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  1. Welcome Traveler

    If you are reading this, you probably stalked my planning sheet, are a friend who has long known about this premise, or are seeing this for the first time and want to be able to tell at a glance if this is something you will find interesting. This interest check is formatted to target the latter group, so I hope to make a quick impression. There is a list of follow-up questions at the end, so even in the case you find yourself not interested, you can help me by filling them out, or voting in the poll to let me know you viewed the page. If you were looking for the OOC,

    Basic Premise

    In the year 2110, the earth was destroyed by a great and terrible war when an untested weapon neutralized the binding forces of gravity on the planet. With oxygen fading, and the planet falling apart beneath our feet, all life on earth would have perished, if not for the goddess Anolia. Anolia wanted to spare the planet, but simultaneously did not want it to continue as it had. For even before the great war, the world was not a beautiful place. While the world was fragmented as it was, it would be easy to reform it in any way she desired. Anolia however was not an all-knowing, nor even a wise goddess, so her plans for reformation were questionable at best.

    Anolia's New World
    The world Anolia wanted to make was inspired by the human created MMOs that she'd grown so fond of watching. She particularly fancied the idea of a fantasy adventure filled with mystery and monsters. Therefore she created 10 rules to create her ideal world.

    Click on a rule for a more in-depth explanation.
    1. Everyone has been reborn as a female, but can still have children through a special magic ritual. (first generation retains memories of their old life)
    Anolia felt terrible that because the population was separated into two genders, many people who were otherwise perfect for each other wouldn't love each other because they lacked physical attraction for each other. Therefore, she transformed everyone into beautiful females so that she would never have to see this again. Though the guilty side of her knows she was simply partial to girl's love.
    2. Most projectiles have been slowed down significantly, making firearms, ballistics, and bows much less viable as weapons.
    Anolia felt it was unfair that anyone could become powerful simply by possessing a firearm. Despite the best efforts by human governments to regulate them, pathetic low lives and irresponsible children kept causing a lot of trouble with them. She solved this by creating a hard enough nerf to projectile weapons that they would be fair to use in a fight against melee weapons. Though her guilty side know it was partially because she thought hiding behind cover and shooting was a boring fight to watch.
    3. Writing has become impossible, and people can only know a specific number of people (which varies by level).
    Anolia intended to destroy the ability for humans to keep records and organize into large organizations. She had seen many cases of corruption, and instances of the strong ganging up on the weak. There would be no place for such organizations in her new world. People only needed to form groups large enough to tackle the obstacles in her world. Therefore, she limited group size to a finite number, and created challenges for people that could adjust to the maximum group size they could possibly be in. Though her guilty side knows that this was partially because she just didn't like or understand politics.
    4. Electricity and fire are much less controllable. Electricity no longer flows reliably through wires. Fire now has a fixed lifespan of 3 hours, spreads across almost any solid, and cannot be created except by lightning or summoning.
    For her to have her fantasy world, she would have to ensure that nobody would be able to use their past memories to recreate important milestone inventions like the steam engine or computer. Therefore, she tried to break the mechanisms needed to operate such devices. Though her guilty side knows this was childish of her.
    5. Monsters roam the Earth.
    Anolia believes that a world without challenges to overcome would be a boring world indeed. So she created monster spawn points to offer as both challenges and threats to the human population. She also believed that due to the ability to conjure, monsters needed to hold onto useful items that could not be conjured so that there could be scarcity. Though, her guilty side knows that she could have kept the monsters inside their dungeons instead of risking innocent lives.
    6. The earth is now a living structure which is able to change its composition to resist adverse effects to that which inhabits it. Geography is often unstable for this reason.
    Anolia feared that even without weapons of mass destruction, there was still too great a chance the world might be destroyed by threats both within and beyond. Therefore, she made it a living structure that would constantly evolve to protect itself and those who inhabit it. With this, entire environments could change in just a week's time. Though her guilty side knows that it would cripple the human's ability to create permanent structures, but wanted to watch the world change before her eyes.
    7. Humans were made to be significantly stronger. They are born into classes which have special abilities. These abilities can grow stronger over time by leveling up.
    In order to give people a place in this new world, they'd need to be stronger. Humans that could live off the land, defeat monsters, and heal the wounded with their own hands were needed. They needed to have the drive and purpose to protect themselves even without modern comforts in a world where they could be attacked by monsters at any moment. Though her guilty side knows that she just wanted people to enjoy the fantasy life she had dreamed of.
    8. Magic can be used by most classes to slowly create many raw materials. This includes, but is not limited to non-magical: fruits, vegetables, cloth, rubber, steel, air, oil, meat, plastic, wood, dyes, water, spices, and furs.
    Without the ability to plant their roots and organize, people would have a difficult time gathering provisions. Therefore, she made sure every human had the ability to get what they need, even if it was a slow and boring process. Though her guilty side knows she simply didn't want to take the time to design a world that had everything people needed.
    9. It is possible to communicate with Anolia by obtaining a special item that can be found in monster dungeons.
    Anolia always wanted to commune with the lifeforms that she oversaw, but felt as though speaking with her should be some form of privilege. After all, she couldn't possibly make the time to hold a conversation with everyone. So, she decided that it would be the reward for those who could clear a monster dungeon. Though her guilty side knows this decision will result in countless lost lives.
    10. Everyone speaks the same language.
    Anolia felt like language was an unnecessary dividing point among humans, so she got rid of it entirely. Now everyone speaks the same language. Though her guilty side knows that she has destroyed many people's cultural heritage with this.

    Monster Dungeons

    One of the major goals of Calls to Anolia is obviously to make calls to Anolia via that special item mentioned in rule 9. To get that item, you must conquer a Monster Dungeon.

