’m not the first. Your people seem very… scared.” She laughed a bit. “But rest assured I am indeed peaceful, well peaceful unless attacked, than I can be quite the handful.”

    Her head spun around as she kicked off her feet so that she floated in the air again her eyes carefully watching him as she spoke. “so, what questions do you have, I’m sure they are, lots of questions. I mean, after all you gave me the [i[“I don’t know what you are”.[/i] so please share.”[/color] She approached him carefully her smell slightly ripe as she was now about arms length from him, carefully studying every detail about him and his lab.

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    His jaw nearly dropped when she spoke perfect English after a quick glance at the pages of the book. He anticipated it would take so much more time, and that he'd have to sit down with her to help learn the alphabet. None of that would be necessary, obviously.

    Proton readjusted his posture and cleared his throat and blinking back some tears in his eyes. They weren't tears of sadness, however. The moisture resulted from the odor in the air. His body was not appreciative of him lingering about the smell. There had been worse before, anyway. Invading monsters sometimes came with foul stenches worse than dumpster garbage.

    "Well, you've answered quite a few of my questions just now, Karie. My current one is, well, are you aware of the... Scent, you give off?"

    He showed half a smile, hoping he did not offend her in any way. It seemed possible that she didn't know it existed. An idea then came to mind. After putting up an index finger to signal her to wait a moment, although she might not know the meaning of that, he turned to the bookcase again. A thick looking book was pulled from the shelf. Many different animal species were listed on the pages in alphabetical order, so he flipped to the S section until the title 'Skunk' met his eyes. There was an image of a skunk, its scientific name, a mini map with locations they can be found, eating habits... Everything there was to know, really.

    "You remind me of this creature, you see?" he continued, holding the opened book out to her. "Do you agree that you're similar to the skunk? They are pretty creatures, and quite cute, but can be deadly.

    By the way, my name is Chris. When I'm in this, erm, costume, though... Call me Proton. The people in this city don't know the difference. I'll explain that to you later."
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    arie stared at the book, and then back up to him. He seemed happy, enjoying the experience but as he asked about a smell she looked shocked. She didn’t think that the human nose could smell her peoples delicious scent. The different complexities were all but above their level of senses, weren’t they? Sure they had a very acidic scent that was used to keep away predators, in this sense, the lush smell would burn and sting at the on coming hunter, if it hit them in the eyes it could cause them to go blind. Moreover, her people often times used it in matting, as well as used the fog that was emitted as a distraction to sneak away. In short they didn’t know it smelt like a skunk, they thought ti smelt of a flower-honey mix.

    In short upon reading the book she stared in awe. Omnivorous, sometimes scavengers, defensive passive animals, better night vision, it was all there. She stared dumbfounded at the resemblance. Even her tail looked like their tail, the only thing that threw her off, and some what insulted her, was the smell… Rotten smell, burnt rubber, other foul smelling odor, that made her feel, well dirty. She looked at the pages, turning her head side ways as she reread the passage and then looked up to him handing him the book, how could she say this? “Well I see the color pattern, and everything else. We are, well relatives, I can see that. But, I do not emit a foul odor. Our peoples scent is very sweet, extremely sweet in fact. So sweet that some other animals on our planet have burning eyes and aching heads.

    She carefully put the book down putting a hand on her hip as she watched his movement carefully, sniffing her own tail. It was sweet, very sweet. She looked at him and tilted her head. She had to tell him of her surprise in his ability to smell it. These kinds of moments were so odd as she could easily offend him or his culture and not think twice about it. “I’m surprised you can smell it actually. Our research on your people showed that your smell range is much smaller than ours, that you have a very alert sense of smell, that the things your brains can process are very much under your spectrum of control. In short what you can smell you recognize very well. So I wonder if the stinky smell you think you smell is out of your range. Mind you I’m not trying to be insulting.” Well this would test to see wither or not the human race could handle a good taunt.

  13. As she read the book, Chris went to removing some parts of his costume. Just the gloves and his cowl, though. The rest could come off later when he wasn't in the presence of a lady. Astro-being or not, this was still a guest in his home. She needed to be treated as such.

    He listened carefully to her words, nodding when she explained her own opinion of the scent she had. Her knowledge of human senses seemed on the spot, too; it impressed him. That had him wondering if she'd have anything to learn about during her stay on Earth. There was so much he did not know about her, yet she knew a lot already about mankind.

    "Perhaps, because we are different. Humans aren't used to the smell you give off, so they'll react to it negatively. Humans are... Scared, threatened by differences. It's a flaw we've had since the beginning of our time.

    Our ideas of sweet smells are probably different. You are correct, though. We do have a pretty limited sense of smell, which probably explains why your scent is only really strong when we're close together, or when a wind blows it in my direction."

    Chris didn't mind admitting to the weaknesses and flaws of human beings. He knew no one was perfect and more superior creatures existed. He himself was more powerful than a great many who walked the planet, just because of his powers. That did not eliminate his limited senses, though.

    "You are a lovely creature, so I won't complain, Princess Karie." There was a pause, when the mention of princess birthed another question:

    "Oh, is your planet run by a monarchy?"
  14. Y
    es I would agree it MUST be because you are human. On my planet my smell is sweet and flavorful, it attracts many mates, although I’ve denied them all because, though they were well suited, I simply didn’t love them. And yes a monarchy is indeed what we have. My parents have ruled for… what you’re people would call a millennium, well two actually. My people live a very long time and though we do have a king and a queen and so on, we listen to our people. It is more of a burden then a privilege. If something is wrong on the planet it is OUR fault, not the people, it is OUR duty to fix it, not them. We have assembled a group of advisors, what you all would call a congress, they listen to the people directly, the congress votes on the dissection the people wish to have, then they tell us and we talk amongst the higharcy , the dukes, the ladies, the lords. Princess princes, sometimes even servants of the palace assist in this.
    ” As she explained her tail waved scenting more skunk scent around as she looked about and tried to give him time to think and listen.

    As she carefully sat down, her tail came up and wrapped around her waist like a lovely gorgeous sash. She stared at him a moment and expelled some gas, the sound was just like a normal human fart, a little louder, and the gas was actually slightly visible in the form of a small greenish yellow style cloud. She said nothing, and didn’t look embarrassed, was this natural for her people? “So then, I noticed a few things when I met you… You have a flowery scent about you. What is it? Our logs do nto show your people smell of flowers and other strange good things. They show you perspire and have a class D bacteria that is meant to emit a sour smell… Also your people now move about in these strange metal sips that do not fly. Last we checked you were all using the horse and buggy system still. How did you all advance so quickly? Why do you continue to kill of yoru o-zone layer? Why do you polute your eviroment so much” She ended her sentence with another gas expulsion she looked dignified as If it were a good thing. In truth her people had good reason to be this, rude?