Calling in Love

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  1. sai.sai: If it's alright
    could we maybe
    meet irl??

    b.boy: sure.

    "You shared your entire life to a complete stranger, over the web."
    Maybe she should have listened to her friends. Just maybe, but. He understood her. He got that she worked two jobs for an ungrateful family, kept food on the table clothes on their backs. All for them to shun her and treated her like crap.

    And when she couldn't find comfort in her friends, she found comfort in him. When no one listened, he listened. So, when the day came that she asked to meet him in real life. She was shocked to see who it was.

    So, basically this is a cute little slice of life roleplay with a lot of romance, but I was also thinking to add some sort of suspense. Like the male character is the son of a gangster and basically relationships is not allowed because he doesn't want to endanger her and that he basically lied about who he was (catfish much?). We can add more plot in the PM just shoot me a message. Also, I would prefer to be the female character but I am alright with being the male.

    I have ideas for both of them. ouo
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    Cherry blossoms because I think they're cute?
  3. Are you still looking?
  4. Yes I am actually!
  5. Is this idea still open or am I too late?

    *Prays to the gods of Dice he isn't! SAVE ME D20!*
  6. Yes this is still open! Just shoot me a PM~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.