    Monster Dungeons are special structures that form randomly across the world. Although the facade varies based on the contents within, every monster dungeon has a sigil just outside of it with pedestals for people to stand on. The number of people that can enter varies based on the number of pedestals, and their total level cannot exceed the number engraved on the sigil. In addition to these indicators, monster dungeons have a number between 0 and 9 written on the doors blocking the inside. This is the difficulty rating. The more pedestals, max total level, and difficulty rating, the more challenging it is. Once you'd entered a dungeon, the only way back is through the doors.

    The inside of a dungeon can look like anything, as they are essentially suspended realities that aren't a part of the real world. The only certainty of the dungeon is lots of monsters, traps, a boss enemy, treasure, and the Scroll of Heavens which allows for one person to have a short conversation with goddess Anolia.

    Dungeons are much more dangerous than Anolia's world, and for this reason carry a greater chance of Player Death, especially at higher difficulties. If you do not want your character to die, I recommend never entering a dungeon without: a party within 2 levels of the max party level, your character's level being at least the party average, enough players to fill each pedestal, and never into a dungeon with a rating above 5. Entering a dungeon without meeting those conditions means accepting your character might die a horrible, unavoidable, or unfair death without your consent.

    For anyone to find a dungeon, someone must first create one, and assign a player/player(s) to operate for the enemies, traps, and layout. The dungeon's traps, monsters, boss, rewards, and layout will be reviewed and approved by me to ensure they are both fair and challenging. While I assume that I myself will be creating most dungeons, I've put this process into place to allow for dungeons to spawn at a rate faster than I could manage by myself. As a last sidenote, even if you are not currently a member of Calls to Anolia, you may fill the role of a dungeon operator.

    Lastly, like the rest of the world, dungeons are not permanent fixtures of the world. If you see one, you should not expect to be able to return to that same dungeon at that same location. However, those who beat/exit a dungeon will always return safely to the location they entered it, even if the dungeon no longer exists there.

    Knowledge Slots
    Thanks to rule 3, your character can only know a finite number of people. Specifically, they can only load long term memories of people who they've registered in one of their knowledge slots. Without someone registered to a knowledge slot, you will only be able to form short term memories about that person. Once you’ve registered someone to a knowledge slot, from that point on you will be able to collect long term memories with that person. However, if you need to free up room, you can either level up by defeating bosses or reset one of your slots by discarding all the memories associated with it. Beware though, once you've reset it, the memories are gone even if you add them back.

    In addition to holding the memories of people, the knowledge slots are what allow you to add people to your party. This will be important for the purposes of many skills and for entering dungeons. Naturally, you are a part of your own party, and thus have a knowledge slot filled with your own long term memories. If you are part of the first generation, you also have the memories of your past life loaded to your slot. It is in this way that you are able to remember your own life.

    Goals of the RP

    This section exists to talk about what you can expect the characters in Calls to Anolia(CtA) to be occupying their time with. CtA is a decentralized Yuri/Adventure title. There is no guiding central plot, and instead players must discover narrative through their adventures. Although combat will be a feature in this roleplay, most of your time will be spent adventuring in a world without any signs of civilization. Ultimately, there is no goal which upon completion will end the RP, but here is a list of fun things to do. This list basically defines what I assume is "the point" of joining this RP.

    1. Roleplay through your character's feelings about the old world and new world. Have them come to terms with their new surroundings, or rebel against them.
    2. Make a life for your character. Explore the world, beat the monsters, mourn your lost companions, fall in love, save someone's life, all that cool stuff.
    3. Talk to the Goddess Anolia as many times as possible.
    4. Defeat a rank 9 dungeon.
    And to follow that list, here is a list of things not to expect.

    1. Characters to learn new skills as they level up.
    2. Dungeons to be a common event.
    3. This roleplay to be mostly about combat.
    4. This roleplay to keep our party together through a centralized story.
    Player Classes

    Inspired by MMOs, the goddess Anolia created classes for humans to be born into. These classes grant the person access to special abilities. These abilities are divided based on the amount of effort needed to use them. Players will be allowed to create their own classes; however for those who want to skip the approval and submission process, I've created a list of 25 unique base classes which will automatically be accepted.
    Base Classes (open)
    Assassin (open)

    A hit and run fighting class, rewarding patient and calculating strikes.
    Minor Skills:
    Flash Step: The Assassin is able to teleport short distances, equal to the distance the Assassin is able to sprint in 2 seconds. The Assassin is vulnerable for half a second after a successful Flash Step.

    Darkness: The Assassin is able to camouflage and blend into any source of darkness, regardless of her clothing. Darkness also muffles the Assassin's breathing while active.

    Medium Skills:
    Venom Strike: The Assassin coats her blade in poison for a short time. If the Assassin fails to land an attack in this time, the Assassin is poisoned instead.

    Weak Point Execution: If the Assassin strikes an enemy that does not guard or block the attack, the attack deals extra damage.

    Major Skill:
    Assassinate: Once per day while under the effects of darkness, the Assassin can teleport behind any visible opponent. Immediately afterwards, she performs a devastating finisher which grows more powerful the more damage the foe has taken.

    Fallen (open)

    The Fallen live with their inner Demons, literally, in exchange for dark and debilitating powers.
    Minor Skills:
    Blight Touch: Any living thing the Fallen touches suffers a temporary debilitation, or extreme pain. This ability feels extremely pleasurable to the Fallen, and can lead to temporary addiction.

    Sadistic Lust: The Fallen must use Blight Touch on a human or monster for at least five minutes each day. If not, they are ripped apart by the Demon within.

    Medium Skills:
    Shadowy Grasp: The Fallen extends a shadowy aura from her hands, allowing them to use Blight Touch from a range, but decreasing the effects of it.

    Mind Rape: While under the effects of Blight Touch, the Fallen can access the victim's mind, allowing them to speak to the victim through telepathy, and plant images into their heads.

    Major Skill:
    Immortal Vengeance: If the Fallen would die, she is instead resurrected for 24 hours. If she is unable to kill the being that killed them, she dies and cannot be resurrected by any means. (immortal vengeance can stack)

    Rogue (open)

    The Rogue is a connoisseur of stealth and cunning, well versed in sliding out of sticky situations.
    Minor Skills:
    Hawken Eyes: Rogues have excellent vision, giving them the ability to discern fine details.

    Dexterous: Rogues have excellent control over their body, especially hands, allowing them to maneuver swiftly and efficiently.

    Medium Skills:
    Perfect Crime: While the Rogue's weapon is sheathed, they cannot be seen unless directly looked at.

    Kinetic Counter: The Rogue can counter close range attacks by reading the muscle movement of the target, if the Rogue is focusing on that target and they are within weapon range.

    Major Skill:
    Blade Flurry: Once per day, the Rogue may increase her body's natural speed, allowing her to move as if the world was in slow motion for 30 seconds.

    Magic Girl (open)

    Magic Girl
    Armed with her cute clothes and youthful appearance, the Magic Girl has a wide array of powerful long range magical attacks at her disposal, but only until her reservoir of magic runs out.
    Minor Skills:
    Transform!: The Magic Girl transforms into her Magic Girl form after a 15 second transformation, in which they are vulnerable to attack. Magic is consumed while transformed.

    Young Heart: The Magic Girl's appearance does not change with age, always appearing as if they were 16 years old.

    Medium Skills:
    Magic: The Magic Girl can consume her magical powers to use a variety of long ranged and other magic.
    • Normal: A basic shot of magical energy.
    • Homing: Lower damage, but can track enemies.
    • Strong: A slow moving yet very powerful burst.
    • Sniper: Fast and long ranged, yet deals very little damage at close ranges.
    • Burst: Weaker, but can be repeatedly cast in quick succession.
    • Shield: Creates a barrier of magic to shield.
    • Heal: Restores health using magic.

    Flight:The Magic Girl can expend magical energy to fly.

    Major Skill:
    Finisher Attack: By expending all remaining magic power, the Magic Girl can use a devastating and unique magical attack.

    Ronin (open)

    The Ronin lives by her blade. She can swing it effortlessly through multitudes of opponents with incredible speed and precision.
    Minor Skills:
    Sword Mastery: The Ronin has mastery with the sword, giving her a distinct advantage over those without weapon mastery.
    Swift Strike: The Ronin’s blade moves independently of its slash and passes through physical objects when properly swung. This allows Ronin to attack without their blade clashing against objects.

    Medium Skills:
    Honed Reflexes: The Ronin's reflexes are trained, allowing them to sense when they are attacked and from which direction, though only one attack at a time.

    Opportune Strike: The Ronin can warp up to 5 feet to an enemy that turns their back to them, allowing them an attack of opportunity.

    Major Skill:
    Strike Horizon: The Ronin slashes her weapon, creating a wide and powerful energy slash, which instantly defeats enemies of a much lower level than the Ronin.

    Martyr (open)

    An extremely durable fighter, turning her pain into strength to shield her allies.
    Minor Skills:
    Unyielding: The Martyr's bones are as strong as steel, and they cannot run out of blood by bleeding.

    Holy Purpose: The Martyr builds up Holy Energy when she is struck. Stronger attacks build up more Holy Energy. The Martyr can expend Holy Energy to move her body as she pleases.
    Medium Skills:
    Eye for an Eye: Those who strike the Martyr can be made to feel the same pain she does, though they do not suffer an injury.

    Human Shield: The Martyr can teleport up to 10 feet away to intercept any attack.

    Holy Burst: The Martyr can convert holy energy into a massive knockback attack.

    Major Skill:
    Divine Intervention: If the Martyr is slain, they are revived at the end of the day near someone they know. This ability is disabled for the day if the Martyr witnesses someone they know die.

    Grenadier (open)

    The Grenadier enjoys taking out crowds from a distance with her explosive techniques.
    Minor Skills:
    Sharpshooter: The Grenadier is able to throw any object with pinpoint accuracy, no matter the size, shape, or weight.

    Firestarter: The Grenadier is able to summon fire, and unsummon this fire as well.

    Medium Skills:
    Mine: The Grenadier can summon a remote, detonable explosive on the ground.

    Grenade: The Grenadier can summon a live grenade in her hand, which explodes after 3 seconds.

    Major Skill:
    Grenade Launcher: Once a day, the Grenadier can summon down an automated grenade launcher, which will launch grenades automatically at an area.

    Warrior (open)

    Armed with sword and shield, the Warrior is an expert fighter who fights for her friends.
    Minor Skills:
    Fighting Spirit: The Warrior's presence inspires her allies, granting bonus strength to those fighting the same enemy.

    Shield Mastery: Warriors have mastery with the shield, giving them bonus defense and block rate while using one.

    Medium Skills:
    Mighty Strike: A powerful slash which allows the Warrior to break through weapons and armor.

    Shield Bash: A powerful slam with the shield, which can stun or stagger an opponent.

    Major Skill:
    Excalibur: Once a day, the Warrior can summon a large golden blade for a single, devastating swing.

    DJ (open)

    The DJ brings sick beats and powerful magic together to invigorate her allies and disrupt her enemies.
    Minor Skills:
    Beat Mastery: The DJ is a master of sound, allowing her to create and modify music at any time with magic.

    Heartbeat Detective: DJ's are a master of the beat, and can detect someone's mood and if they are lying from the sound of their heartbeat.

    Medium Skills:
    Drop the Beat: The DJ can change the tempo of their music in a fight, causing enemies to miss the timing on their moves more easily.

    Pump up the Party: The DJ's songs speed up their allies in combat, allowing them to fight faster.

    Major Skill:
    Fire the Dub-Cannon: Once a day, the DJ can summon and equip their Dub-cannon, emitting loud dubstep that staggers and disorients all enemies it hits.

    Conjurer (open)

    The Conjurer uses summoning magic to aid her allies and punish her foes.
    Minor Skills:
    Craftsmanship Mastery: Conjurers are masters of craftsmanship, giving them the ability to expertly manipulate raw materials.

    Summoning Mastery: Conjurers are masters of summoning magic, allowing them to summon magic items and summon raw materials much more quickly than other classes.

    Medium Skills:
    Recall: A conjurer can summon someone she knows to her location.

    Call Pet: A conjurer can summon their familiar. If it is defeated, they must wait 15 minutes before it can be summoned again.

    Junkalanche: Once a day, the conjurer can summon a large pile of garbage and junk over an enemy's head.

    Freelancer (open)

    A Freelance is a jack-of-all-trades and a master-of-none. She adapts to any situation quickly by observing others.
    Minor Skills:
    Jack of All Trades: The Freelancer can learn almost any trade quickly, giving her an advantage against those without single weapon mastery.

    Mental Mapmaker: A Freelancer has great spatial awareness, and can instinctively remember where she's been and the paths that she has taken.

    Medium Skills:
    Mimicry: The Freelancer can use any active ability currently in use by an ally.

    Astral Weapons: The Freelancer can summon a glass tool or weapon of a discipline they know, which breaks on use.
    Major Skill:
    Astral Storm: Once a day, the Freelancer summons a copy of themselves with an Astral Weapon for every discipline they know. Each copy performs a single attack before disappearing, and the Freelancer will be knocked out at the end.

    Brawler (open)

    The Brawler is a ruthless attacker. She bears claws to tear through whatever stands in her path.
    Minor Skills:
    Claw Mastery: Brawlers have mastery with claw weapons, giving her a distinct advantage over those without weapon mastery.

    Tiger Strike: If the Brawler has both feet on the ground, she can sprint or lunge in any direction immediately, even while attacking.

    Medium Skills:
    Where You Running?: The Brawler attempts to entangle a target’s feet by throwing a bolas.
    Relentless Strike: The Brawler can counterattack any attack at close range, even if the attack was lethal.

    Major Skill:
    Demon Blood Party: Once a day, the Brawler may grab an enemy, manifesting their spirit to strike them with a rapid succession of 64 claw attacks.

    Beast-Mistress (open)

    The Beast-Mistress is a summoner that calls beasts and blades of fury and serenity to her side.
    Minor Skill:
    Tension: The Beast-Mistress may only have one summoned beast and one summoned blade active at a time, which last a short time before going on cooldown. If another beast or blade is summoned, those previously summoned are placed on cooldown for even longer.

    Summoned Blade Skills:
    Serene Wand: Calls a wand to buff and heal allies.

    Fury Blade: Summons a blade that burns until it consumes enough blood.

    Summoned Beast Skills:
    Serene Summon: Summons a beast of serenity to heal and defend the Beast-Mistress.

    Fury Summon: Summons a beast of fury to attack the Beast-Mistress's enemies, giving little care to her orders.

    Burden Summon: Summons a beast of burden to carry the Beast-Mistress and her belongings.

    Major Skill:
    Stampede: Once a day, the Beast-Mistress may call a portal which summons dozens of different beasts into the world. The Beast-Mistress cannot control these beasts.

    Elemental Mage (open)

    Elemental Mage
    The Element Mage is master of the elements, including the forbidden thunder and fire elements.
    Minor Skills:
    Magic Mastery: Elemental Mages have mastery with the elements, giving them a distinct advantage over those without weapon mastery.

    Strong Mind: The Elemental Mage can resist attacks on the mind, and has a higher pain tolerance.

    Medium Skills:
    Fire Magic: Unleashes a devastating fire spell, which can be charged to increase its power and magic cost.

    Ice Magic: Unleashes a devastating ice spell, which can be charged to increase its power and magic cost.

    Lightning Magic: Unleashes a devastating lightning spell, which can be charged to increase its power and magic cost.

    Major Skill:
    Arcane Maelstrom: Once a day, the Elemental Mage can unleash a spell combining all three attacks for a massive attack.

    Hex Mage (open)

    Hex Mage
    The Hex Mage trades flexibility for mobility by fighting with mobile spell circles.
    Minor Skills:
    Magic Mastery: Hex Mages have mastery with magic, allowing them to beat those who do not have mastery with their weapons.

    Hex Bounce: The Hex Mage can solidify her spell circles, making them bounce characters that touch them, but making the spell circle susceptible to breaking.

    Medium Skills:
    Hex Magic - Blast: Creates a spell circle in midair that follows the caster until placed. Creates a small, forceful, concentrated blast that pushes more than it damages.

    Hex Magic - Spike: Creates a spell circle in midair that follows the caster until placed. Summons a sharp spike directly out of the center, hard to aim but extremely damaging.

    Major Skill:
    Hex Magic - Deadly Dungeon: Once a day, summons a spell circle under an enemy which surrounds them with a wall of Hex Magic - Spikes for one minute.

    Berserker (open)

    The Berserker is a durable bundle of directionless rage.
    Minor Skills:
    Axe Mastery: Berserkers have mastery with the axe, giving them a distinct advantage over those without weapon mastery.

    Inner Rage: The Berserker can trigger her primal instincts, gaining a large reserve of inner strength at the cost of losing her ability to strategize or disengage until no enemies are within melee range.

    Medium Skills:
    Relentless: The Berserker is harder to stun, and her attacks cannot be canceled, even by a lethal strike.

    Wild Swing: An extra powerful upward axe swing that can knock her foes off their feet.

    Major Skill:
    DIE DIE DIE: Usable once per day. For the next 7 seconds, the Berserker is impervious, and gains monstrous strength.

    Lancer (open)

    The Lancer is fighting class concerned with spacing and penetrating power.
    Minor Skills:
    Lance Mastery: Lancers have mastery with the lance, giving them a distinct advantage over those without weapon mastery.

    Mirrored Step: Any time the Lancer has both feet on the ground, even while attacking, she can match the speed and direction of any opponent moving towards her.

    Medium Skills:
    Piercing Thrust: An extra powerful thrust that has extra armor penetration.

    Wayward Slash: A slash that loses neither speed nor power when it collides with physical objects. All targets may block this attack as if it were a regular slash.

    Major Skill:
    Lightning Strike: Usable once per day. The Lancer’s Lance is wrapped in a vortex of lightning, then flung with all her might.

    Modus (open)

    The Modus manipulates time to attack foes and gain tactical advantages.
    Minor Skills:
    Melee Mastery: The Modus has mastery with martial arts, giving them a distinct advantage over those without weapon mastery.

    Slow Time: The Modus can create pockets of slowness at their current location, slowing them, and other future occupants of that space down.

    Medium Skills:
    Clockwork: Summons the dial. A dial generates a clock image around it that is 20 feet in diameter, with nodes surrounding the hour marks. The Modus may teleport between these nodes at will, and gets bonus damage if attacking from the current hour of the day. If the dial is destroyed, the Modus must wait one minute before it can be summoned again. The dial can be unsummoned if the Modus touches it.

    Wait For It: Modus can freeze their unarmed attacks in time so that their temporal copy finishes the move from the same position at a later point in time.

    Major Skill:
    Full Stop: Usable once per day. Time stops for everyone the Modus does not know. All allies and Modus become intangible, and all their skills are unable to be used except for Clockwork. This move's duration is a function of level.

    Gunner (open)

    A support unit that utilizes mobility to tactically place turrets on the battlefield.
    Minor Skills:
    Mech Summoning: The gunner can place automated turrets that aim at enemies. The number they can have at one time and their power varies by level.

    Swift Feet: The gunner is fast on her feet, outrunning those who are less mobile.

    Medium Skills:
    Mode Change: The gunner can remotely change any turret between normal, pulse, and heal mode.
    • Normal: Does single target damage to an enemy.
    • Pulse: Creates a damaging wave around the turret.
    • Heal: Creates a healing pulse around the turret.
    Detonate: Explodes a turret, causing massive knockback and sizeable damage.

    Major Skill:
    Upgrades Online: Usable once per day. Transforms all active turrets into laser cannons for 7 seconds.

    Spellblade (open)

    The Spellblade is a swordsman able to use magics to enchant her blade.
    Minor Skills:
    Dual Weapon Mastery: The Spellblade may train in up to two weapon types, and may fight and use Sword Magic with these weapon types only. The Spellblade suffers a slight disadvantage fighting against anyone with single weapon mastery.

    Spellcasting (Minor): The Spellblade may cast from any magic discipline in a limited function.

    Medium Skills:
    Sword Magic: The Spellblade can enchant one of her mastered weapons with a spell she can cast. This enchantment only lasts for 1 minute, and may only be cast once 6 minutes.
    Conversion Magic: The Spellblade may intercept a minor or medium spell while Sword Magic is not on cooldown, gaining Sword Magic of the spell without Sword Magic going on cooldown. This can be used to gain elements she would not normally be able to, but cannot convert spells of a mage 5 or more levels higher.

    Major Skill:
    Silencing Blast: If the Spellblade is not on cooldown from casting Sword Magic, the Spellblade may draw power from surrounding magics into her weapon, disabling all spells from being cast in a short range around them and granting them a much more powerful Sword Magic for 5 minutes, including elements not normally useable. When this spell expires, Sword Magic will go on cooldown for 30 minutes, with this skill on cooldown for an hour.

    Pirate (open)

    The Pirate is a durable swordwielder who avidly protects and gathers treasures.
    Minor Skills:
    Sword Mastery: The Pirates has mastery with the sword, giving her a distinct advantage against those without weapon mastery.

    Armor Mastery: The Pirate is a master of heavy armor, allowing her to carry heavier loads.

    Medium Skills:
    The Captain's Chest: The Pirate can summon one chest that can hold an infinite number of objects. Weight of the items decreases with level. If the chest is destroyed, everything spills out.

    Thar Be Plunder: Pirates become more powerful if they can see enemy treasure.

    Major Skill:
    Me Mateys: The Pirate has minions which carry any treasure dropped by enemies that were killed by someone the pirate knows to her chest.

    Astrologist (open)

    The Astrologist is a seer of the stars that can read her friend's fortunes, and twists fate itself with their magical deck of cards.
    Minor Skills:
    Fortune Telling: The Astrologist can use her enchanted Tarot deck for fortune telling. The accuracy of her fortune is determined based on how many cards she has acquired.

    Star Vision: At night, the Astrologist can see the stars regardless of weather conditions.

    Medium Skills:
    Astral Fortune: During the night, the Astrologist can peer at the stars, reading the fortune for her allies for the day to come. She can spend an hour to receive a random fortune, which will apply to anyone she is around, but if the effect is negative, she can make it apply only to herself and attempt to receive another one.

    Tarot Deck: The Astrologist carries a small deck of Tarot Cards, and can draw them to receive an effect, which must be placed on an ally. If the card is drawn reversed, so is the effect, but it must be played. (limit one effect per ally)

    Starting Cards:

    • The Magician(I): The casting power of an ally is increased, decreased if drawn reversed. Cannot be played on a non caster.
    • The High Priestess(II): The receiver of this card is healed, they are drained of health if drawn reversed.
    • Strength(XI): The physical power of someone is increased, they become physically weak if drawn reversed. Cannot be played on someone who does not physically fight.
    • Temperance(XIV): Allows someone to resist negative effects for a short time, they will usually occur more if drawn reversed.

    More cards of the deck may be found in dungeons, the effects are unknown until used at least once. Cards effects that occur over time last an hour.

    Major Skill:
    Planet Alignment: The Astrologist can directly influence the paths of the planets in the stars once per week, immediately negating any and all negative effects caused by Astral Fortune or Tarot Deck.

    Favored (open)

    The Favored have great intuition, and may use their likeability to their advantage.
    Minor Skills:
    Lucky Charm: The Favored is more likely to succeed in anything controlled by random chance.

    Charismatic: The Favored is charismatic, and people tend to find her likeable more often than others.

    Medium Skills:
    Strong Intuition: The Favored is very intuitive, and can gain meta knowledge to help handle situations she finds herself in.

    Irresistable: The Favored's requests are more compelling to others, even if it is slightly unreasonable.

    Major Skill:
    Lovely Redemption: The Favored can offer their love to one person. If that person dies, they can be resurrected with a kiss. If the person is not faithful or offers their love to another, the resurrected person will die.

    Mondai (open)

    The Mondai is free spirited girl that excels in mobility.
    Minor Skills:
    Swift Feet: The Mondai is fast on her feet, outrunning those who are less mobile.

    Take Flight: The Mondai is able to summon their trusty Glider at any moment her feet a not touching the ground. Additionally, the Mondai is skillful with maneuvering her Glider. If the Glider is damaged or destroyed, it takes one minute to summon a new one.

    Medium Skills:
    Ride the Wind: The Mondai can create air currents at will, though their potential for causing harm is limited.

    Take My Hand: The Mondai can sweep people off their feet, to carry them without suffering from the weight burden. (this can be used while using the glider or on the ground)

    Major Skill:
    Take to the Skies: Usable once per day. Everyone the Mondai knows gains the power of flight for 30 seconds(including the Mondai). If they already had flight, their flight speed is doubled.

    Cleric (open)

    The Cleric doesn't like to fight, and instead focuses on her power to heal the wounded.
    Minor Skills:
    Healing Mastery: The Cleric is a master of magic staffs, allowing her to heal the sick.

    Trained Medic: Clerics are effective at evaluating many injuries and illnesses, allowing them to gauge vitality at a glance.

    Medium Skills:
    Healing Presence: While a Cleric is using healing magic, the effectiveness of healing is increased for everyone she knows.

    Overload: The Cleric can place strain on her staff to intensify its effect; however, doing so shortens the staff's life.

    Major Skill:
    Resurrection: Usable once per day. The Cleric raises one dead ally, then suffers knockout. Requires 5 minutes of unbroken concentration.


    This section covers all the potentially not obvious things I think you need to know in order to be an effective member of this RP. I've made them big and colorful so hopefully people realize they are important.

    1. Join groups responsibly. Before you have your character interact with someone, you should make sure that you can keep up with the pace that group is currently enjoying/wants to enjoy. You should also make sure your real life responsibilities do not interfere with your RPing ones. While I understand life happens, I would like players to respect that their life happening too often is damaging to the life of this RP. I would like this RP to last a very long time, so I ask players to let me know when they need help, and when this RP has become too much responsibility for them to handle.

    2. Do not skim posts which are directed at you. Part of what makes roleplaying special is the fact that you have a world that is reacting to the things your character is doing. However, the rest of the players aren't there just to react to your character, so you also need to do your best to return that feeling back to them. Everyone's character deserves to be important. For this reason, I ask that when someone targets your character with an action, include sentences which directly refer to something that character did, even if it is just to state how your character didn't even notice what they were doing.

    3. While I'm allowing multiple characters, I still expect quality posts from each character. In most of my roleplays, I allow players to have only one character because I don't think the average RPer handles the responsibility well. Countless times I've watched players half the quality of each character so that they can spend the same amount of effort as they did posting with one. While I'm glad that having more characters gives players more ways to interact with the world, especially when one is held up waiting for a response, I will ask that if you do not intend to keep following rule 2 with a character that you somehow remove them from the other PCs.

    4. Do not suffer in silence. It is my job as GM to do everything in my power to make sure everyone is having fun. No matter what kinds of concerns you have, I will hear you out and fix it to the best of my ability. So long as you address me respectfully, you can tell me anything. This includes but is not limited to: feeling a lack of motivation to post, having an issue with me or another member of the RP, feeling stuck like you aren't sure what to write, not understanding an aspect of the lore, expressing uncertainty in your ability to post for any reason, and thinking that I make you read too much.

    And one more just for the people who want to impress me

    Luna's Rule. Care about the success of this RP. As the GM, I'm always looking for things under my control to make an RP more likely to succeed. While some GMs might set their goals lower, I set my bar high. I want this thing to last for years, and I want to make some new friends in the process. I need your help to make this happen. If you want to help me reach my goals, be loud, get excited. Have a blast with the other players. Talk about the plot. Strategize together. There is a lot you can do as a player to keep everyone excited about this RP. It is only when both the GM and the players work together like this that a RP can be truly successful.

    Character Sheet

    If you've made it this far, you probably have a good idea of if you want to join this RP. If you also happen to want to start as soon as humanly possible, I will aid you in your quest. The following is the CS I will be using if I get enough interest in this concept.

    CtA CS (open)

    Character Name: The name of your character.

    General Appearance: Eyes, Hair, Height, and other visual details. Pictures also work. In fact, pictures are awesome.
    Orientation: Talk about their willingness to engage with others in romantic affairs. Particularly, would they date someone who used to be a guy, or anyone at all for that matter?
    Age: 14-35

    Current Goal/Purpose: Their agenda they would like to accomplish. Avoid mentioning anything related to Anolia’s rules, as your character was never informed of them.
    Non-class Talents: Little things your character is good at that are unrelated to class.
    Inabilities: Things your character is terrible at. For example, spelling or getting along with animals.
    Fears: Things your character is afraid of, has a phobia of, or even events they don't want to happen.
    General Personality: This is the personality that the world sees. What people believe of your character. How they interact with other people.
    Inner Personality: The part of your character's personality that they don't like to reveal to others. What people rarely get to see!
    Secret: That one thing they don't want the world to find out.


    Level: Initially 1, your level increases when you defeat a boss creature of equal or greater level, while you are in a party whose average level is less than or equal to the boss’s level.
    Class: Place your class information in a spoiler here.
    Party Limit: TBD after interest is gauged.
    Party: A list of everyone your character can retain memories of. This starts out with only your character's name.

    Past Life: Talk about what kind of person your character was before Anolia recreated the world. Talk about how they were raised, what they believed, how the global war impacted them, and other details important to their character.

    Follow-Up Questions

    You've reached the end of the interest check! So now it is time for you to decide if you are interested in this RP. Regardless of if you are interested however, it really helps me out if you answer these follow-up questions so that I can improve and customize my story and style to better fit the interests of everyone.

    1. Are you interested in this RP?
    2. What would you consider the primary reason you would consider joining?
    3. Is there anything you don't like about the design of this RP?
    4. Would you recommend this to anyone?
    5. How frequently do you like to post?
    6. How much combat would you like to see?
    7. Would you be interested in joining the CtA Skype group?
    8. Would you be interested in designing dungeons or being a dungeon operator? (you do not need to be a CtA member)
    9. Would you be interested in designing new classes for CtA? (you do not need to be a CtA member)
    10. Is there any other considerations or questions that you'd like me to address?

    If you filled this out, thank you for your time, and I hope to see you in the OOC.
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  2. Reserving my spot now and for all time. Using this post to answer questions!

    1. Are you interested in this RP?
    2. What would you consider the primary reason you would consider joining?
      Yuri! Oh, and I like MMOs I guess. Also it's run by Luna-chan.
    3. Is there anything you don't like about the design of this RP?
      The addition of guys, some girls like those D:
    4. Would you recommend this to anyone?
      Only those who like Yuri and MMOs, but those are pretty common
    5. How frequently do you like to post?
      Once a day if possible, maybe more if it's a slow day for me
    6. How much combat would you like to see?
      Lots, I do like fighting
    7. Would you be interested in joining the CtA Skype group?
      I'm already in it
    8. Would you be interested in designing dungeons or being a dungeon operator? (you do not need to be a CtA member)
      I could realistically do it, but partaking in the dungeons is much funner
    9. Would you be interested in designing new classes for CtA? (you do not need to be a CtA member)
      Considering I made two and inspired a third, heck yes
    10. Is there any other considerations or questions that you'd like me to address?
      None that I can't discuss directly to the GM
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  3. I'll reserve a spot too o.o I hope to get an CS up sooner or later!
  4. Hello there! This is a fantastically detailed interest check thread, nicely done! I mean, this could likely be an OOC/signup thread's first post. xD Edit: Ohhh, I see why now. I hadn't noticed the group planning thread before.

    Are you interested in this RP?
    I am.

    What would you consider the primary reason you would consider joining?
    The combination of yuri and fantasy adventure, two much-loved genres of mine.

    Is there anything you don't like about the design of this RP?
    I don't like the part about characters not learning new skills as they level up. I prefer actiony roleplays to have a sense of progression to them, with the characters improving over time- and unless I missed it, the only method of progression I noticed was increased party size. Which is neat and highly social-focused but I don't feel was enough. Now, if there was something like improving the impact of possessed skills, or adding new variants/effects to possessed skills or improving gear/upgrading equipment as time went on, I'd be all down for that!

    I also wasn't much of a fan of the ultimate goal being simply to 'talk to the goddess' but I'm less able to qualify why. Maybe... seems anti-climactic? Unless she grants wishes or something? Not that I think wish-granting would necessarily be a good idea, just... typing out my thoughts.

    Oh, and sorry to seem pessimistic with all these dislikes but... I also didn't like the more than one character per person thing. I think quality goes down as number of characters goes up, and for some games that's fine- but in this case, with an emphasis on character building and interactions- I think that's not a good idea.

    Would you recommend this to anyone?
    No but not for lack of quality of this post. I just don't really know enough people here (or know them well enough) to start considering recommending things yet.

    How frequently do you like to post?
    At least once a day. On days off, more, but at least once. Preferably twice- morning and night.

    How much combat would you like to see?
    I actually like an even mix of combat and character development.

    Would you be interested in joining the CtA Skype group?

    Would you be interested in designing dungeons or being a dungeon operator? (you do not need to be a CtA member)
    If I join, I will likely be happy to do so. Admittedly less likely if I don't wind up playing.

    Would you be interested in designing new classes for CtA? (you do not need to be a CtA member)
    I might, but probably mainly for my own character. I've only read through a couple of classes thus far but, if I come up with a character concept that doesn't match anything presented thus far I would happily attempt a custom class.

    Is there any other considerations or questions that you'd like me to address?
    I am curious about the level of violence in this. Is it going to be cartoony physics, stars flying around the head after being bonked, or realistic bleeding gashes at risk of infection and possibly leading to amputation- or somewhere in between? Any respawn system, or is death permanent? EDIT: I see the cleric's resurrection ability, but what about outside of that?
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    • Are you interested in this RP? Yes
    • What would you consider the primary reason you would consider joining? All female cast and a slew of adorable base classes.
    • Is there anything you don't like about the design of this RP? Nope. Perfect.
    • Would you recommend this to anyone? Everyone. But I'm new to this site, so alas, I have no connections.
    • How frequently do you like to post? Umm, I can post multiple times a day, but the end of the week (Thurs-Sun) I could probably only manage one. Consistently on a daily basis.
    • How much combat would you like to see? A lot in dungeons.
    • Would you be interested in joining the CtA Skype group? Bingo.
    • Would you be interested in designing dungeons or being a dungeon operator? Ehhh, we'll see.
    • Would you be interested in designing new classes for CtA? Yes.
    • Is there any other considerations or questions that you'd like me to address? Not at the moment :D
  5. Thanks for filling out the follow up questions, it gave me a lot of insight. :) As you've said, this is basically an OOC at the stage it is at. I'm all in with this RP, so I developed it well beyond just an idea.

    You are right that no new skills is a limitation of this RP, but I decided on this so I can devote my time to making interesting dungeon experiences instead of ensuring classes remain unique and balanced. For progression, in addition to gaining levels which pump up your abilities and overall strength, you will be receiving magic items which possess unique effects that were unable to be accessed previously. As for the end goal, this RP intentionally lacks one. While it does seem to have a lack of finality to it, your characters are going to be on an adventure in which you have no idea what the end game is. You have to find it. Calls to the goddess are merely a means to that end. And I'm actually with you on the multiple characters. The reason I elected to allow them is because I am expecting to attract a variety of players of vastly different posting speeds. I don't want faster players to grow discontent because everyone around them is too slow, nor did I want anyone to grow bored of playing their class. I felt multiple characters was the simplest solution to these problems.

    To address your concerns, this RP is going to be fairly realistic. Although our characters will be able to take much more punishment than regular people, the damage is very real. Our characters will bleed, get sick, suffer, and all that nasty stuff. Furthermore, if they die, they are dead. If you don't have a means to resurrect, you are out of luck.
  6. EDIT: Nvm. Luna responded haha
  7. Thanks for responding! I'm glad to hear it about there being some form of progression besides just larger social groups. That solves that concern!

    As for:
    You could allow for a method of 'class-switching' perhaps. Allowing people to select 2 or maybe 3 classes that they might have on standby, and be able to switch between them (either at will or after a while of meditating or something). This would allow for more flexibility, making people able to adapt to different group compositions much better, and help alleviate boredom! Just an idea though~

    Realistic damage and no respawning is fine with me! It would mean that clerics are going to be in incredibly massive demand. As in, if you don't know one (or several), you're basically a nobody. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.
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  8. At least tell them I'm your girlfriend before you say all that :P.
  9. Class switching will exist with magic items. Enjoy :).
  10. Thanks for the invite, I would do, the answers now, but brain is tired lol.
    1. Are you interested in this RP? Leaning towards yes, but whether I'll join is up in the air.
    2. What would you consider the primary reason you would consider joining? Because Yuri and MMOs!
    3. Is there anything you don't like about the design of this RP? I'm a little unsure about the knowledge slots. I feel like that severely limits relationships and friendships, and what if certain members of different parties want to interact at some point? You probably have an idea for knowledge slots, I guess if you elaborate more I'd be less confused. :p
    4. Would you recommend this to anyone? @saberwolf
    5. How frequently do you like to post? Several times a week now that I'm home.
    6. How much combat would you like to see? Not too much at the beginning, but more as the stories progress.
    7. Would you be interested in joining the CtA Skype group? Not sure.
    8. Would you be interested in designing dungeons or being a dungeon operator? Very possible.
    9. Would you be interested in designing new classes for CtA? Yes.
    10. Is there any other considerations or questions that you'd like me to address? Nope.
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  11. No worries, I totally know the feeling.

    Thx Sailor-san. I'm looking forward to you and your girl joining :).
  12. Updated my form, and yw, Luna :)
  13. I like the idea of dual-classes as opposed to multiple chars running around. Maybe after reaching a certain lvl you can choose a second class, or something, or adding different branches. Thats a common mmo thing.
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  14. That would be cool.
  15. 1. Yes
    2. The lampshading, plus it seems fun
    3. The classes are a bit... Bare
    4. You've covered most likely all of the people I know... Wait... @redblood get your plotxyuri loving butt in here!
    5. It honestly varies, I can get hyperposting at one point and then have real life issues occupy my mind and make posting a difficult thing
    6. Hmm... Not sure yet, but the token monster battle every now and then would be useful
    7. I'm generally reachable on both skype and Iwaku at the same time, both are laptop-based
    8. Later in the game would be fun
    9. I can design a class? Awesome!
    10. Not yet, I'll see if I'll think of something

    Now, should I go for the archetypal tsundere or perhaps a character like Ririka... Or something else entirely?
    • Are you interested in this RP?
    Obvious answer is obvious. Most definitely.
    • What would you consider the primary reason you would consider joining?
    You coaxed me into this. I have no will of my own. Seriously though, I need something to help me pass the time.
    • Is there anything you don't like about the design of this RP?
    I'm not particularly fond of the knowledge slots but I can live with it.
    • Would you recommend this to anyone?
    I would. Question is, should I?
    • How frequently do you like to post?
    As often as is needed. AKA. Address things as they happen. I need about a day or less, when I am not busy, to post.
    • How much combat would you like to see?
    As much as there needs to be. No particular preference so long as it's not the only thing that happens, which, it won't be.
    • Would you be interested in joining the CtA Skype group?
    I founded the group. I am an eternal flame, baby!
    • Would you be interested in designing dungeons or being a dungeon operator? (you do not need to be a CtA member)
    Yeah. You know it.
    • Would you be interested in designing new classes for CtA? (you do not need to be a CtA member)
    Already did. Eh-hey!
    • Is there any other considerations or questions that you'd like me to address?
    Not really. I'm just hella haipe for world-building sessions.
  16. If anyone wants in on the Skype group, hit me up with your Skype deets. I'll pull you in.
  17. Somewhat. If I do end up joining, it probably won't be any time soon, but I might follow the happenings for a little while to see how things go. So consider me an interested observer, for now?

    Though vague, the idea of the world is cool, and I am particularly interested in potentially building dungeons.

    The big thing that comes to mind is the limit on how many characters I can maintain long-term relationships with. Character interaction is something I love, and though perhaps having a plot where a PC must choose which friend's memories to become wiped would be an amazing experience, if the number stays restrictive for too long it would prove most annoying.

    Perhaps, if I knew of others interested in such a thing.

    I'm a slow-poke, usually once a week works best. However, I have participated in roleplays where I've posted regularly at once every couple days, and on good days multiple times in a day.

    Semi-regularly, but when it arises, having it take focus for a while. So in intense bursts.

    Not yet.

    Yes, though I'd rather wait to see how the world develops for a bit, maybe see one dungeon completed, before I dive into it myself.

    Hell naw.

    Nope, I'm good.
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